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In Topic: "We were making [the wurm] specifically for the hard core groups"

02 February 2014 - 08:32 PM

I like how Arenanet are catering for the minority to be honest.
I'm all for challenging content. Heck, you know what? I really enjoyed the jumping puzzles early game. Why? myself and a couple of friends could spend time figuring them out together. Sure, a zerg could have rolled in there and figured it out with us, but they somehow didn't. This content was challenging (at the time) and fun for a small group, lacked re-playability though.

Realistically, most players are small groups. That is, the majority of players associate with small groups. Even if you're a member of an absolutely colossal guild, chances are you're friends with a small sub-set of that guild at most and probably would do dungeons and other party-size content with them.

It's rare for players to be friends with say, 200 people and can coordinate with all of them perfectly at the same time. This is the fundamental problem with recent design we've been seeing from Arenanet. It caters mostly for nobody.

It doesn't cater for casual players, that stuffs too hard.
When interest drops, it doesn't cater for hardcore players either, because you need ridiculous numbers of people to clear the content (who also need to have a clue as to what's going on).

Even then, when players are available the challenge is less to do with skill and more to do with technicalities such as knowing the right forums to talk on, the right teamspeak to join, the right server to guest to and the right overflow to gate into. That's not a challenge, that's just stupid. There's no skill involved - that's the challenge hardcore players want, not technical ones - challenges that task their skill!

Make an instanced 5 man jumping puzzle that is complicated to figure out, no timers, no ridiculous health bars, no cheap dirty "enrage" mechanics, just clever use of party mechanics/puzzles that requires us to stop and think. Or create large scale dungeon content which brings say 5 parties together to make a 25 player elite dungeon?

Besides, people have been shouting for this sort of thing since the Tequatl update but despite this, apparently Arenanet are giving people what they want. Really? I have a hard time believing that.

All this existing content could be much more enjoyable if they actually sat 20 people down in their offices in Seattle on a test server. 20 people. No more.

Balance the timers, the hitpoints and the adds based on these 20 people. Pull in 5 really really really solid players, and make sure the other 15 barely know the game. Now you have something much more representative of what the player base is actually going to be like when you push out the content live.

In Topic: I can't keep up

07 October 2013 - 12:28 PM

I have to agree. I have no problem with them steamrolling things out at a mental pace. I DO have problem with them locking off content seconds after they've put it into the game.

For one: It makes it impossible for those who don't play the game 24/7 365 to get those old achievements unless they step it up and match the pace of those (unemployed/students/people with far too much free time on their hands, delete as appropriate). I'm a quasi hardcore/casual player. Hardcore in that, if I have the time I will play for hours on end, but usually because of work I actually cannot (sometimes I get home beyond midnight - I code games for a living).

For two: What a waste of resource at Arenanet from a development perspective. Why make a whole bunch of content that can only be experienced for a very limited time frame? Hours of man-hours poured into content only available for 2/3 weeks. I feel sorry for players that may actually be new and will NEVER be able to experience this content.

Living Story is supposed to be a story right? So why can't we just flip a few pages back? Lets say we wanted to do flame and frost again? That content could still be there, we can go "re-experience events in the past". Guild wars 1 had such a system. People can still get achievements and tie up loose ends if they wanted to that way. It'll make the content last longer too.

That would be the solution. Some things may require instanced play, or even time gated play (such as the invasions) in order to work though. However, as far as NCSoft are concerned, there is no problem that needs to be solved by such a solution.

The whole reason they're doing this is the lull of exclusivity. It's a classic marketing strategy, "buy now, because today is 90% off, but tomorrow they're sold out and there's not many more left!". It keeps people grinding at the game *constantly* (even at a pace that's not suitable to them) and makes their play-count figures look better. Which, the people who fund their game (NCSoft) only give a damn about.

Impressive! Constant players for weeks on end, we might consider funding you more then!

I guarantee you that the person pulling the strings watches statistics all day and is quite likely to have never actually played GW2 at all, such is the reality of dev. As such, I really do hope they'll implement the ability to "relive" things, but I somewhat doubt they ever will since it'll be at odds with their marketing strategy.

In Topic: Inspector Null: Unbeatable?

29 May 2013 - 08:42 AM

My build is heal centric, and we had a guardian. So I'm guessing bugged then. Either way it's not the point. This sort of checking eventually can creep into stealth GEAR CHECKING. That's my real concern.

In Topic: Inspector Null: Unbeatable?

29 May 2013 - 07:42 AM

View PostLordkrall, on 29 May 2013 - 07:33 AM, said:

Because standing around for hours without killing the boss means you are doing something wrong?
It is simply there to inform people that they are doing something wrong. If people are doing it the right way they will have no issues with the "DPS checks" (which I assume is the constant damage after some time?)

Erm, we were doing extremely well as a 3 man team. It was quite challenging with such numbers actually, I'd almost go as far as say it was fun. Then you basically die instantly to DPS check.  As a 5 man team we obviously facerolled it, nigh on zero challenge. I still can't understand why it exists? What if players didn't want to play DPS or GTFO? God forbid anyone tries a condition focused build instead of flavor of the month!

I have serious issue with this feature creeping in. It's a bit of a world of warcraft mechanic. If they keep adding it to bosses like this, there's nothing to say they won't raise the bar entirely for future encounters where the DPS check actually turns into a gear check; i.e. only people running the correct build and the highest ASCENDED gear will be able to complete the encounter before the party wipes.

In Topic: Inspector Null: Unbeatable?

29 May 2013 - 07:22 AM

Stupid enrage counter mechanics shouldn't exist *ever*
They serve no purpose other than to frustrate players. If someone solo completes it, then well done to them. Why put in DPS checks?