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Guild Events - Balanced?

26 May 2013 - 05:49 PM

I wonder what people's opinions on the balancing of guild events:
- Guild Bounty
- Guild Rush
- Guild Trek
- Guild Challenge
- Guild Puzzle

I'm particularly interested in what small guild's takes are on it? Being a member of a very small guild, these events are nigh on impossible for us to successfully complete. Quite literally; we don't have the numbers to complete a proper bounty (only bounty training).

I've also heard of extremely large guilds getting absolutely slaughtered by guild challenges. Whatever happened to 'scaling events'? Is it truly too hard to make guild events scale based on active guild roster / players in the area?

I find it remarkable that Arenanet would go to the lengths to make a whole set of content that only half of the player population can actually access, while the other half are left trying to clear a couple of bounties!

I'm considering joining up with other small guilds so we can somehow do a renegade 'alliance' (why is this not in the game? It's in GW1!) to help each other clear these events. But regardless, to me, it seems like these guild events are out of whack with the rest of the game in terms of difficulty.

They could do a lot to make participating in these events more rewarding for people not members of the guild if such a difficulty bar is a must.

And don't get me wrong; I love a high difficulty bar, but the difficulty here is simply down to numbers, not player skill. I'm sure with a large guild, clearing a bounty is much easier as you can have more people sweep an area quicker and actually split to take on multiple targets at the same time. Small guilds simply don't have the time allocation they need to complete.

What are other people's thoughts?