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In Topic: WvW Roaming

19 January 2013 - 11:04 AM

there's some naysayers to full glass cannon.  i would agree with them if you do not have the latency/no lag/ reaction time.   but if you do, you should be raking in the kills.  I can't stress that enough, my average kill count before dying is something absurdly high, like 30 or more.  and no, you're not useless when your cd's are down, you're in the back shooting cluster bomb for 5k+ on crowds.  More kills are done through SB than DD, not to mention the sheer amount of damage.  My SB literally forces whole groups back, or kills them while they're trying to res.  I have ganked a group of 5 by myself trying to clear ogres, and they all died to trick shot and cluster bomb.  Didnt need to finish.

The key is situational awareness. you have to have it.  You need to be watching all who can potentially gank you, yes even in a large crowd of 20+ and keep your distance.   I run on 14.5k hp and 1150 toughness most of the time.  As soon as i can't move, i SS out.  That's almost always faster than a backstab can happen.  You have to be that fast.  

The skill also comes when you're caught with cd's down.  you have to be able to stall till they're back up.   I've fought many bunker eles, who thought i was easy picking, then the CD's are refreshed, and bam they're dead.  

Finally there's a metagame to DD.  When you can kill anyone in any sized crowd in 3 secs or less, and behind terrain and objects, it creates terror in players.  They start to go farther and farther back, becoming more timid and less effective.   And when you assasinate a commander, the fellow allies often panic.  they rush to res him no matter how dangerous it is.  

this is the buidl i am on most of the time for wvw, and quite often even for spvp.  Damage everything.  
why Rune of Lyssa?  For WvW, your damage should be plenty enough.  In gear and food, my Crit damage bonus is Max, (100%).  so i won't benefit from orbs or Divinity, which are populuar amongst thieves.  Lyssa serves two purposes:  It removes conditions, and gives Aegis, which are great for survivability.  And more improtantly it gives stability. Stability is HIGHLY important for finishing foes in WvW.  When a guy sees his buddy down, he's going to try a knockback, fear, or pull.  Lyssa will help ensure you get the finish.  It only lasts 5 seconds, but you should be killing faster than 5.  

On traits:  any buidl without mug is lacking imo.  Mug is AMAZING.  even a bunker build, can mug for 3k+ on a crit, and it's damage off your actions, so really it adds that much damage onto whatever you're currently attacking.  It's silly not to take it.

why panic strike?  Sometimes players will have invulnerabilities, mistform, endure pain, either done voluntarily or proccing on a trait.  If you can't kill them because of thse, panic strike will immobilize through the invuln, and once the invuln is over, you can finish them with HS spam.  You won't have Lyssa to finish them after that wait, so you'll have to CnD or risk it.  Without panic strike, killing invuln foes will be impossible in a zerg.

Remember that's my motto: anytime, anywhere, any size of force.  You can kill your target and be out in one piece.  1,5, 10, 50, it doesn't matter.   Nothing should stop a good DD thief.

for spvp on this build, i change Haste for Shadow REfuge.   Haste is no good for spvp imo.  There's too many targets respawning.

I have done a ton of builds for spvp, and i always come back to this one, because i have found, as you get more skilled as a player, your intuition and experience IS your survivability.  You should know when and where to fight, and thus don't need alot of toughness. My SPvP toughness is base 916.  I rarely die, and average 15+ kills a game, many which are hard earned on my own.

and on the 10 in shadow arts:  this trait gives you a huge edge over other thieves.  When you clash and both are CnDing each other. if you get it first, you will make him miss.  That's a huge deal, can mean the end of the fight right there.  Also you get extra toughness from shadow arts.

however it could be advisable to put the 10 in 5% extra damage when flanking, (10 at the bottom tree).  I feel however, i already have enough damage.   the stats from this tree also suck for direct damage.

In Topic: Sword/Dagger Loyalty

19 January 2013 - 04:55 AM

I sword/dagger alot when i want to fight multiple foes.  I think a bunker/ high acrobat/shadow art S/D is near impossible to kill, and in all berserker gear, still puts out noticeable damage.

it's most amazing in the JP in WvW.  All the walls and columns, abusing infiltrater's strike over and over, popping into a crowd of guys and picking them apart.   just 3 of us kept dozens busy and killed them all over and over again.

really infiltrater's is OP.  ignoring walls and any XY terrain.... like a ghost that just appears and reeappears.

and flanking strike is underrated. The Boon removal is a huge deal.   My favorite is removing stability from a Lich Form, or DaggerStorm, then chain CCing them, making a complete joke out of their elite.

In Topic: P/P Thief on Aspenwood Server

19 January 2013 - 04:43 AM

i first started WvW as P.P   it's not very good tbh.  you have trouble finishing people in crowds, and there's a ton of ways people counter projectiles in groups.  

it can do decent damage, and headshot spam is great for preventing low health people from healing, but PP is weak because it has neither evades nor CnD.

the attack from stealth also doesnt harmonize well gearwise with its core abilities, (mainly unload), as sneak attack is mostly condition damage, while unload is direct.  

and as mentioned before, lack of AoE, makes it very less effective for wvw, particularly people on walls, or behind cover.

however in a direct matchup of just raw power, unload can do some furious damage, with sigil of air, or sigil of rage.

In Topic: Yo, how are thieves not crazy OP?

17 January 2013 - 08:43 AM

^you think 19k is alot for a necro?  that's barely permissible, even with that amount of defense, for pvp.  here's an example of the problem: people not knowing how to survive, or /and not having fast enough reflexes, and blaming the problem on thieves.

my ranger can kill multiple glass cannon thieves at once with a combination of smart trapping, kiting, 24k hp, and max toughness.  it's a no brainer.

i will agree though, i feel mug is op as well.  It is a talent I NEVER do without as a thief.  it is just that good.  My mind is blown when in one of my build threads a fellow thief said it sucks.  

the burst is definitely great, considering it is off separate from your attacks, making any thief build have a reasonable burst.

In Topic: When will GW2 get real PvP?

16 January 2013 - 07:39 AM

they REALLY need to bring back deathmatch.  It is the truest form of pvp, no bullshit proxied objectives where some classes may way over excel at others, just kill or be killed.

and GvG would be nice too, being able to have your own guild hall again...