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sniper build

16 January 2013 - 06:19 AM


this is a gimmicky build that emulates a sniper.  It's great when you're in a large group, e.g. wvw, or even spvp zerg.

explanation of traits:  the key trait is signet of the beastmaster.  When you activate your signets, you will do an incredible absurd amount of damage, at an equally absurd range of 1500.  

pet: use jungle stalker to give might.

buff warhorn before fighting.

snipe rotation:  buff up, warhorn, jungle stalker roar, rampage as one, signet of the wild.  
hunter's shot + opening strike to apply vuln.  
signet of the hunt so your next attack does extra damage, and shoot long range shot.  
quickening zephyr, rapid fire.  

in just spvp berserker's, can easily get 4k long range shot on a golem, folowed by 10k+ rapid fire within 2-3 seconds, all at 1500 range.

this build sucks in general for spvp, but i've sniped people there too. dropped them in just a few seconds.  However due to the close confines of spvp, it's hard to get a good position, and there's often obstructed bugs.

i don't have the gear for this in wvw, as i'm always a beastmaster.  Would love for someone with high crit and crit % dmg gear to try this out and tell me how it goes.

lf assassin mesmer discussion

13 January 2013 - 03:10 AM

Hi, I am about to finish my mes, i've spvp'd with it alot, but am going to reach 80 soon, and will be wvwing.

A bit bout my background: i am a very experienced thief and ranger, both in spvp and wvw.  My thief can pretty much kill anyone, anywhere, anytime in wvw.  It can pop into a group of 50 enemies, down and finish in 3 seconds, then pop out barely before stealth has ran out.  It can also do horrendous AoE damage with shortbow.  The Ranger, also can assasinate under special builds including a beastmaster and a longbow sniping build, though not nearly as effectively as the thief... however i use my ranger for killing siege.

I know mes has got to have some capabilities of this too, from my experience with it in spvp, maybe not as good as theif can do it, but to some degree also.  I am not trying to replace the thief, i just want to have the option of assasinating enemies with this class, on top of all its great utility.

so i ask the mes community, please show me, or recommend me footage or threads regarding assasination.  I don't want 1v1's, nor kills on lowbies or badly geared opponents, i want to see or read, how can you kill that fully geared player that thinks he's safe in his zerg of 50 people, down AND finish, ANd make it out alive.

in spvp use sword/torch alot to achieve this, but there's far fewer opponents.  WvW may be difficult for my playstyle if there's dozens of guys around.

thanks in advance.

i should clarify, down and finish MOST opponents.  obviously an ele with their no cooldown mist form on downstate is very difficult to finish in a zerg pack.   But many other classes, fair game: warrior, necro, ranger,engineer, even mesmers and thieves who dont react quick enough.

the bomber thief.

02 January 2013 - 06:29 PM

i almost dont want to share this in case it gets too popular and fixed... but guess what works in wvw?  Explosive charges.  I've been having fun sneaking into packs of enemies, and dropping bombs, sending them flying over and over.   and what a steal at 16copper each.

oh it's good to be a thief.

impressed with ranger

28 December 2012 - 12:47 AM

Recently i took up ranger full-time, and i'm impressed!  at least for spvp, i've had no problems taking on any class, except for maybe extremely skilled mesmers, but even then it's 50/50.  I'm doing traps/ conditions, and am still figuring it out.  My main is thief, which i'm very good at, and also warrior, so i do have a strong background already of knowing classes and their tactics.

ranger is constantly knocked, and i think people just don't understand it, in general, much like GW1 for the first year.  In GW1, i played ranger at release, and everyone knocked it as well, but then us rangers started abusing spirits, then traps, then quickshot... anyway i digress.

But like rangers back then, i feel like the key to its playstyle is optimizing terrain.  Using distance advantage to its full potential, and line of sight abuse.  Playing wily, like a guerrilla, not like a machine gunner.  Leading people to your traps like a VietCong fighter, pecking people at max distance, softening up with your pets, etc...  and it's all easier to do now than in gw1.  

I feel the skill of the ranger is not so much in the actual skillset, but in the metagame.  

anyway, after spvping for a week on a ranger, i'm lvling one up fully.    shout out to all the rangers out there.

no stealth shortbow build

18 December 2012 - 11:09 AM

i've been experimenting more with shortbow, and got inspired by a vid i saw that does not carry hide in shadows.  That made me think more


i would say i've been doing well with this in spvp, (not tested yet for wvw).  Typically 15+kills or more per match, and i priotize 'real fighting' as opposed to just following the zerg and picking off easy targets.   They're all hard earned kills.

this build has almost no way of stealthing, other than second set CnD.  It relies entirely on managing distance, and evades, but you get ALOT of evades.  I have gotten more pissed off responses playing this build than i do on my 2 shotting dagger build.  Seems like thief haters have something to hate bout no matter what...

now onto explanation of TRAITS:
Vigorous Recovery and Withdraw and Superior RUne of Lyssa are key to this survival.  Recovery has a short cooldown, thus giving you vigor frequently, which means 2x the dodges.  Rune of Lyssa gives you a boon each time you heal .

the other way is using lots of Disabling shots.   Thus high iniative is in order.  

These are stil up for changing, but i've found Ambush trap to be great.  Venoms are very buggy when applied to range weapons, so i scrapped devourer venom.  Other traps can get activated by minions and pets.  Ambush trap is great because the thief minions are incredibly useful for a shortbower.  The female thief can scorpion wire enemies away from you, the male thief can constantly blind for you, giving you a break.

Basilisk Venom is key with Superior Rune of LYssa, especially after the patch.  It removes ALL conditions.  this is key to survival against any condition class.  With this rune, and constant evading, survivability is very high on this build.  

i find shortbow to be the most intense kind of weapon for thief, especially this build which relies on little stealth.  It's constant on your toes, evading, and timing cluster bombs.  This is for the twitchy high reflex player type.

a work in  progress.  maybe i shouldn't say 'no stealth,' but there's much less stealth than other builds.