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Tyria's Next Top Model, Wintersday Edition

21 December 2012 - 01:42 AM

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Think you've got what it takes to be high-fashion in the world of Tyria?  Then you're invited to participate in the Wintersday Top Model competition hosted on the Sorrow's Furnace server!

This event will be held on Sunday, December 23rd at 8pm EST.

Here is a check-list of things you need to do in order to participate:

-Create a Wintersday themed and fashionable outfit (town-clothes, armor, or anything else you can wear on your character).

-Practice your stylish walk (enable your walk option so you can walk slow like an NPC).

-Come up with your catch-phrase that you say at the end of the cat-walk.

-Transfer to Sorrow's Furnace temporarily if you wish to participate.

-Sign up in this thread if you want to reserve a spot.

There will be a panel of 3 judges, and you will be judged on the following criteria:
-Creativity of the outfit
-Aesthetics of the outfit
-How well your catch-phrase matches (or doesn't match) your character's looks.


First Place: Every diva deserves her princess wand, and a pile of gold (5 gold).

Second Place: 1 gold so you can work towards getting more style in your life.

Third Place: 10 Ugly Wool Sweaters, compliments of your grandma's fashion taste.

If you have any questions post them here, message me in-game or in the forums.

[SoF] Seraphs of Fortuna recruiting!

13 December 2012 - 04:11 AM

[SoF] is currently a 400-man strong guild on Sorrow's Furnace.  We are still recruiting active players who enjoy being in a very active guild.

Feel free to stop by our Guild Website and learn some more about us: http://sofgw2.shivtr.com/

We do everything from:
-Daily dungeon runs (we have people doing every dungeon, all paths, daily)
-Dungeon lessons: if you've never done a certain path we teach you how to do it
-Speed dungeon run (For players who like to speed-farm we do CoF in 10 mins per path daily)
-sPvP (we have all sorts of sPvP experience within the guild (our highest ranked player is 55)
-WvW (With 3 commanders in the guild we have a very strong WvW presence and mesmers portal people to the end of the EB jumping puzzle very often).
-Holiday events and random guild events and celebrations
-Daily zerg orichalcum runs (20-30 of us get together daily and go get all the orichalcum nodes around the world--takes like 20-30 minutes and we pop banners for the gathering bonuses)

We are a guild that gets things done--we constantly have all guild buffs active and veterans and officers are constantly available in all time slots to put up banners for members.

Our guild bank is full of  Nourishment FREE of use for all guild members and our trove is full of Sigils and Runes for members to use as they please.

Whenever a member makes a legendary we host a huge celebration in Lion's Arch with a guild banquet and tonics and drinks and there's always a huge presence.

We have an average of 100-150 members on during peak hours and at the bare minimum around 40 members on during dead hours.

We are open to recruiting members on any server, but if you are serious about becoming prominent within the guild then we suggest you transfer to Sorrow's Furnace.

We pay attention to active members and helpful ones who represent often and promote when a promotion is due.  We have a strong hierarchical structure within the guild that promotes players to represent and be an active part of the community.

If you would like an invitation to [SoF] then please contact me or any of these esteemed leaders in the guild:

Âthéná (Lux.7169)
Beefy Boy (Cheri Wolf.3056)
Shinju (Shinju.1083)
Aseres (Liz.1497)

A Call for Sorrow's Furnace Organization

07 December 2012 - 07:45 PM

This is Âthéná from Sorrow's Furnace and our efforts in WvW have been lackluster at best--since release we've only won 2 of our match-ups.  This is not to say we lack members, or even motivation, but most of our server is PvE focused and are gear-grinding.

In spite of the lack of WvW dedication our server has, I want our server to have an active WvW community, even if the enemy team takes an early lead--our server only seems to WvW for the first day of a new match-up -or- if we are winning.

This thread is a call to fellow commanders and players utilize what we have to the best of our abilities, I need Commanders to coordinate with me so when we do go on the battlefield, we're working together, and not all going after separate goals with no ultimate strategy in mind.  Let's coordinate off the battlefield now, so that our efforts on the field are that much stronger.

While I realize that advertising our weaknesses to the other servers is a disadvantage, perhaps the stronger servers outside of our tier can help make suggestions as to how we can improve in these aspects.  Thus far I have identified our major weaknesses as:

1) Lack of coordination: When we have commanders on the field they all seem to work independently and for their own personal goals with no greater task in mind.  Working independently is fine as long as we are effectively utilizing our forces.

2) Lack of ambition: Most players are just going to WvW to get their monthly kills.

3) Lack of strategy: Showing up in WvW and making up the entire strategy 'on the fly' (while important in tactical battles) is a subpar approach.  We need to coordinate our efforts on Teamspeak or Vent with an agenda in mind as opposed to just finding a zerg to get kills.

4) Dead times: Our server does not have many euro or asian players so we lack the ability to  defend consistently--at our tier, though, this is the least of our problems.

5) Defending what we take: It has been an ever-present problem since release--our server rarely defends what we own.  While I have seen some efforts to mitigate this, we can't even keep our main keep in EB to access the jumping puzzle.

6) Lack of communication: There is no server communication or TS or Vent for the server.  I think most guilds aren't even using it.  I have a 25-man paid vent server we can use to organize commanders and maybe 1-2 ninja groups.

While I have outlined some fundamental weaknesses that doesn't mean it's hopeless for our server--we have some strengths:

1) Large numbers: Sorrow's Furnace is still a thriving server full of hardcore PvE players--top gear all around and very active players.

2) Strong commanders: I have seen some very good commanders on the battlefield attempting to organize.  While consistency is an issue I feel that they are doing the best they can under the given circumstances--if we utilize what we have more efficiently we can really do some damage.

3) Strong players: We have a lot of players in WvW actually looking for groups and leadership, but with the lack of activity those ambitions are wasted and then if we do get anything going it turns into weak zerg that gets out-maneuvered, out-numbered and out-played.

So what can we do from here?

1) Let's organize leaders into coordinating a powerful Strategy and create tactics--let's start with Voice chat and then work on map layouts and organizing times to play and defend.

2) Start up a forum where people can create Ninja groups and larger ones.

3) Create a schedule where guilds and players pledge to be active during those times.

4) Create a server-wide vent or TS server

Let's turn this around.  We can move from T6 (rank 16) if we can coordinate our efforts.  You may disagree with what I mentioned as strengths and weaknesses or you may disagree with my strategy when we talk but we can come up with a server-wide strategy if we communicate.  I have been looking for commanders and players in-game and I am now advertising in here so that not only can forum-going players see this, other servers can assist us and give us advice on how we can improve as a server.

I have a strong base of players that would be willing to create a Sorrow's Furnace Army--I have a 400 man guild that loves to play and is decked out in strong gear.  Most of us are on East Coast time and have classes or work during the day but we can dedicate a lot of man-power and effort.  I mentioned that I have a paid vent server completely dedicated to WvW organization.

Where are the other dedicated Sorrow's Furnace players? Please message me, email me, post in this thread or do SOMETHING.  Let's organize together and take our rank 16 server and move it up to T1.

This is a call to battle and while we may be weak now, we have the Commanders, players and ambition to rank up as a server.

To all other servers who wish to assist: we welcome your advice and suggestions on how to improve as a server in WvW.

To all commanders and players in Sorrow's Furnace, please contact me in-game or any way possible.  I dedicate a LOT of time to this game and will do whatever I can realistically do to help our server improve in the ranks.

Skype: lux.lucis.ferre
In-game: Âthéná
You can message me here as well.

Two of a kind, we are, contrivers, both. Of all the men alive you are the best in plots and story telling. My own fame is for wisdom among the gods - deceptions too. Would even you have guessed that I am Pallas Athena, daughter of Zeus, I that am always with you in times of trial, a shield to you in battle" (Odyssey 240).