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Build on a Budget: The Purple Pyro

24 October 2013 - 03:34 PM

- Detailed description plus variant options: Yep
- Finished product picture : yeah, that's easy
- Fun, easy to implement build: If you like setting things on fire, Oh yeah.
- Spreadsheet min/max approved: Don't care. Let's set that on fire too! Because, FIRE!

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One of the guildies I run with suggested I try a retrait over a modified shout build before we took on some tougher PvE content -- specifically Arah path 4 -- I had already been experimenting with different builds to improve damage output without going full glass cannon. I remain sceptical of the 'meta' as it stands and choose to do my own thing modifying builds and ideas or use a framework to build a concept once I'm comfortable with an existing model.

I also quickly discovered that in WvW I was horribly fragile and was getting slapped around pretty badly. So with the intent of gearing up for WvW, I realized that with some simple changes, I could apply the same build to PvE with little work, and at a low cost.

Target Audience:
This build may be fun for you if you want the following:
- A desire to set things on fire.
- You like using offhand torch with your guardian
- You are wanting serviceable dungeon / PvE gear at a generally low cost.
- Prefer tuning your gear to suit your skill level or fight requirements.

You will not like this build if:
- You are a min-maxer.
- Dislike using offhand torch with your guardian
- Feel that fire is the tool of the Devil himself

- Guaranteed not a min-max build.
- A performance hit will occur with things that are fire based. (IE: Effigies, Destroyers, Fire Elementals) This is due to their immunity to burning. However torch attacks do straight damage too so it's not a total wash.
- With lots of Power/Prec./Crit Damage comes low toughness and a tiny health pool to work with. You can make trades to compensate for it if you are having trouble or know that you miss dodges a lot. The cost is critical damage output. This will be covered in the variants section.

Other notes:
I wanted to add the requirement of this build being affordable. Runes and sigils had to cost less than 40s each. The armor itself could be acquired through dungeon tokens/WvW/or
crafting. Making the majority of the cost your trinkets which can be bought using laurels (ascended), the trading post (gold), or crafting (gold/material farming).

Baseline Build:


The baseline is a pretty straightforward 10/30/0/30/0 setup. I'll touch on the good bits:
- Zeal 10 points, Option 2 ; 10% damage increase to enemies that are on fire.

- Radiance 10, Option 3 ; Shimmering Defense; Burn nearby foes if your health drops to 25%. There are a couple of options to pick from here. See the Build Variants section.
- Radiance 15, Renewed Justice ; Virtue of justice is renewed on killing something. This also impacts Radiance 5 (Justice is Blind) blinds nearby enemies When justice virtue is activated.
- Radiance 20, Option 7 ; Torch skills recharge faster, and burning durations are 20% longer.
- Radiance 25, Deal 10% more damage to enemies that have a condition. Oh hey! Burning, blindness, and vulnerability are conditions. How handy.
- Radiance 30, Option 11; !5% higher critical chance with 1-handed weapons.

- Honor 10, option 2 ; Shouts recharge faster. This is a shout guardian build; the need for this is pretty obvious.
- Honor 20, Option 8 ; Two handed mastery, Greatsword, hammer, and the like are impacted here. If you prefer to go totally one-handed, see the build variants section
- Honor 30, Option 11 ; pure of voice -- make 1 condition for you and your friends a boon. This is your instant condition cleaner, and at least two shouts are recommended for your bar 90+% of the time.

Armor / Weapons:
For the big critical hits, it is Berzerker for all of your armor and weapons. If you are bumping into death more often than you like, refer to the Build Variants section. The good news is that you can get the armor fairly painlessly by running Citadel of Flame (1&2) Easy, Cruciable of Eternity (any path) Moderately challenging, or Arah -- not recommended unless you are as good as you think you are. There are also options to buy Berzerker stat items via the trading post or just crafting them. Honestly, the easiest way to do this is to run CoF with anyone willing to bring you and just use tokens. You'll also make some decent money along the way to help you afford your...

With trinkets I'm a fan of some defensive stats, because if you tip over, your damage output is zero. Again, the variants section covers some other ways you can build your character up. For a baseline, I suggest Berzerker (ruby) Necklace and Rings with Knights (emerald) accessories. Your best bet for a backpeice on the cheap is a Soldier (Power/Toughness/Vitality) item that you can buy at the Temple of Grenth for karma -- a resource you are probably swimming in. Toss on an exquisite Ruby or Beryl jewel and you are good to go.

Runes and Sigils:
While there are generally better runes and sigils to choose from, the theme here is low cost and setting things on fire.

- 6x Superior Rune of Flame Legion (cost: below 10s each) This set gives you a nice little bonus to your burning duration (on top of your existing traits) and a damage bonus to enemies that are on fire. Since the build tries to do that, this is right up our alley. There is a tiny chance that you will inflict burning when you are hit, but whatever hit you should already be on fire.

- 4x Superior Sigil of Smoldering (cost: below 5s each) This will load out each weapon set with one sigil. We are shooting for approaching a permaburn not for the damage the condition does, but for the damage we can do while the condition is applied.

- 1-2x Superior Sigil of Blood (Cost: below 40s) Compared to the other runes and sigils selected, these are expensive. However, the ability to steal a bit of health on critical hit will help keep you upright in a fight. There is a good chance that you will be able to trigger the ability since many of your attacks involve multiple small hits on a target and your critical chance is roughly every other hit.

Build Variants:
Some modifications to pick from that will make this build your own...

* Traits
- Radiance 10, Option 2; Signet Mastery ; Signets reset 20% faster. This is useful if you prefer the healing signet over your other healing choices.

- Radiance 10, Option 5; Searing Flames ; Strip a boon if you set an enemy on fire.

- Honor 20, Option 9 ; Empowering might ; This is normally a must have for a guardian. You can make a case for either this or two handed mastery, and the decision is yours. You can hit more often with two-handed weapons, or provide might on critical hits, but your cooldown times go up. Of course, if you opt to go full one-handed, (ex: Sword/Focus) this is a no-brainer -- go with empowering might.

  - If you are willing to trade 5 points somewhere to put 5 into virtues, you can provide some fast boon support to yourself and your party. (Might / Regeneration / Protection) respectively. Couple this with your justice virtue resetting on a kill, and you can dump a lot of might and blinds in rapid succession. This works great against large balls of small enemies. It works even better when you are stacking up to take down a good sized group.

* Armor
To be honest, I'm not a subscriber to the 'full Berzerker' model. I feel better served by being able to stay upright and swinging in a fight or survive a hit or two in order to pick up other members of my party. Of course, survivability comes at the cost of damage output. If you are just dying way too much, you can listen to the usual experts that will tell you to learn how to play, or  you can add a smattering of Soldiers (power/vitality/toughness) to your loadout. This provides improved durability at the cost of some critical damage. However, you will still maintain the same damage output against non-critable things. Such as dragons, walls, doors, and turrets. You can also get this gear on the cheap by doing dungeon runs (Ascalonian Catacombs, Sorrows Embrace, or Honor of the Waves). All of these dungeons have pretty doable paths. You can also keep a second or partial set of soldiers with the same runes Due to their low cost, loading up on them isn't a huge burden. The other option is WvW tokens, but I prefer to save those for other things.

* Weapons
Honestly, use what you like running with other than the torch and go from there. For
two-handed weapons, I would say to stick with Berzerkers in all cases. However, with one handed weapons, you could swap in a Rampager (Precision/Power/Condition) or Assassin (Precision/Power/Crit) for your main or off hand.

* Trinkets
If you are jonesing for a bit of extra critical chance, You could swap in a Rampager or Assassin necklace or a single ring. I would not go beyond exchanging more than one berzerker trinket for one of the above stat items.

For ascended, the same approach applies. However, I'd pick from Celestial(all stats), Rampager, or Assassin as options for the necklace. Leave the rings as Berzerker. Accessories should be "of the Knight" (Precision/power/toughness). For an ascended back piece Soldiers or Berzerkers are your best picks.

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RFC: My 'Red Mage' Guardian

24 January 2013 - 08:12 PM

So I primarily play my guardian and I'm getting comfortable with a playstyle that works for me. I have been actively trying to avoid a min/max build -- I find the concept boring -- and instead I'm shooting to be that guy who can be helpful in any situation by switching in gear/skills/ or consumables.

One of the guild folks called it a 'Red Mage' build, from Final Fantasy, and I like the implication: Jack of all trades, master of none. Of course it's a hodge-podge, but that is how I roll. The goal is to tune it up a bit so that I up my survivability and ideally help keep my team on their feet too.

*Current build:  a basic overview link

I typically run PvE and occasionally WvW and I generally will only change weapons based on the situation. For the most part It's GS / Scepter+Torch. I swap the Staff for GS if I'm in WvW defending, or if I need speed badly. I'll also trade the Torch for a Focus to up my survivability in open combat where we are outmatched the trade being reduced damage output. I have a sword, shield and Mace. I really don't like using them. These are all speced (prec, power, cond dmg)

GS: Decent overall damage and I can damage a lot of dudes in an area. This is the default weapon. While not ideal, I keep an undead slaying sigil here. I suppose an accuracy sigil would be a better fit.

Scepter+Torch: Range + decent short/mid range damage. The idea is while a high critical chance is ideal, if I hit a target enough times, I'll crit and activate my sigils. I have a Nullification sigil on my scepter and a Sigil of Generosity on the torch. The idea being that I take boons away from my target and if I have conditions, I can at least dump 1 more along with the two I dump every 10 sec.

This will make some of you wince...
Head: Tough, Prec, Power (emerald orb)
Shoulders:  Power, Tough, Vit (Superior Divinity rune)
Chest: Power, Prec, Crit (emerald orb)
Gloves: Power Vit. Crit (emerald Orb)
Legs: Power, Tough, Vit (beryl orb)
Feet: Power, Tough, Vit (emerald orb)

The goal here is to eventually load out with 6 divinity runes but those are SUPER expensive.
I'm also considering dumping the chest and gloves for a Prec/Power/Cond loadout.

Karka Shell (beryl jewel)
Emerald Earring
Emerald Amulet
Emerald Ring
Beryl ring
Defender backpack: Power, tough, vit (beryl orb)

I'm also considering going back to 0/10/30/30/0 for my traits (-- / 2 / 4,5,6 / 2,7,9 / -- ) or possibly swapping in Altruistic healing for Strength in Numbers

I know that is a wall of text and some of you are gonna go, " lol! You're doing it wrong! " However, constructive thoughts are appreciated.

Edit: link above reflects roughly what is my current build with the divinity rune set.

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