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#2134170 Sea of Sorrows - An Organized Community for WvW

Posted Kurthos on 03 January 2013 - 11:35 AM

Sea of Sorrows has traveled a long road up to this point. We've had multiple matches with close calls as we climbed the WvW ladder to the very top rung. And there we've sat, at the top of Tier 1, for a solid five weeks thus far. No single guild is responsible for our success. We did this through community, hunger for competition, and most importantly, server wide organization. Sea of Sorrows is looking for like minded guilds who are interested in coordination on a higher level of play.

What Sea of Sorrows Offers
  • Bi-weekly Guild Leader Meetings: If you're interested in sitting in and listening to get an idea of how we operate as a server, send me a PM.
  • Community Based Events: Examples can be seen here, and here.
  • ​Strong NA and Oceanic Coverage: While we certainly have holes in coverage here and there, we have arguably the strongest Australian presence in the world. That being said, we lack players during NA, SEA, and EURO time slots. Guilds like [MERC], [AFS], and [DiE] are second to none during the AUS time zones. Our NA players are mostly made up of organized guilds and about half as much Militia as the other time zones. If you're an NA player looking for a change in scenery and high level play, Sea of Sorrows is for you.
  • Tight-knit Guild to Militia relationship: Our server is made up of a mix of medium to small sized guilds and dedicated militia forces. We would not be where we are without them.
  • No Queue times!
  • Cross-guild Training: ​We hold multiguild training whenever we come up with new and interesting tactics. An example would be the trademark [ATac] Guardian Immortal builds showcased in the two videos below.

List of Sea of Sorrows WvW Guilds By Coverage

Guild/Description/Contact Info

[AFS] Alliance of the Forgotten Seas: Sea of Sorrow's backbone during SEA hours. Solid guild with great reputation with Militia for their map control style and hardcore play sessions. [AFS] is recruiting players in all time zones.
Contact Grekkz in game for more information.

[DiE] Darkness is Everywhere: Established in 1999, this guild is a familiar face for NA Tier 1 since the launch of the game and an Ex-Titan Alliance member. These guys invent new ways to play the game every week. Voted by AusGamers Magazine as the "no.1 pound for pound guild on NA servers" and ranked first in the top 10 for North American servers.
Contact Mooon, Barron in game for more information.

[HLX] Helix: has begun actively recruiting. They're a very small Australian WvW guild, who've been on SoS since the start. Helix is the overnight small ops team that solidifies all of the efforts of larger guilds. These guys specialize in scouting, camp flipping, and yak slapping.
Contact Jermz in game for more information.

[MERC] Black Lion Mercenary Corps: One of the most well known Australian and SEA mixed guilds on the server, the name [MERC] is widely associated with Golem rush on our server. These guys are very community driven with intentions on only settling for Sea of Sorrows at #1.
Contact Jedahs, Amarathy in game for more information.

[OCX] Oceanix: This is the Official Oceanic Guild of Redditors. These guys are Semi-Hardcore being mostly PvX, but they have WvW events every weekend. These guys are extremely competent when it comes to the defense of specific towers and keeps. [OCX] is arguably the most successful Reddit community within Guild Wars 2. [OCX] is recruiting for all time zones.
Contact Elyryan Saralonde in game for more information.

[ONE] Jugamos Para Ser Primeros: The literal translation of this guilds name is "We Play to be First". These guys primarily dominate the Eternal Battlegrounds map every week. Their guild leader and main commander, Patone, is well known on the server for being very stubborn with his holdings and quick to react to enemy movements.
Contact Patone in game for more information.

[pW] Pure White: This guild is well known on the server for their shenanigans and trolling. While some people seem to get frustrated when these guys show up to their map, they remind us to not take the game so seriously all of the time. They all wear white, and when they do want to get serious, Pure White gets things done.
Contact Mz Pure in game for more information.

[TS] Team Shatter: The largest oceanic guild on Sea of Sorrows, they have three separate guilds containing around 900 members. These guys are Semi-Hardcore, but when they decide field a force, our enemies feel the pain.
Contact Dokdek, Wolfbain in game for more information.

Guild/Description/Contact Info

[Agg] Aggression: These guys actively pressure any weakness they can sniff out of their enemy. [Agg] dominates any map they step onto during their play times. They specialize in large scale combat and consistently crush opposing forces who stand in their way. [Agg] is recruiting for all time zones.
Contact J E R I C O, Oxram in game for more information.

[ATac] Applied Tactics: This Guild has been a cornerstone in the Sea of Sorrows community since its reformation. [ATac] plays a slow control oriented style that is fairly surefire for taking hold of a map. These guys recruit quality over quantity, which is something you don't really see often anymore. [ATac] is a founding guild of the Axis of Insurrection, one of the last still working WvW Alliances in the entire game of Guild Wars 2.
Contact Nexusmav, Reyana, Og Wiz in game for more information.

[DM] Dwarec Mercs: Established in 1999, [DM] is a small tight-knit guild that enjoys coordinating with larger guilds to be successful. Just because they are small, doesn't mean that they aren't hardcore. [DM] puts in long hours that match even the most dedicated of Commanders.
Contact Alethea, Gracie Lou Freebrush in game for more information.

[DoP] Disciples of Pwn: A small guild based around building siege and defending captured objectives. These guys are the masters of defense and one of the secrets to their allied guild [TSym].
Contact Neojuggernaut or Archer of Fatalis in game for more information.

[DR] Dragon Riders: A silent war band of players solely dedicated to flanking, moving unseen, and breaking through key locations on the map. [DR] is the ultimate small-ops style guild. [DR] is a proud member of Axis of Insurrection, one of the most successful - still working WvW Alliances.
Contact Zedez Angelfire in game for more information.

[Fang] The Emerald Fang: A very friendly guild that has a casual friendly atmosphere. There isn't a guild these guys don't get along with. [Fang] is PvX with a dedicated group of WvWers. [Fang] is recruiting for all timezones.
Contact Luvpie, Tiffany Lockhart, or Rhinehard in game for more information.

[FoE] Fist of the Empire: Established in 2003, [FoE] has proven itself in game after game as a force to be reckoned with and Guild Wars 2 is no different. These guys specialize in large scale WvW tactics with a militaristic discipline.
Contact Ipea, Viddy, Momo in game for more information.

[Free] Friend of the People: A newly formed guild on Sea of Sorrows. These guys play for hours and have great idea on how to run a strong WvW guild. If you're looking to be a core part of the guild from the start, these guys would be a great choice.
Contact Soul of the People or Stabbystabby in game for more information.

[LEM] Lemuria: A guild of dedicated Militia commanders and small scale grouping. These guys enjoy a more casual environment than your traditional WvW guild, but they have some of the best scouts on the server.
Contact Apocalus Maximus in game for more information.

[OnS] OnSlaught: This guild is built around a higher level of coordination. At any given time you'll see them making two pronged pushes with other guilds on enemy bases to force them to make a choice in which they want more. They specializes in SPvP and large scale WvW fighting. [OnS] is a founding member of the Axis of Insurrection, one of the most successful WvW Alliances in Guild Wars 2.
Contact Malevolent Omen, Funkmachine in game for more information.

[TSym] Tactical Symbiosis: This guild is unique in its ability to create a metagame of hyper aggression or control depending on the situation. [TSym] prides itself on being a training guild. These guys create a casual friendly learning environment while maintaining a competitive edge. [TSym] specializes on large scale tactical plays. [TSym] is recruiting for all timezones.
Contact Coron Bale, Holy Archangel, Tritix, Hulkcrush in game for more information.

[VI] Violent Impact: A well known multi-game community, Violent Impact enjoys playing a slow defensive style of WvW. These guys are known to siege up a supply camp and defend it for hours like it was Stonemist Castle. [VI] is a founding member of the Axis of Insurrection, one of the most succesful Alliances in Guild Wars 2.
Contact Ceejay, Punch Clock, Papaj in game for more information.

[Work] The Industry: A Guild driven to create a lasting server based community. [Work] plays a very militia support heavy and advanced tactical style. They play every day of the week, twenty four hours a day. The Industry is a key member in the Axis of Insurrection, one of the most successful Alliances in Guild Wars 2.
[Work] is recruiting for all time zones.
Contact Kurthos, Fuzzylumpkin, Demons of Razgriz, Talaysteria, Otay Ranchero in game for more information.

[ZN] Zero Negative: This guild houses veterans of HoD during its prime. [ZN] knows what it takes to be the best server in the world, possibly too well. These guys put in consistent twelve hour shifts and even continue to keep playing when out manned and spawn camped. [ZN] is recruiting for all time zones.
Contact Subliminal One, Errawen in game for more information.

EDIT: By request, I've added several videos showcasing our guilds in their natural habitats.

[Agg] Aggression - INTL

Video 1
Video 2

[ATac] Applied Tactics - NA

Video 1

[DiE] Darkness is Everywhere - AU

Video 1
Video 2

[MERC] Black Lion Mercenary Corps - SEA/AU

Video 1

[TSym] Tactical Symbiosis - INTL

Video 1

[Work] The Industry - INTL

Video 1

[ZN] Zero Negative - INTL

Video 1

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