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In Topic: Everyone else regret their main?

07 January 2013 - 07:23 PM

View PostI, on 07 January 2013 - 04:47 PM, said:

Yep, actually, I regret my main and my main-alt. My main being a Sylvari Mesmer, and my alt being a Human Guardian. Both of them feel terribly boring when you hit lvl 30. The mesmer's elite skills are extremely useless compared to the elite skills of other professions. Their weapon skills look dull, especially the mesmer's greatsword. "Pew pew. I'm using a badass greatsword to shoot a tiny lazer beam!" Christ..

I actually felt the other way round. Mesmer was terrible until 30 and got much better after. Also have to disagree on the elite skill: few felt so supportive as those of the mesmer, especially since the sylvari gets the seed turrets including 3 seconds of invulnerability in addition to time warp and mass invisibility.

Personally, I regret making my starting char a human female warrior, as I'd rather have her be a charr. I wanted all armor classes with humans (achieved in Necro, Thief, Guardian) and really liked the Charr storylines and general attitude and "flair" so that would have made sense. No regrets about the warrior class itself though.

In Topic: Which race for Thief: lore, armor, animations

14 December 2012 - 03:46 PM

View PostMrForz, on 14 December 2012 - 03:00 PM, said:

Charr Ele? A huge lore break? Flame Legion Shaman would like a word with you.

Yes, that would be pretty much where magic in the legions became an issue, no?

View PostMrForz, on 14 December 2012 - 03:00 PM, said:

Besides, you'll win points from me if you try to get your Thief out of the culture-destroying Assassin's Creed fashion. That's all.

Lol, I'll try to. Not usually displaying helmets anyways.

Thanks for the input everyone. Human female it is then.

In Topic: The Secret World

12 December 2012 - 04:19 PM

View Postbeadnbutter32, on 12 December 2012 - 12:43 PM, said:

AO tried in game advertising, and apparently it never paid for itself.  I imagine the potential advertisers look at the low player population and back off.  They don't place advertising in small potatoe audiences.

EA tried ingame advertising in a number of their AAA games and apparently dropped the concept mostly. Seems to me that the whole concept is flawed and not giving proper ROI.

On TSW: good news, I might actually pick it up.

In Topic: PVE | Best server at the moment?

12 December 2012 - 12:34 AM

Is that EU or US? For EU, let me say that I played on Gandara since launch with a 2 week trip to Piken Square. Both can be recommended with the limitation that PS officially is a med-pop server, the unofficial EU RP server and has a strong WvW focus.

In general, and I say that as a player with little interest in PVP, let me say that I believe GW2's strongest asset is WvW and most long-term motivation will result from this, unless Arenanet pushes out more dungeons at least every 2 months in the future - which is highly unlikely.

In Topic: good greatsword skin?

12 December 2012 - 12:24 AM

Since I am currently leveling a Guardian, I picked a Karma-Greatsword from the Harathi Hinterlands: http://www.gw2db.com...odniir-sunderer

It looks a bit feral but neither too bland nor overly comic-style.