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Problems with FotM

13 December 2012 - 02:54 PM

I started running FotM last week and am having some issues.  I seem to be really, really bad at them and could use some tips.  I'm running them in PUGs.

Worst one by far has been Underground Facility final boss.  I am fine with kiting it back and forth, and seldom die (shout/signet Guardian, full exotics, plenty of toughness/vitality, scepter/focus or mace/shield).  However, I keep getting yelled at for not following, or missing the bucket, or, well, pretty much anything.  Last night three of my party members (thief, ranger, elementalist, warrior) were dead and I was still kiting just fine, getting the debuffs on it, and they were STILL yelling at me.  The leader eventually just quit.

I also keep dying in the caverns in the Underwater Fractal, just getting lost.  And keep falling off the jumping puzzles.  However, staying alive in boss fights is not a problem - I can tank them all just fine and buff the rest of the party.

How do I improve?  And is this normal for PUGs?  This event is supposed to be fun but right now I just f***ing hate it - it's horrible.

Advice welcome.