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WvW Theorycraft - Zerg Puppeteer

17 January 2013 - 06:03 PM

Build Specs

The idea of this build is to manipulate the movement of enemies through a combination of crowd control skills and traits. The warrior is arguably the best crowd-control class in this game, and in WvW zerg situations, with enemies piled on top of each other, this build can cause a lot of havoc.

Besides controlling enemy movement, this build also causes a lot of damage from two AOE-heavy weapons - the Greatsword and the Hammer.

This build is best played as a frontline shock troop. Jump in, do damage, and then control the crowd before they disperse.


Knight's Hammer of Superior Hydromancy is the main weapon that will be doing the CC. 4 of 6 of this weapon's skills are crowd control - 1 cripple, 1 knockback, and 2 knockdowns. The Hydromancy Sigil ensures a cripple through chill upon swapping to the hammer, which will make it that much harder for enemies to get away.

Knight's Greatsword of Superior Rage is the mobility weapon and the main damage dealer. Whirlwind Attack and Rush can both get you across the battlefield and quickly into the heart of an enemy mob, and Hundred Blades is a great damage dealer every 8 seconds. The Rage Sigil gives a 10% chance of gaining quickness on critical, which, multiplied by the AOE hits, increases the probability.


Knight's Armour of Superior Vampirism provides a ton of power, precision, and vitality, which will provide a lot of damage and critical hits and improve survivability. When you get pounded on, the Vampirism Rune will turn you into mist and allow a getaway.


Knight's Amulet beefs up your power and precision to good levels before boons.

Soldier's Gems increase your toughness to survive on the frontlines.


Strength - 30
Berserker's Power to increase damage output
Distracting Strikes to deal heaps of confusion with your many interrupts
Slashing Power to beef Greatsword damage

Defense - 20
Embrace the Pain to gain adrenaline quickly in situations where you get hit (which is always)
Merciless Hammer to increase hammer damage and reduce recharge

Tactics - 20
Leg Specialist to immobilize foes you cripple with Hammer Shock and Bladetrail
Lung Capacity to recharge your entire utility bar of shouts more quickly


When approaching a fight, it's best to do so at an angle so you're less obvious. Hurry in using WWA or Rush, pop Hundred Blades, and then switch to the Hammer. This will trigger the AOE chill and slow enemies trying to escape.

At this point, you should have adrenaline for Earthshaker, which will knockdown foes in a circle around you. At this point, you can cripple a single target and then use Fear Me! to push everyone else away.

Switching back to Greatsword, you can focus on the single target or attack until your Hammer CC moves have recharged.

There are 2 great dynamics at play here. The first is the Leg Specialist trait. It immobilizes targets for 1 second on cripple, which is great for snaring single targets, or in the case of Hammer Shock, multiple targets in a cone before you.

The second great dynamic here is the application of confusion on interrupt through the Distracting Strikes trait. You have effectively 4 interrupts. 3 Hammer knockdown/knockbacks, and Fear Me!, which causes enemies to flee. All these technically cause an interrupt if the enemy is casting a skill, which applies 3 stacks of Confusion for 5 seconds. Earthshaker, Staggering Blow, and Fear Me! are all AOE skills, which means you can apply confusion to many, many targets.

- - - -

This is a theorycraft so I haven't actually used it yet. I'd love to hear anyone's input, suggestions, and critiques. I love playing with the crowd control aspect of this game and believe that it can make or break a combat engagement like zergs in WvW.