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In Topic: Gems with Gold price Skyrocket

14 December 2012 - 06:13 PM

It all comes down to supply/demand. The main problem with gems is an ever shrinking supply of them. As the games economy matures, there will be an overflow of gold and not so much as gems, because the only way to obtain gems is through buying them with $$ and once used in the cash shop, they are gone forever.

You can't compare other cash shop currencies to games like perfect world because in gw2, everything from the cash shop is soulbound, while in games like perfect world there is always an equilibrium between the price of gold and the price of obtaining the cash shop items. (Except when there are outrageously cheaper ways to obtain some cash shop items, those items just become dead weight in the cash shop - only purchased by dumb blondes)

In D3, the price of gold followed the price that bots were selling gold for.


Supply Vs Demand - supply of gems is lower and consumbable
Equilibrium of conversion rate
Price of gold from bots vs price of cash shop currency