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#2167478 WvW NA T1 Final score gaps between Gold and Silver

Posted Shiren on 20 February 2013 - 06:31 PM

I'm beginning to think half of the JQ posters don't even play the game. They just post in on the SM forums to spew bile all over the place and fuel each other's rage induced blindness. The would probably be surprised to hear there is a place called Stonemist in WvW, it's not just a name of a sub-forum. I don't even know what these JQ posters are trying to prove any more, all this shrill denying of the comparative strength of their server to the other tier ones (look at the score) every time the topic comes up.

Every time there is a discussion about the population of JQ post transfers (and for as long as it's the primary factor in why the server wins tier one, it's going to be discussed, it's a fundamental flaw of competitive servers in WvW), or even a discussion about comparative populations of tier one servers and their relevance to the score, the same old JQ posters descend like a flock of shrieking birds.


The sad part is, no-one, not even the mods, expect or hope for these people to behave in any way other than their trolltastic selves. They flood the tier one thread week after week with their hateful and ingnorant "opinions" and poor sportsmanship (they exists on all servers, but we have the regulars to tier one) and they deprive everyone else of having some kind of intelligent or constructive conversation. The tone is set by these people and if pressure to perform week after week in tier one isn't going to burn people out, reading the threads certainly will.

As far as painting the whole SoS community with the same brush goes, I wouldn't mind betting 80% of the active WvW player base doesn't even read the SoS forums (or this one for that matter). A lot of people who WvW don't do it for the score, they do it cause they want to play their game. Even if some guilds took training days, a handful of guilds do not make a tier one server (and the only guild I know that regularly has training days is TSym).

#2167410 WvW NA T1 Final score gaps between Gold and Silver

Posted chuckles79 on 20 February 2013 - 04:51 PM

View PostCalmLittleBuddy, on 20 February 2013 - 02:32 PM, said:

Not to be the paranoid one here, but is there some sort of implication coming that goes with this?
It implies that SoS was never as stacked as people claimed.

#2160266 T1 - Jade Sanctum’s Sorrow

Posted Global_GW2 on 07 February 2013 - 06:10 PM

If/when SoR and BG face each other again, and depending on who the 3rd server is, I personally think it would be a lot of fun and the score would be really close. In fact, given current coverage, I think a SoSvSoRvBG match would be an absolute blast. I think SoS would still have the upper hand though with their strong Oceanic advantage where BG and SoR's off-peak coverage is stronger in the SEA timezone.

I'm not saying fighting JQ in their current form wouldn't provide some fun, but it's nice going into a match not really knowing what the scoreboard is going to look like at the end of the week. It adds a lot to the excitement going into it.

#2156295 T1 - BG, JQ, SoS

Posted phabby on 01 February 2013 - 10:46 PM

11/17-24 SOS: 235,030 / JQ: 201,563
11/24-12/01 — SOS: 235,327 / JQ: 169,470  
01-08 — SOS: 225,137 / JQ: 208,392
08-15 — SOS: 216, 884 / JQ: 213,263
15-22 — SOS: 254, 305 / JQ: 153, 790
22-29 — SOS: 225, 322 / JQ: 207,913
12/29-01/05 — SOS: 188,027 / JQ: 280,427
05-12 — SOS: 250,720 / JQ: 212, 964
12-19 — SOS: 233,254 / JQ: 204,540
19-26 — SOS: 232,012 / JQ: 222,304
26-01 – SOS: 156,062 / JQ: 304,623

mmmmmmmmm very stacked was sos over the last month,,,,,,,,but wait was is the last score  ??? now wake up kidds in jq we all know you got sick of being beaten by skill by the adults ,

#2154704 T1 - BG, JQ, SoS

Posted chuckles79 on 30 January 2013 - 08:55 PM

A little timeline:
1. SoS came to T1, got DiE and that was the last large guild transfer.  We had numerical superiority in 2 out of 3 timeslots on an outrageous scale.

2. PRX left SoS, we lost our primetime "roaming zerg" but maintained parity or better with JQ in NA primetime and retained our gigantic advantage in Oceanic timeslots.  War Machine leaves SBI, taking away their overnight firewall.

3. BG joins T1, SoS is heavily outmanned on Euro times but maintains inertia due to depleted BG numbers and JQ's exhaustion on not being able to do better than 2nd.

4. PRX goes to JQ, SoS loses numerical superiority in NA primetime.

5. SBI and IoJ fall apart, a large percentage of SBI hardcore WvW'rs go to JQ.

6. JQ has superior coverage in Euro and NA to all servers (SoR?) and has only slight numerical disadvantage in Oceanic timeslots.

All of this matters diddly.  This is simply an indicator of how much any server will have to step up their game to beat them now.  There is no use complaining about it, saying "what if", or trying to lawyer away why they are winning.  Either step up your game til their numbers do not matter, or stop complaining about it.

#2154535 T1 - BG, JQ, SoS

Posted Cirus on 30 January 2013 - 05:26 PM

View PostCalmLittleBuddy, on 30 January 2013 - 02:41 PM, said:

Disclaimer: The following post is my opinion and in no way represents the opinions of anyone else on JQ, unless they directly state otherwise. The leaders of JQ would probably ask me not to post this, but I can't stay quiet on this anymore. This is not a troll post. It's how I feel. I've held this back for 10 weeks now. I figured once JQ got in a better position, SoS would finally show some respect and give props, but that hasn't happened... so...

There's a good breakdown on the official forums of how much SoS won by for each of the weeks. 6 of them were over 50,000, 3 over 100,000.

Go take a look. If you can't find it, tell me and I'll go grab it. Or look it up yourself. You guys trashed 2 legitimate T1 servers by large amouns for 2/3 of the matchups. You guys were stacked. There's no shame in it! Good on you, SoS for having all your ducks in a row.

Let's not revise hostory here. It's just a game. We can all admit to these little things here and there. SoS was stacked. JQ got even stackeditidier during the Guild Transfer Arms Race, which began with SoS bragging about 3 new Euro guild transfers it got, and ME whining about it so hard that my own server told me to relax.

I can go find that for you to, or you can look it up.

Facts are, all the braggadocia and chest thumping and 'world champions' talk pissed of a lot of people including PRX a former SoS guild. You can't have it both ways. You can't have a server spamming guild recruitment threads, bragging and laughing and high fiving, posting page after page of explanations and 'strategy' showing how smart they are and how dumb SBI and JQ are... and NOT expect folks to hit back.

Endless 3 page discussion of how your awesome strategies and Immortals Builds and superior theory craft and this and that... reams of it! So much that we choked on it, direct addresses to SBI and JQ on how we 'just didn't get it' and needed to 'do your own recruiting and beat us' and 'stop whining and play harder' and how SoS was like the pros and we were newcommers to T1... all of it.

You guys accomplished your goal and stepped on a few toes doing it. Now, we will accomplish our goal. If you don't like it, stop us. If you can't stop us, let me finally be the one giving SoS some patronising and pedantic 'advice':

JQ stayed in T1 by being better with less. We treated our PuGs and small guilds like friends, not 'militia'. The exact statement was "Small Guilds, PuGs and Solos are the heart and soul of JQ and our greatest strength." End your top down tyranny and let everyone play their way and have fun. If you don't, now it's a job without the winning you have become so accustomed to. You'd better learn this or SoS will fall.

I hope you prove me wrong in the comming weeks. I want to fight SoS. I like fighting SoS. I respect some of your players and guilds a hell of a lot, but jeez, someone in charge over there needs to put a muzzle on all this excuse making, man up and fight back.

So just to clarify, when a team wins something BY AN AMOUNT, it means how much they won by compared to the NEXT competitor, this is comparing 1st to 2nd, as 2nd is the closet opponent to 1st.

On SoS's 1st week of tier 1, they won by 34,000 points http://mos.millenium...ps/history/9#NA
2nd week: SoS wins by 18,000 points http://mos.millenium...s/history/10#NA
3rd week: SoS wins by 17,000 points http://mos.millenium...s/history/11#NA
4th week: SoS wins by 3,000 points http://mos.millenium...s/history/12#NA
5th week: SoS wins by 55,000 points http://mos.millenium...s/history/13#NA
6th week SoS wins by 18,000 points http://mos.millenium...s/history/14#NA
7th week, JQ wins by 92,000 points http://mos.millenium...s/history/15#NA
8th week SoS wins by 38,000 points http://mos.millenium...s/history/16#NA
9th week, SoS wins by 29,000 points http://mos.millenium...s/history/17#NA
10th week, SoS wins by 10,000 points http://mos.millenium...s/history/18#NA

So out of 9 wins for SoS, the average winning margin was 24,600

TODAY: Halfway through this week JQ by 69,000 points

You can dress it up and call it what you want, but you are facing a very similar SoS this week as you are facing 2 weeks ago, and unlike what happened on the new year match up, SoS hasn't given up and is out there fighting their absolute hardest every night, no-one has left SoS, we're all still here together fighting in the battlefield. JQ are well on target to win this week by more than 150,000 points.

Call it what you want but JQ's population has more than doubled in these past 2 weeks and it's anti competitive to the rest of the competition, there have been a lot of people that have been warning about this and the potential ramifications that it can bring to World vs World for all of us yet you've continued to plug your ears and sing la la la la meanwhile wanting MORE AND MORE people to Jade Quarry.


Think man! think!