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Staff / GS Build

18 December 2012 - 01:38 AM

Hey guys.

Just started playing as a new Mesmer here. Just wanted some advice on the current build I'm hopefully aiming for. What I have so far is a staff and GS set up. The issue is distributing my traits around. So far I have this:


I like the idea of the additional bounces since it helps both the auto attack on staff and the second attack for GS. The traits in Domination and Chaos are there to grab the CD reductions for both the respective weapons. I'm guessing this leans towards more of a condition build? And also the illusions and phantasms are up solely for shattering when mobs drop to around 30% health or so.

Here's my big question: should I give up a trait line in order to get Dueling up to 20 for Deceptive Evasion? I feel that the CD reductions on both weapons are quite nice, and the extra bounce should be much more important, but I'm no expert...

And if there's anything that can be improved with the other selected traits, please let me know!