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Saint Scarlet

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Java Hacked and what should i do

01 September 2012 - 08:08 PM

Seeing as what has happened recently with Java being hacked recently and made it so that it can maliciously download viruses to anybody's computer that uses it. What should i do? Should i remove it completely until they actually find and fix the loopholes or should i just refuse any updates its asking me for until we get word that it is the fix update?

[RoC] Rise Of Corruption & [HOWL] Rise Of The Ice Wolves

25 August 2012 - 11:32 AM

[RoC] Rise Of Corruption & [HOWL] Rise Of the Ice Wolves

Our alliance started back in 2007 in which we recruited people who were friendly, laid back and interested in all aspects of Guild Wars.

We Wish to continue this tradition of playing in all aspects of the game at a high but relaxed level, so if you are mature (in mind only) and wish to have some fun come join us.

[RoC] is our PvP/WvW hub guild where everyone who is interested in it represents the guild to keep things neat and tidy.

[HOWL] is our PvE/RP guild where everyones focus is on enjoying the sights and sounds of Tyria.

We are on the Piken Square server and will be happy to help out anyone who wishes to come join us.

Sign up to our forum - http://howl.guildlaunch.com
or add one of us to you friends list and whisp us ingame
          - Saint Scarlet
          - Tari