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In Topic: Is this game for me?

23 December 2012 - 12:12 PM

first of all thanks for for giving up your time to give such detailed helpful posts.
seems to be a good range of mixed opinions on what i should do but i suppose now if i know not to expect all this end game stuff i'm not going to be so disappointed when i reach 80.

but from what a few of you said about the dungeons (apologies i don't know how to do part quotes) there is enjoyable content for me there and as i said i will still level to 80 but at least i know what to expect.

yeah i agree with all of you that i need to try and just play the game as it is and enjoy leveling up has part of the game so I've taken it upon myself and created a new character with a different mind set, crafting gear as i level, in a good social guild and it has been more enjoyable (so far :P).

i suppose even if i didn't find it all that fun when i do finally reach 80 i still will see guild wars 2 as a very good game and a nice step for mmorpgs, i mean i cant be too picky considering the price.