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Is this game for me?

22 December 2012 - 10:35 PM

so the clue is in the title i cant decide whether i should carry on playing gw2.

Firstly the way I see mmorpgs (without trying to waffle on too much):

Bearing in mind this is from a player who likes pve and dislikes pvp
  • leveling: I don't like leveling because i feel i can see past all the story which just appears to be hiding a simple game of going somewhere and killing/picking something up.  i just do it because i know the game will get better later (at least with gw2 i hope it will) i just see leveling as a training up period for you as the player so when you reach the later level your ready for anything. but i do recognize that leveling is needed to gain experience and to create story. I am from the generation which thinks the endgame is where the game starts and i like being rewarded for my efforts and feel cheated if i get something too quickly or easily (weird i know).
  • dungeons/raids: i really enjoy dungeons/ raids in mmorpgs and it is essentially what i play the game for. everyone i believe plays the game for something in particular which is why these rpgs are so popular, they are many games in one. i found the dungeons so far in gw2 a bit messy and i spend most my time being ressed but that could just be because i suck. i do still enjoy them though.

This being said i will still level my engineer to 80 as you never know what the future holds for gw2. i am only level 49 and would like to ask weather there is likeable game content for me in late game more specifically the dungeons.

i am open to any constructive criticism.