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Tyria Travel Agency (Runebooks)

25 July 2013 - 03:18 PM

Travel in Tyria is very easy with a generous amount of waypoints throughout each map. However, some people such as myself (and I can see RP’rs also) enjoy more direct travel. Therefore, I am proposing a rune marker system. In that you would travel virtually anywhere in Tyria to one of your favorite hotpots, take out a rune when your on the location you want to save, mark it with magic and then deposit it in a book that you could carry with you.

This would allow you to collect travel destinations exclusive to your character so you can get back to exactly the same point you may want to visit again.

Again, with so many waypoints, this may be overkill but it would be nice to make travel destinations. (JP’s could be marked and residents of Tyira could sell them to others for a nice profit!)

** Also posted in official GW2 forum **

Time for change - Kaineng

20 March 2013 - 11:33 PM

Are you looking for something different in a guild where your voice counts and your not just a number. We believe we have something special in the Kaineng Dragons (RAZE) that could interest you.

We are a Social, Dynamic, PvX Guild. We are (RAZE). Through experience in several MMOs and guild structures we developed something that we believe stands apart. We offer a flexible "Choose your own adventure advancement path. This is intended to suit your own playstyle. We have and are developing Dungeon / WvW / PvP strike teams.

We have several nice upgrades, events and meetings. Rarely anything is "mandatory" but we do enforce guild representation (with some exceptions). Our officers receive a monthly stipend / payroll for all the hard work and we celebrate special occasions.

Come see what we have to offer. After all, being just a number or running with Pugs all the time can get boring. And not to mention soloing can get lonely. Lets make something special in the Kaineng Dragons.

My in game screen name is zultan.6495 with avatars of Ganon Dragmire or Hookah Haze.
I know there are plenty of guilds to choose from so, whatever you decide, make sure you belong to one that you enjoy with mutual respect and no drama.

Thanks - Live Free / Play Free.

PS - you can also check out the "official" Kaineng server community website at www.kainengcenter.com

(RAZE) WvW focused but all welcome

05 March 2013 - 04:26 AM


I would like to invite you to join the Kaineng Dragons (RAZE). We are WvW focused but enjoy and encourage all aspects of the game.  We have all the usual perks but I would prefer you tryout our guild for what makes it special - the members. Our guild is growing by quality and not by quantity. And, I can honestly say the members are fun, hard working and helpful. After all, that is what really counts. Guilds and Games come and go so, spend that time with people you enjoy..

It doesn't matter what your race, profession, skill level or play style is to join us. We have new members to Kaineng, new members to Guild Wars 2 and even new members to MMO's in general.

Although many of us are new to Kaineng and some new to MMO's, our has a very eclectic background. Our gaming community was actually founded in 1999 in Ultima Online by the way of our first guild, Guild Of Friends (GOF). If you played UO, you will undoubtedly have very fond or very bitter memories of that guild. We were rather new at UO, guilds and even online gaming at that time. To that extent our journey includes nearly a decade of a love story with UO until its untimely death rattle by way of the latest expansion at the time - Stygian Abyss. We stayed on in hopes of the brand new game engine that would come soon and promised to be revolutionary (UOX). Sadly, that day never came and UO drifted on a disappointing path with shiny, neon colored armor.. Oddly enough, we found out just recently that some of the changes the new devs at the time were trying to implement were sorely rejected by the UO community. You might recognize a little game called World of Warcraft. That's right. The devs that worked hard to save UO but were rejected found a new home in a newbie company, Blizzard. If hindsight were 20/20.

Well, although our gaming community as a whole never really played WOW, we do have members that have very fond memories and still enjoy it to some extent today. Our gaming community has collectively (by some of our members combined) nearly 2 decades of online gaming. Specifically: MMORPG's. In that journey we played several online titles including but not limited to Ultima Online, Age of Conan, Rift, Tera Online and by our newer members - World of Warcraft.

So, we would all like to invite you to join us on (RAZE). Whether your hard core or the weekend warrior we welcome you. Try us out for a week. If you like it but you feel it's missing something, just ask. We are open minded and flexible - your input counts. I am confident you will find a comfortable place for your toon to call your own in (RAZE). The only real requirements we have are chiefly as follows:

1) Be respectful
2) Be as active as you can
3) Representing (RAZE) is required during your time in WvW only and appreciated but optional any other time
4) If you have a suggestion, request or concern - speak up.. This community is about its members, not its numbers.
5) Have Fun!

By the way, we are considering to start to build a pvp team. If your interested in pvp, now would be a great time to  join.

I have visited many servers while it was still free to transfer. There are some very nice server communities out there. But, for me and my guild, we feel Kaineng is the place for us.

Please understand that we are careful about who we allow into the guild and we will likely want to get to know you a little bit before actually issuing an invite -- both for your benefit, to help ensure that our guild is truly fit for your needs, and also for ours to make sure that all of the new members that we bring mingle well with our current group. I appreciate everyone who has taken the time to read this post and I look forward to seeing you all in-game!

Either way, being an active member in any guild should be challenging, rewarding and most of all - fun. So, whether you join (RAZE) or not, take the time to join the guild that suits you best

"Play Free, Live Free"

You can send in game email to
zultan.6495. Please include info about your character and gaming interests.

Items of interest:

Communications: We are using RaidCall as the Main Base to stay connected with each other. Main method of Communication (Voice + Text chat) for Party, Guild, PVP, General Chit Chat, Gathering, Live Trading Market, Music Channels and more. Stay connected with us by creating a RaidCall account and download the program at

Leader and officers will be on RaidCall most of the time daily if you ever need to contact one of us.

RaidCall Group ID: 5460668 (We have a password only for the WvW channel which we provide after member verification)

Events: We've been here since pre-launch but just now starting to introduce guild events.
Current events include:

"Mission Mondays" (guild missions, bounties, etc)
"Fractal Fridays" (what else - fractals)
"Weekend Warrior W3" (Friday-Sunday)

* We try to enjoy all aspects of the game at any given time. The events are just special days to focus on specific areas. All event times will begin at 8pm EST unless otherwise noted *

Guild News:
Congratulations to French Toast and Fluffy to their recent promotion to "Krewe". Thanks to your loyalty since joining, you deserve the boost!
Also, congratulations to sas who has been offered the promotion to "Commander" (our officer rank) and graciously accepted.

Keep up the great work everyone!

Kaineng Server Site is Live

11 January 2013 - 06:37 PM

Reminder - The official Kaineng community server site is Live.


Your community location for server news, forums, recruiting and much more.
Visit the site Today!

We are currently seeking additional staff for moderators, blogs, Cmdr briefings and more.

Look for a guild / Recruit for yours / Organize your PvP teams / Learn more about the guild alliance and Much More!

x Ganon Dragmire (RAZE) IGN

Round the Clock Action

27 December 2012 - 05:08 AM

Request > Help finding server(s) with as much 24x7 action as possible (NA or EU)

Status > I have a home server that I really enjoy and will retain but in the interim...

Intent > Visit other server(s) while server change is free (pack in as much action as possible)

My understanding >  All servers have peak times and off times
Expecting to find a server full of action 24x7 is not practical

My interests >  I enjoy all aspects but enjoy wvw the most
   I work odd / varied hours so I find myself playing all hours
   Servers current wvw rank is irrelevant (although I intend to help)
   Make the most of my game time

My "perfect storm" > dual server citzenships :D  2 "home servers"
(one on NA and one on EU) that I could travel back and forth to at the drop of a dime..
That way, when NA goes "off peak", I could hit the EU for "primetime" and vice versa

Note > I realize the "dual home server" idea is only in my wish list / day dream :cool:

Sooo > Just short of my dual home server fantasy in the true sense, where's the action 'round here for a Guild Wars 2 gaming nut like me ?

** Quick EDIT 12/29/12 ** > I think after reviewing my post and digesting the feedback, I can state my request more concisely now... Can someone suggest a server or servers that seem to have player base from several timezones that I can find something to do nearly anytime without having to recruit my split personality to game with me? :zip: