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#2127285 T1 Thread: JQ, SBI, SS

Posted Jabtangs on 24 December 2012 - 11:42 AM

View PostJang Gun, on 24 December 2012 - 11:26 AM, said:

i am very angry to AGG.
and so i will tell in "KOREAN".  plz translate in ENGLISH.

어그로 길드 잘들어라.
오늘 낮 베이에서 6번 주인이 바뀌었다.
니들은 도적+메스머 포탈로만 6번 깠지.
우린 일부러 정당하게 외성 까고 내성 까는 식으로 점령만 6차례 했다.
뭐 게임에서 의도하진 않았지만, 뭐 이해하겠다 그 것 까진.

근데 왜 자꾸 귓말로 열받게 하냐. 매너없게.
필드에서 맨날 우리한테 전멸당하니까 열받디?
쪽수값을 해라 쪽수값을.

참고로 아래 이미지들은 니들이 나한테 보낸 귓말 중 일부다.
좋은 말 할 때 매너겜하고, 실력으로 붙어라.

Listen Agg,
Bay has flipped 6 times today. All you did was thief+mesmer rez 6 times. But we purposefully broke through the wall/gates 6 times. Not to blame you for that since that's how the game is made. Well, I understand that part at most

But then, why do you keep on pm'ing me? lack of manners. You mad cuz you get wiped every time out in the field? Be ashamed of the number of people you have.

The attatched images are part of the spamming you did.
Play with manners and fight properly.
Keep thinking why you all lose with twice our number, and stop playing the game with your mouth

lol so much respect.

might send a report to anet too. happy banning