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Gold making ideas website (Non-RMT)

02 January 2013 - 07:20 PM

Hi all,

I have been given permission by a Mod to post up my site in here :)

Main site:



The aim of this site is to show people how they can make Gold in GW 2 and keep it.

It started out as a project to show how I play the TP but has already taken on some more topics. - Including crafting.

This is a place to share info on how you made money and perhaps you'll learn a thing or two.

I am not a web dev of any kind so any ideas that you have on how I can make it look better / slicker are more than welcome.


P.S. a few things that have been mentioned but I'll post here for clarity:
  • Passwords - I am not making this site to steal your GW2 password or anything like that..passwords are hashed so I cannot see them.  But to be safe use a different password as you should in any case :)
  • Pump 'n Dump - This is not a place to start shouting and spamming threads getting people to buy up a stock and then you sell it.  By all means post up things backed up by reasons for why you think it will happen but don't just post crap about something selling like mad.
Enjoy :)