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How does Arena Net gague the popularity of Living Story?

20 February 2014 - 01:14 PM

This is a tie-in thread to my existing karma thread. There is a link and you'll understand where I'm going with this after we all ask the vital question (cangemsfixlivingstory?):

How does ANet gague Living Story popularity?

Firstly, that's the wrong question. It should be how *can't* they gague it's popularity. Number of players playing the content.

There are a lot of achievement point hunters in the game, which Anet capitalised on with the use of Achievement Chests. These players will gravitate towards whichever content offers the most achievement points; they'll do all the dailies and monthly achievements and then move onto the motherload: the living story. Completing the meta rewards you from anywhere between 25-50 AP on it's own, not to mention all of the achievements in the panel. Just add them all up and you'll quickly realise why the living story is being driven by AP hunters. How many servers continued trying to kill the triple wurm head after completing their metas? How many achievement hunters started clogging up the WvW queues? Do you think they really like the format?

They're not only great for achievement point gain, however. This is where karma comes in, as every creature you kill becomes a zergy short repeatable chain that can net champ boxes and massive experience and karma gain. Karma which is seen in no regular content but WvW (which they will be pushing for esports esports esports esports on sooner or later). Think about all the karma gain from fractals (recently spotlighted and patched, superior karma gain to dungeons) and Tequatl (far superior karma gain to all other world events)

The final reason of course, is the unique rewards that are typically either account bound and require living story loot to obtain or items which will cost a hell of a lot of gold otherwise.

Now, the original question is for you to try and answer. I have met a lot of dissatisfied players over living story, so I can't call it a success, by any stretch and I can conclude that the majority of players are participating in this content for incentives put in place other than good gameplay or plot.

Whaaaat? No karma? Heeeere

17 February 2014 - 02:31 PM

Since the dissolution of karma in dungeons, there are now only three places in which to seriously gain karma:

1. Tequatl
2. lower-level fractals (I think 10 levels below your personal reward yields max karma)
3. WvW

It seems incredibly unfair and inconsistent of Anet to pigeonhole players wishing to craft legendaries, and other karmic required goods, into these three events. No other world event yields the insane karma rewards as Tequatl. Most world events offer 500 karma tops, with all the buffs, while Tequatl gives closer to 15-20k.

Fractals is essentially a glorified dungeon chain, yet earning 9k-15k karma is justified? Why not balance this out for daily dungeons too?

By the way, check your Birthday Boosters, there's something fishy about them. Remember, you only get them once every 365 character days.

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Should karma really be this exclusive?

Guesting and overflows

28 October 2013 - 10:46 PM

I play on Desolation. I'm in Europe, but tend to be online for approx 16~ hours a day, so I see everything. When you play around the clock (not everyday, I'm not mad) you see how the community works as a whole, and, well, it just doesn't at the moment.

The problem is how overflows work. Since Tequatl, Desolation has made a name for itself as Europe's go-to server for Tequatl kills. Every day/night we have a full Sparkfly. Full of guests. Full of non-Desolationians. This is a serious problem, not just for those who *don't* guest and sit in empty servers trying to kill Tequatl on their native server, but an even bigger problem for the natives of Desolation thrown into the overflow turmoil.

I like guesting. Guesting is great, in fact. I can play open-world content with friends too stubborn to join my server full-time. It's not perfect, since I still can't communicate with US servers, but it serves it's purpose. However, the ease of guesting means a lack of server pride and loyalty. If another server makes a name for itself as the go-to server for zerg champ farming Frostgorge and Cursed Shore, then the people will flock there. Other servers become barren while this focused server stacks up on overflows, leaving the natives to scratch their heads.

What I'm proposing, to fix the issue of server loyalty, is to bump natives to the top of the overflow queue if they happen to be in one. If a native friend is already in the main instance, their other native friend can be taxied in. This is fair, and by no means difficult to implement.

Just to counter the inevitable:
1. This will not kill off champ farming or zergs; there will most likely be more servers able to champ farm on a slightly smaller scale.

2. It is not unreasonable to make a guest wait longer than a native. Consider it a quarantine period.


Tankiest berserker

11 September 2013 - 01:18 AM

I'm looking for your thoughts on the toughest profession in PvE. Hardest to kill to a mob or a boss. Highest self-vigor maintainment, most reflects, most blocks or distractions. How will you rank your most defensive offensive professions? Leave your workings!

Mine would be:

1. Engineer. Massive toughness, impossible to catch, lots of chill and blind and, the icing on the cake; 50% faster endurance regen AND lots of vigor. p.s. they stack.
2. Necromancer. Highest health pool x2/amazing cripple/chill/weakness availability.
3. Guardian. Aegis, Renewed, Aegis, Shield of Judgement, RoJ blind, sword blind, Retreat, Aegis, Aegis, haggis, Aegis, Aegis, Aegis, Aegis, Aegis, Aegis, Aegis, Aegis.
4. Thief*. Stealth mechanics, best condition removal, 7s blind+reflect floorfield. Lots of good stun breaks.
5. the rest. meh. Especially ranger.

*in a team scenario, thief would be the highest due to stealth mechanics and AI ♥♥♥♥uppery. BUT, dems da rules.

I suppose an argument can be made for mesmers too, but that's for you to decide in your homes.

New dungeon discovered in Caledon

24 August 2013 - 11:46 PM

Posted Image

Posted Image

Hey guys, did you see that new dungeon in the depths of Caledon? It's full of crazy shit. Water, portal, control panels, jumping puzzles and colourful plants that look like trumpets! Oh my!

And water....... Lots of water.

Try and find me! :>

p.s. world first, amirite?