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29 April 2013 - 01:41 PM

I've switched from GS to staff a few months ago for pve/wvw. I still cannot find the staff all too promising.

Does anyone else feel that it's sort of weak compared to the GS? In terms of condition dmg. Or maybe, I'm just not playing right and using the staff's full potential...

I'm probably just not playing staff right. Can anyone recommend a proper build for staff? My current build is 20/0/20/0/30.

The absolute best buget graphics card for GW2, and wvw zergs

09 April 2013 - 06:18 PM


I'm currently running on an i5 2500k sandy. Paired with a Nvidia gtx 550ti. When I'm not in WvW or lions Arch, the card can handle almost everything at high settings. It's actually a fairly good gfx card.

But I recently became an avid wvw'er, representing a large guild that prefers zerg vs zerg. The 550ti just cannot handle the pressure. I've even lowered the settings down to best performance (as low as it can get). 50 vs 50 still causes a bit of lag.

So yea, It's time for an upgrade. I'm hoping for a graphics card somewhere around $250+. You may link some  $300+ cards too; it's only at the moment that I cannot afford any high performance/eye-candy cards. But I will look into them for the future.

please reply~