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GW2 Statscalculator

17 January 2013 - 11:34 PM

Hello everyone,

The past few days I've been very busy with making an easy and accurate spreadsheet for the determination and comparison of stats, which I consider the most fun, accurate and complete spreadsheet so far. You can test with different pieces of armor, traits, runes, jewels and weapons. Remind that you have to read the first sheet well before you start using it!

Furthermore, I know not everything is in the sheet yet. Karma armor is coming, ascended will be here too. Runes will be added on request(as you can read on the first sheet). And you HAVE to view it in Excel. OpenOffice will NOT work.

Have fun with it and I would like if you leave a message when you took it. Tips and suggestions are always welcome!

Fidelis Se Mortem


Balancing my guardian

13 January 2013 - 02:50 PM


After playing a few classes, I fell in love with guardian..! You can play it so many ways and now i have choosen one, but I don't really exactly know what stats i should get. I mainly want to play PvE and dungeons(mostly fractals). Therefore I am going to use Strife's build(which is awesome), with few minor adjustments. And now I'm doubting about what armour, jewellery and so on would be most suitable? Berserkers for more damage or more toughness for survival? Also I already have 252k karma, but can't decide which karma armor to choose or will a custom setting(crafted armor with bought runes) be better?

I'm looking forward to all opinions from my fellow guardians!

Safe travels and grettings,

Fidels se mortum