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In Topic: World Completion to 100% in WvWvW

17 January 2013 - 04:16 PM

Thanks for the replies.  I'll watch the numbers before I switch servers again but, as you said, it will only be free to do this for so long before it either becomes near-impossible for some people to get world completion on their servers or be forced to shell out gems to switch to servers that do better in WvW.

In Topic: Is a Ranger 'fun'?

15 January 2013 - 07:11 PM

The Ranger profession is, in my opinion, the most fun of those we have to choose from.  This is partly because I've ALWAYS played one in every game I play, going back to the pen-n-paper D&D sessions when I was a kid.  I enjoy having the pet and now having the ability to cycle through every pet I've tamed.  I enjoy the use of traps too.  In fact, one of the only annoying things I've found is your speed is reduced while your pet is being attacked but I've heard that a fix for that should be out soon.

It's great for PvE, more difficult in PvP.  You need to adjust (or I needed to adjust) your playstyle and tactics.  I've been playing and tweaking my traits and weapons and thinking with every game.  Once I find a good build for PvP that fits me I'll probably play it more.  I do enjoy the matches as well as WvW but find that my personal time is too limited to put in that much effort at the moment.

To be fair I've played other professions and enjoy them too but I ALWAYS come back to my Ranger.  It's just more fun for me and my style of gaming.  I've even created a 2nd Ranger of a different race to explore the different story line.  Hope this helps.  Have fun.