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The Unholy Mackerels [UM]

04 February 2013 - 06:49 AM

*Who We Are*
The Unholy Mackerels is medium sized guild with 65 members, consisting of mostly NA members. We have a wide variety of members ranging from 18 to 40, males and females alike, that enjoys everything GW has to offer while in the social atmosphere of the guild. With leadership and officer roles filled with males and females, each bringing something different to the table to provide you with a stress free and friend filled environment. Not only does our leadership provide these things but our members too! We strongly believe that every person in our guild makes it the amazingly strong and fun guild that it is today. Something to be proud to be a part of!

From the time you join UM you will right away be treated as if you have been a part of this family forever. All that we ask of you is to return the same respect back to any and every member of the guild, a want to form friendships through casual socialization, and enjoy a good joke or two. Pretty easy!

*What We Do*
We do it all. We are a PvX guild that runs weekly scheduled WvW, Dungeons, Fractals, Guild Treks,Guild Bounties, Guild Rush and Guild Challenge (very soon). Members of "Regular" rank are granted abilities to schedule events too to ensure the guild is having fun the way it's members want to! Also we take part in spvp, world bosses, leveling, map completion, achievements, and any other goal progression. On top of that, we provide FUN events!! Guild chat trivia, rat race, darts, hide-n-seek, movie night, drinking games, and more... all with prizes! There is always something going on daily with The Unholy Mackerels, typically anytime between 6PM-1AM Eastern.

*What Server We Are On*
You can find us on the Fort Aspenwood server. A tier 2 server for WvW, has quite a busy PvE population in maps, it’s own friendly community forums for all things GW2, it’s own community teamspeak where everyone is welcome, and a server that enjoys working together through good communication while playing to have fun.

*_What if I’m not on FA?_*
No fear! UM allows recruits to guest for up to a month in order to help everyone to have time to gather in game gold or irl money in order to transfer. Our staff and members are also more than willing to help by running events to help out! With all the events we run it is very easy to make the money to transfer in as little as a week.

*How to Join Us!*
Take a look around on our website to see more about us and our events we run and click “Join” to fill out our simple and easy app. If you have any questions, feel free to ask any one of us, we would definitely be happy to answer!

GM: Rits.4036 or Slipstream.6405
Officers: Jinxey.4173 Mcambre.9314 Hellfire.3591 Xtrama.6983


The Unholy Mackerels. Isle of Janthir PvX Guild

14 January 2013 - 09:39 PM

Ignore this post, the guild moved to FA