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In Topic: Details on Upcoming Custom Arenas & Spectator Mode

23 April 2013 - 06:08 PM

LOL they are charging for custom Arena i cant even believe it. Normally i would be pissed but im just laughing my ass off they really want to kill PvP for good i will not play this game anymore i hate it and the only thing i can do to show them is stop playing and uninstaling. I dont care how much it cost they are charging and just that is enough for me to tell em to F*** OFF i already put more in this game then i would with a 15$ subscription and they are asking more when we all know this game is doing really well they are telling us the numbers are going up and next thing you know they want more money thats a greedy move and i hate greedy.

In Topic: Show Off Your Thief!

14 March 2013 - 05:27 AM

Attached File  gw007.jpg   107.78K   118 downloads
Thats Thalrax my Thief its a mix: sylvari cultural helmet tier 2 and shoulder tier 1 whisper chest and glove and melandru temple karma vendor legs and boots.

In Topic: Gw2 wont let me log in

18 February 2013 - 02:10 PM

Did you change your password we are ask to change our password and its not an option we have to change it or you wont be able to log in go on their site and try to change your password.

In Topic: T2: BG vs KAN vs TC

16 February 2013 - 09:43 PM

Thats what i dont like our oceanic coverage, im on TC and this is really killings us at the moment every morning when i wake up we are last. Kaineng looks really strong in oceanic coverage this is probably the only coverage that they beat Black Gate for now. Black Gate is the best at every other coverage. I like that matchup but i dont like Kaineng because of the band hoping thing sorry guys but i really hate the band hoping thing you just kill a server to prove a point making thing bad for a lot of people thats selfish but hey! we are in 2013 being selfish is kinda of cool. I really hope you no luck at all. You killed Anet dev. home world they should all ban you for this (im joking on this one). I just dont like the move kill a server to bring one from the dead whit your band hoping friend who will probably all hop somewhere else when they start loosing or any new reason to band hop like the next server of the month i just hope its over and things settle once and for all. I like my RP server never been on a RP server before and man they are the best community in MMO by far i dont RP but man i like those guys no worries about them band hoping somewhere else. War TC and since we are in no shape to beat Kaineng War Black Gate i will still kill you on sight or get killed on sight more no free pass.

In Topic: Should I buy GW2?

28 January 2013 - 05:33 PM

In GW2 getting end game gear is not even a challenge and is not rewarding at all you barely see a difference in stats between tiers. GW2 is about getting skins for your gear its a lot more about look then stat. Drops are bad they have been nerf to the ground you barely see anything good drop you have to buy from TP. The dungeon are a lot of fun, the dynamic event are great when there is people to start the big ones wich will probably be a problem for you since nobody is running them anymore (something is coming in the patch today that is suppose to get people back in those zone), WvW was the most disapointing part for me its Zerg vs Zerg the biggest group wins not a lot of skills require but i presume Anet will try and make small group viable in WvW. There is tacticts in WvW but it takes a lot of people to do and the commander (control freak) are the ones who make those tactics and they dont like people trying to steal there jobs and if you dont have that 100g commander icon its though to get people to listen. sPVP rocks i like it a lot there is some tweak to be made in the tournament  match making but it still great. In the end this game as the best combat in any MMO by far i dont like the progression at all but GW2 is still the only MMORPG i play just because when you touch this combat system its though to go back to anything else. So if you like your gear like i do whit some stats and a feeling of gaining power when you change a piece i would not recommend this game because once you touch this combat system you wont go back to another MMORPG sometimes i wich i never had played this game so i would not feel so bad about combat in other MMORPG and go back to another whit a good progression and an endgame.