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Anyone else having dreams about GW2? Record them here.

21 September 2012 - 05:34 PM

I just woke up from a long and epic GW2 dream which involved fleets of sylvari on planty bicycles with giant seedshell wheels, and an enemy moonbase where slaves were forced to mine bricks out. (Because the inside of the moon was essentially a hollow lattice of moonbricks. You could see all the way through in some places.)

It was pretty grim, actually. Several of my dream NPCs died and my unit was captured. Zhaitan seemed invincible. It was so hopeless that I and my cohorts were planning to flee into the hollow interior of the moon, activate a holographic projector that would simulate a nicer situation, and wait there for death.

And the worst part? The stuffy military guy who was going to replace me as leader was planning to discontinue the sylvari bicycles, which they loved riding so much. His exact words: "We are not a production line for sylvari joyrides."


(Now if I wanted to interpret this dream, I'd say that it is a reflection of my frustration and impotence over the fact that I'll never be able to do the Arah dungeon on my own.)

Anyone else having weird and wacky dreams involving GW2?

Dandelion Seeds At the End of the World: My adventure beyond the map.

07 September 2012 - 04:10 AM

It's funny, I have a friend who is very exploration-oriented, and I'm always teasing her about it. However, today I found myself on an adventure of exploration that will always be a wonderful memory, even though it was completely without any kind of tangible "reward".

In Brisban Wildlands, Toxal Bog, there is an area that has been affected by asuran magic gone wrong, producing a maelstrom of chaotic energy up in some trees (and spawning various annoyed critters). This is the sort of thing I love, and I immediately wanted to find a way to get up to it, but as I investigated the area, it became clear that it was nothing more than a fancy piece of scenery and you weren't supposed to be able to reach it.

However, I'm pretty stubborn. I've had successes elsewhere in the game with trying to jump up into areas I wasn't supposed to reach, so I looked around hard and did some experimentation...and here are my results.


Here's me having made it onto the top of the cliffs at the edge of the map. The texture beyond the edge exhibits some odd properties I'll discuss a little later. There are several very large boulders up here that are not in fact solid. I was a little worried there'd be no barrier at the edge and that I might fall out of the world, but despite some risky testing, it held firm.


Here's me claiming my rightful reward and standing in the storm of energy, absorbing it and becoming a goddess, just like Kormir. (Only in this case, I actually earned it. :P) So mission accomplished, right? But this was only the beginning. Continuing my exploration, I headed west, and found...  


An enormous, steep-walled pit with a helpful walkway of what we'll call "granite" around the edge, leading to the very corner of the rendered terrain.


About midway along, the lighting changes dramatically. The jungle/bog mist clears up to reveal beautiful clear skies, and the "granite", that had appeared blue, turns to a green-yellow. That's when I noticed them. Out beyond the edge of the world, there are dandelion seeds floating everywhere. I'm sure these are a normal bit of ambience elsewhere, but I'd never noticed them before, and the contrast of having them there against the endless sky was a very striking image.


Here I've arrived at the very corner. Now with regard to the greenish texture out beyond the edge, in the fourth image, you can see that the sun is reflected, and it does "move" in such a way that suggests water, but the fact is, the texture itself looks more like green rock, and made me think more of the surface of an alien planet, or this. So it's not quite either one.


I was a little worried about descending into the pit, because I thought I might not be able to get out, but in fact, there were easy paths up and down on both ends. Of course, that won't help when you accidentally fall from the edge...amazingly enough, nobody happened along to resurrect me, so I had to waypoint out. :P


Of course I came back. I skipped walking around the corner this time and headed for the northwest edge. This was my favorite part. The rich brown of the cliffs, the green of the moss and overhanging tree leaves, and the "sea" and sky...it was a wonderful little hidden spot. There were also some intriguing goings on down below me which I've edited out for spoiler reasons.

A funny thing happened on the way which you can see in the third image here. The path between the cliffs and the edge got really narrow, and my character got "stuck" in the free-fall animation and constantly shrieking. However, I managed to "float" my way past, and took no damage. Unfortunately, some rocks were blocking the path further north. Of course, there might very well be a way past them too, but I'd done enough at that point to satisfy me.


Time for the teasers. The maps from my first and second visits, although the first one doesn't show where I doubled back to the pit and fell to my death. The trail on the left has faded sufficiently that you can't see where I jumped up, and I've edited the right map to hide my ascent.

I'm not going to reveal the exact place or method I used. I leave that to other explorers to figure out, and in the hope that the devs will not "fix" the terrain so this is no longer possible. It was a fantastic feeling, quite beautiful scenery, and it made me proud as a Ranger to have "found the path", as it were.

I will tell you that I did not use any form of movement skill, nor did I "glitch through" any terrain. I jumped my way up in a thoroughly normal manner. Also, it wasn't a fluke or a lucky accident. Once I'd figured out the technique of where and how to jump, I could easily do it repeatedly.

The end of the world is a lovely place. If you take a notion to try and find your way there, good luck, and happy exploring.


Serpent's Strike missing constantly.

29 August 2012 - 03:14 AM

About 8 times out of 10, Serpent's Strike makes my character roll far away in some random direction and swing at air. Even when the swing is toward the enemy, it doesn't connect because they've rolled too far away.This was also happening in the BWEs, but I really thought they'd have improved it before now. Am I really the only one having this problem?

Totalbiscuit: Thoughts on the Final Beta

24 July 2012 - 03:14 PM

TB treats us to nearly 40 minutes of intelligent commentary and critique on the game. Very complimentary on the whole - I really enjoyed his comments on how cool the scout system is - while also pointing out several known and possible issues. I notice he agrees with me that cosmetic gear should be made combat-displayable in PvE...hopefully the devs will take heed.