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What the Necromancer *SHOULD* have been

04 February 2013 - 10:37 PM

- Skills

Signet of the Lich (Tier 3 skill)
Passive: Your toughness increases by 10 every hit you sustain in combat.
Activated: You gain 10% lifeforce and receive 400 toughness for 10 seconds.
Cooldown 80

Summon Undead (Elite skill)
Activation: Summon 5 Risen that attack your selected target. Inflicts poison, and cripple per hit. 300 DPS. 5,000 HP each. (At Level 80)
Chain Activation: Destroy the Risen and cause random conditions to your foe and give 5% to life force.
Cooldown 120

Enthrall (Elite skill)
Activation: Resurrect a fallen opponent to be your permanent thrall at 50% strength and health (Only makes a clone of the opponent) (Does not work on Champions)
Chain Activation: Destroy the Thrall and gain 10 stacks of might, fury, and give a random boon to nearby allies.
Cooldown 260

Dark Ritual (Elite skill)
Activation: Resurrect all downed and dead nearby allies at 50% strength for 30 seconds at the cost of bleeding yourself for 5,000 damage.
Chain Activation: Sacrifice your allies to inflict 5,000 damage per Ally to nearby foes, and bleed yourself for 10,000 damage.
Cooldown 300

Signet of Malice (Tier 2 skill)
Passive: Corrupt a boon on the targeted enemy every 4 seconds while in combat.
Activated: Steal all boons from the targeted enemy.
Cooldown 60

Summon Risen (Tier 2 skill)
Activation: Summon a Risen thrall that does 500 damage per hit and has 5,000 hitpoints (At level 80)
Chain Activation: Destroy your Risen thrall to create 5 jagged horrors at it's location and poison enemies for 5 seconds.
Cooldown 45 seconds

Summon Imps (Tier 1 skill)
Activation: Summon 3 demonic Imps that hit for 150 damage and have 800 hitpoints each. (At level 80)
Chain Activation: Have your Imps jump onto the back of your opponent to cripple for 2 seconds and corrupt 1 boon.
Cooldown 35 seconds

Affliction (Tier 2 skill)
Activation: Create an infectious disease inside your selected enemy that spreads to all nearby enemies over time. Poison 1 Second per pulse, 100 damage.
Cooldown 60 seconds

Spectral Domination (Tier 3 skill)
Activation: Send a spectral claw through your opponent that immobilizes and bleeds for 5 seconds. 100 initial damage. 2,000 bleeding damage.
Cooldown 30 seconds

Spectral Blast (Tier 2 skill)
Activation: Use a telekinetic wave to knock your opponents back with 400 force and gain stability for 5 seconds. 300 damage.
Cooldown 30 seconds

Death to Life (Healing skill)
Activation: Convert your life force to health. 100 HP for 1%.
Cooldown 30 seconds

Signet of Horror (Tier 1 skill)
Passive: Perform a random crowd control in combat on your selected opponent every 10 seconds.
Activated: Put 10 random conditions on your opponent
Cooldown 60 seconds

Abyssal Teleportation (Tier 3 skill)
Activation: Teleport an enemy to the desired location at a range of 1200
Chain Activation: Poison and blind the enemy for 5 seconds and send them back to the original location.
Cooldown 80 seconds

Signet of Blood (Tier 2 skill)
Passive: For every third hit you receive in combat, the damage is converted to health.
Activated: You bleed yourself for 3,000 damage in order to knock back all surrounding enemies and chill them for 5 seconds
Cooldown 80 seconds

- Traits

Death Magic

Necromantics (Adept trait)
You have a 30% chance of summoning a Risen upon killing an enemy.

Closer to Death (Master trait)
At 90% Health you gain might. At 75% Health you gain fury. At 50% health you gain Spectral Armor. At 25% health, you receive 100 toughness. At 10% health you recharge all weapon skills and gain might.

Cold Embrace (Grandmaster trait)
Upon death you can become a Lich for 60 seconds, or until life force runs out. The lich will gain life force with every successful hit on an opponent. (If you had 0% Life Force upon death, you cannot use this skill)

Blood Magic

Mangled Talons (Adept trait)
All summons inflict bleeding on hit.

Might before Magic (Master trait)
Gain might for every slot skill you use.

Spectral Immunity (Grandmaster trait)
You are immune to bleed damage given by enemies. Self bleed is only 50% damaging.


Alright, so this is how I feel the Necromancer should have been. Extremely difficult to kill. Masters of Attrition more so than any other class. They should get stronger the closer they get to their main source of power: Death. The way I see it is the necromancer should be going "You shan't have done that" with every hit until the moment he dies, then he resurrects himself turning into a giant monsterous Lich and shouts "YOU DUN GOOFED BOY"

Now all of that may seem a tad overpowered, but take into account that these are just addons to the current Necromancer (Maybe after removing some of the rather dumb skills and replacing them with these). So the horrible DPS, no burst, lack of Life Force regeneration will still be there. I think these would actually make the Necromancer somewhat balanced.

I also wanted to give a bit more feeling to the Necromancer class. At the moment, I really don't feel anything while playing that class. What I should be feeling is the need to let out evil laughter as I perform my dark skills. I don't feel that. These skills I think would give us that feeling of maniacal power. If you have any other skill/trait suggestions or comments on this little wishlist, feel free to discuss ^_^

Thinking with Portals

02 February 2013 - 06:03 PM

Alright, so I used to main a Glass Cannon GS Mesmer build in sPvP until I realized it was blatantly OP and wanted nothing to do with it (Same route as when I was using Thief). Recently I picked up Mesmer again and found a build that was much more challenging to work with, portal based. So I wanted some opinions by people on the best build and strategy to utilize Portals and Teleportation in combat in tPvP. Thoughts?

Vs Thief

26 January 2013 - 04:02 AM

Alright, so I was experimenting with builds in PvP, and found a really great one that works for me quite well. I was destroying almost everyone until this annoying thief showed up and starting going invisible and back stabbing everyone for 2 hit kills. It was ridiculous and cheap. Anyone know how to beat that strategy? Closest I got was getting him down to 50% by anticipating and using DS to counter the backstab. Didn't do much though. He does almost 12k per hit.

Superior Necromancer builds

23 January 2013 - 06:44 PM

I recently started a Necromancer character and I love this class, I also hate it, but then I love it again. So I am asking that all Necromancer players share their opinions here on the best builds for a Necro player.

My build:

The Power of Nonsense

23 January 2013 - 05:09 PM

So, I main a Necromancer class now, and I have to say after using most every class. Mesmers are nonsense. Pure utterly complete nonsense. Being able to make portals for teammates to continuously return to camping a jump puzzle, clones, ridiculous toughness stacks, clones, nonsensical condition damage, clones, extremely powerful basic weapon skills, clones, and all around ease of use make me hate any Mesmer I see on the battlefield almost automatically. I'm not really sure if it's even humanly possible to beat a skilled Mesmer without a dozen people backing you up. Even then it's iffy. Again, I main a Necromancer, king of conditions. I should be able to send all of my conditions back to his annoying pink self, but I can't figure out which one is him, so I have to waste 2 slots so that I can send the conditions on 1 enemy, to all enemies, but it's still not enough. Essentially I have to waste all of my slots just for a fair shot at surviving 30 seconds, let alone doing damage to a Mesmer.

Firstly, the point of this is to get your opinions on the Mesmer's utter nonsense, if you agree please state why and your experiences of Mesmer ridiculousness. If you disagree, please state how *you* deal with them.