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In Topic: Vs Thief

04 February 2013 - 03:49 AM

I'm not sure if I'm just coming across bad thieves, but if I'm at full HP, I pretty much always survive the burst? Only time I don't would be if I'm already at half HP from a previous fight, to which I would have some DS saved up from. I run a P/V/T build, and have similar hp and armor to you (don't know how you get 3k armor though...).
Once you survive the burst, it just seems to be a matter of catching them. They always just stealth and run off, really annoying. Best thing I've found to do is fear them, and start chain CC-ing them on top of a well so they don't run off or have time to stealth. They die pretty quickly once you can catch them.

If you are willing to mix up your traits a bit, you could always look at getting Last Gasp minor trait in soul reaping for the protection, or as someone else mentioned, reapers protection for the fear.

In Topic: Axe vs Dagger for Power

04 February 2013 - 03:18 AM

I think using an axe just for the vulnerability stacks would depend on what utilities you are using. If you are running well of suffering, that combined with focus #4 gives you almost 25 stacks of vulnerability very quickly, so either an axe or dagger would still work.
Going with axe I would mostly use axe for its damage on #2 on a short cooldown and #3 for the cripple in your case, and while waiting for the cooldown to switch back to scepter you go into DS for some decent damage and a few possible might stacks if traited.

Personally, I would probably go with either a dagger or a staff since you already have a medium range weapon for kiting with. If you go with the axe you would be doubling up and missing out on either the range from the staff, or the close range damage from the dagger. And even then with a dagger, the #2 and focus abilities will still keep you at a medium range distance similar to that of the axe, except with more control with the immobilize and a small heal with the life siphon.

If you don't really like the staff, I would probably go with a dagger (and keeping a staff in inventory just in case).

In Topic: power or condition?

30 January 2013 - 06:17 AM

View Postprince vingador, on 29 January 2013 - 09:25 PM, said:

so u want to go to www with a power build? Will u take a dagger and rush into the zerg? Even with an axe is asking for trouble.u will die before u can hit some one with the dagger .my advise is go condimancer take a staff wells ,with Focused Rituals ,Greater Marks,Staff Mastery,Ritual Mastery and u will die less

I run a power build with a dagger in WvW and haven't got a problem with dieing often? Though for WvW, you definitely need some kind of ranged ability - so I run staff with greater marks; dagger is for closer engagements. I find with a power-survivability build I can sit at the back with staff and marks and poke with some pretty good damage using fury, and still be able to run into the front lines throw down some wells and cause some havoc and get back out.

In Topic: Vs Thief

30 January 2013 - 06:08 AM

i find against thieves, it depends on if its WvW or PvP.
PvP wise theives tend to have all their skills up when you engage them, whereas in WvW I find that if I catch a theif, they usually have 50% of their skills on cooldown already.

I run a power necro build using dagger/focus and staff, so in PvP if I suspect a theif is sneaking up I tend to throw out staff marks 2 and 3 below me to see when they are near.  Once they are near, I throw down a well of darkness with chilling trait, change to dagger, and double dodge roll to get some distance. Then pop into DS and use necrotic grasp and fear, then go to town with a dagger.

In WvW, its more or less the same idea by chilling and fear, but I usually find I'm chasing them so I either use spinal shivers to slow them and/or use spectral grasp to pull them. Then its a similar idea with dagger and well of darkness/suffering, and using dagger 3 to immobilise. I also pop in and out of DS everytime it's off cooldown for the fury and retaliation boons.

In Topic: Working with the Axe in PvE

25 January 2013 - 07:16 AM

To try and make up for the lack of damage with an axe, besides the #2 skill, try combining it with DS #1.
Axe #1 attacks too slow for little damage, but using an axe while in DS form does lots of damage with life blast.

If your into focusing skills around axe usage, perhaps you should re-think your trait lines. If you go 30 into spite, you can get the axe trait which increases axe damage and cooldowns making axe #2 on quite a short cooldown.
Also note, axe #2 gives something like 24% life force per usage.

Personally I like the fury trait (15) on the curses line, and bouncing in and out of DS just for the fury stack, then using axe #2 for increased crit and crit damage.