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#1859464 non-greatsword melee dps warrior?

Posted aedn on 01 September 2012 - 05:08 AM

View PostRaiden_Kyo, on 01 September 2012 - 04:02 AM, said:

Anyone got some good Dual Axe builds they wouldn't mind sharing? I'm getting kind of bored of the Greatsword, I would prefer to use Dual Axes or  Sword/axe/mace+Shield ;D Also not opposed to a 2h Hammer build.

Not quite what you asked for, i have used both these builds for PVE very succesfully, although imodified them, by removing the pvp focused skills, and going for more pve oriented skills.taugrim explains it better then i ever could, evern with the pvp focus.The hammer build basically makes you unkillable at level 40. it was pretty easy to pull, tank & spank packs of mobs 5-8 levels above my level of the norrmal or smaller groups with vets. Only things i really changed, was swapping out bull rush as a gap closer, and swapping into the healing signet. works very well for hammer or mace/mace&board.


the run and gun build worked surprisingly well, in all cases, although you played a typical ranged kite style of play, again i modified it for PVE and my level.


For axes, swords with or without shield, frankly its pretty much the same. if you want DPS go for the precision bonus, since it seems to be unmatched at low levels. out of all the trait builds i tried, i couldnt get away from signets for dps builds, the bonus to crit chance is to high. Maybe try the tactics tree in lieu of strength for axes due to the bonuses for axes there. Frankly building a pure adrenaline build would be intersting and different, since it seems 98% of warriors all run the fotm GS build.