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Rifle build idea

16 June 2013 - 08:31 PM

I'm currently running an sd rifle build wich I really enjoy using. I especially  like the usage of the rifle. Now I want to keep using the rifle  so i've been thinking about others uses for the rifle. One of the things I came up with was to combine it with elixers. I haven't been able to test them yet, but I was wondering what your opinions are.

I've come upt with two builds the first is a typical hgh build that uses the rifle. Because you're not taking the grenade kit you have a third slot open for another elixer, for this i've chosen elixer-u for the dps and utility.

build: http://en.gw2skills....XER1GxER1hAYC-e

The second build is more dependant on boon duration since it doesn't have hgh in it. Instead those five points are spent in inventions to take the 15 point minor trait. That way the build will have a bit more survivability, but you will sacrifice some damage for it.

build: http://en.gw2skills....KIKXER1GxER1A-e

Let me know what you think.