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In Topic: Wool, Silk, Cotton, Linen scraps

30 August 2014 - 10:09 PM

do like the rest of us had to, do events, do around zones killing
if it was easy to make wouldnt be much point.

im half way through medium set 3 pieces done and its cost me
180g just for the insignias , so be happy

In Topic: Quality in GW2?

28 July 2014 - 04:53 PM

as a player gw1 2006/20012 and gw2 2012/2014
long time players will tell you both games have there flaws but when i played gw1 there was always
something to do, dungeons, missions, HM, underworld ect so many skills you had to choose wisely
loved the buying selling in la/kam such a shame thats gone, it brought hundreds of people together
in those 2 areas talking about game, thats all gone, no halls, poor skills.

gw2 has a better superior look but inferior game play and longevity to gw1
this game destroyed the community it didnt bring it together, by making the game so simple
a 2yr old could play it those of us who enjoyed the challenge of gw1 where left with a hollow game
probably why theres so few of us left from the older game.

i still login 3/4 times a week but with little to do other than daily's and finishing ascended armor
in gw1 after 6 yrs and1 game+3 expansions always something to do, just dont get that with gw2
and lack of new zones doesnt help. opening dry top in tiny pieces so small its over in a few hrs.

we need open zones with content, fire islands , desert , something. because when it all comes
down, LS will not hold the game together, people wanna explore new places zones and 2 yrs
in we have the same stuff.

also not impressed at the cash grab from new players, making them pay for LS1 is wrong.
people who played this game from launch got the content free, so why should a guy who
buys gw2 today have to pay for LS1 when for everyone else it was free....

In Topic: Bought new graphics card and dissapointed

16 July 2014 - 03:22 PM

i have x4 96BE 3.4 - win7 - 8 gig ddr 1600 - gtx 770
it plays most things well but u will have to cut back, turn shadows [ off ]
remove player names. u dont really need them turn AA off u dont really notice
lighting low/medium -- lod to medium ... even i will agree x4's can only do so much
so u cant max all the settings.  i get 80-100fps in LA
and 40-60 in crowded areas .. would be higher with a better cpu
just turning shadows off gets me 20-25FPS back

In Topic: Help me pinpoint this...

10 July 2014 - 04:06 PM

as a player gw1 7 yrs and 2 yrs gw2 i can say seen it all played it all
beat most of it, gw1 had it issues but it had content and community .

sadly gw2 has neither engaging content and little community no halls
and a game area in comparison to guild wars prophecies thats just way smaller

gw2 primary goal is a game that a 5 year old can play - gw1 made you think
gw1 allowed primary secondary profession with skills from both
if i recall we had 8 races to choose from gw2 has 5?

even after 9 yrs im still a fan but any hard core gw1 player will no deep down
gw2 isnt the game we where promised . and i do have concerns about buying
gw3 if there ever is one due to the company having little interaction with its

In Topic: Scarlet Is Dead - Haiku Giveaway

04 July 2014 - 03:47 PM

she came with a flurry and a clap of thunder - but the punk ass btch is now 6 feet under
she bored me to tears, she bored me to death, hip hip hooray shes drawn her last breath
so now we start on season 2 and if she comes back again please bury me to
i can stand no more of her pain, as her stupid ass character ruined the game.

now after 2 yrs anet is prone, less content more gift shop and a tiny new zone
the old guard of gw has all but gone, a game over 9 yrs that almost shone
showed so much promise they told us no grind, if u believe that your outa your mind
find something to do they nerf it away, then toss a skin in cash shop so for them its ok.

2 yrs on half the servers are dead, so they merged to a megga server cause there 1 thing they dread
if players see no players no profit will they make, from all the junk thats added to cash shop gate
maybe in another year when your all alone, you will turn on gw2 and find 1 new extra zone
but thats no fun when they are hell bent on a cash shop game with little content.

and this is from a guy who played 7 yrs gw1 -- 2 yrs gw2 --
it promised so much -- but thats all it was and its old player base from gw1 who came to gw2
most have left as there is little game, to much grind, few decent updates, no new dungeons
no decent added open areas....