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In Topic: Can I add to almost 4 year old RAM, and do I need to?

03 November 2014 - 05:15 PM

I have a question on this matter , but don't really want to open a new topic.
I have two sticks of RAM of 4GB each. If i want to get more memory, so what is more beneficial - get another one or two sticks or replace the ones I have with 2x8 gb ?
Since you said something about CPU and MB using tri/dual-channel  ram and that sounded kinda like what I was wondering.

I have a GigaByte 970A-UD3p /ddr3/Sata3/PCI-E s.AM3+  Motherboard
and 2x Kingston DDR3 4GB 1600 MHz  RAM.

In Topic: Logged on after 6+ months.. ran level 50 Fractals

03 November 2014 - 05:03 PM

I ate an apple today. It was delicious.

Related Trivia: It was yellow.

I will try a peach tomorrow. May be good too.

Since we are sharing stuff and not aiming for a dialogue this seemed like the most fitting comment.

In Topic: Precursor Crafting

23 September 2014 - 09:13 AM

View PostChuyDog08, on 24 March 2014 - 04:40 PM, said:

Perfect answer.

This topic has been around for over a year.  Players say they have everything for a Legendary except the precursor.  Some are still saying that after a year.  The most expensive precursor is Dusk at current list price of 778g.  Within the wait time for Precursor Crafting to go live, these players could have bought their precursor off the TP.  You could do it after 6 months easily if that is one thing that you've been "holding out hope for".

6 months X 30 days = 180 days
778g (dusk) / 180 days = 4.32g per day

4.32g a day is very easy to manage for a player that deserves to have one. Use GW2Stuff overlay and do world bosses.  Do temple runs and Arah events.  Get into Dungeons and run a few paths a day.  Sell everything.  If you already have all the gifts for the Legendary, then you should already be failure with these events.  I made 150g in the last 7 days doing exactly this.  I sold EVERTHING. Look at your collections tab.  If you have stuff in there, sell it.  If your not selling everything, then you must really not want it.

Legendary weapons are a long term goal for dedicated players.  Many players may covet a Legendary weapon, but they are not meant for everyone.

I know the post is from March, but i want to add something to make your math more interesting.

The assumption is totally blown away , since the prices are over double since then.
I was saving money for ZAP, making ~9-10 gold a day from various tasks. Not playing every day, sure, but say 4 or 5 times a week. By the time i made 600 gold, the Zap changed in price from 850g to 1200g.  At the moment, the current price of that precursor is exactly 1345 gold. (I got lucky with the mystic toilet, so I am over it)

So yes, new way of precursor acquisition is needed. My hope it that it's not crafting, but scavenger hunting.
Still, I lost hope for that to be added. There is no information for future plans too.

In Topic: Gone For 6 Months..

22 September 2014 - 06:19 PM

  • Warderobe being account-wide feature making it easy to pick, select and apply skins.
  • Crafting UI got improved, now you can easily check the needed base ingredients for items.
  • Talking about UI, you may have forgotten, but the character's stats information was updated, it gives more info now than it used to.
  • Finishers have their own tab, you can view all of them. Doing PVP that is a very cool thing to have.
  • Megaservers - one of the most major PVE changes so far. I personally did not see people in low lever maps (after launch ofc) before this feature was added.
  • Living story having story journal and being re-playable now.
  • Achievements got a good chunk added to them and are way more clearer now having explanations and pointing you to zones. (Still, i don't like the last change when they merged bunch of them in the same categories. )
  • PVP-PVE unification - that and the new PVP gear UI are, in my PVX point of view, a better system than before. I don't know about the hardcore sPVP-ers. Talking about that - PVP reward tracks are a good addition.
  • A major re-balance of gear , traits and skills. Also adding 40 new traits to the game.
Yea, also the thing you mentioned. And the trade post is times faster to load, you may not be able to search for specific skins, but now it's super easy to search for gear with specific stats , far better filters and somewhat debatable better navigation in it. Also i prefer being on sell orders for default too.

In Topic: Gone For 6 Months..

22 September 2014 - 04:06 PM

View PostSenatic, on 22 September 2014 - 01:09 PM, said:

Nothing controversial? What rock have you been living under. No, it did not for the most part deliver desired features. It delivered required features for the continued growth of the community, but there was nothing desirable about most of them. The community never asked for these changes, anet made them to increase player retention. And as to whether or not they were an improvement is completely subjective, which should go to show that it was a bad way to go in the first place.

If you like insistent hand holding like you're a baby and your parent is afraid to let you play with your toys than sure I guess you could enjoy them. Personally I am a grown man perfectly capable of figuring out things for myself without daddy anet controlling every little detail of my play experience.

That's a lot of bulls**t in one post.

Do you want me to state and discuss every single feature in the past six months to prove it to you that the changes aren't bad?
I have only one complaint so far, and that is the dumbing down the mechanics for starter zone heart quests.

I have seen a lot of people asking for account-wide skins and minis, trade post rework, UI improvements, changes to commander functionality and other stuff. We got those. They were desired and delivered features. Not your most wanted ones it seems, but hey...

Yes, we (I view people on guru and official forums, since those are the ones i read) want GvG mode, Guild halls, more new zones and content, but that in no way, shape or form makes the added features bad.

But, hey, I am not "your little daddy" to tell you what to think.

In conclusion, se05239, this is clearly not the exact same game you played six months ago, but if you spend few hours in it and let the changes sink in, you will probably like them. Also, the base of the game did not change at all.