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Some advices in thief dungeon runs.

13 November 2013 - 12:59 PM

Hello, I am running thief since launch and i rescently started having problems with dungeons and i need some advices.

Today i was doing AC path and I died in numerous times when doing the bosses. The problem is, that on every boss we stack in some corner and i have no idea what to do to stay alive. Before this "trick" came i just had to dodge and kite - easy as pie, but now i have no where to go, i see basily nothing, and i can't take dmg head-on.
What i try to do is go with d/p and spam black powder to get us all some dmg reduction.

For a general understanding of what i run - a p/d; sb condition build http://gw2skills.net...q2jgIqWIgFjBA-w

What advices can you give me, what should i do in this scenarios?

p.s. And some explanation on why do we stack like that is welcome.