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#2359229 Commanders' Deal project - Uranus Squad [US]

Posted Aviator The hunter on 12 September 2015 - 05:39 PM

For many, this deal might not seem to work or whatnot. But it depends on every server's needs in WvW and its population (Fissure of Woe). As a tactical guild, who enjoys raiding on a daily basis with quality recruited members, within a tight brotherhood-like guild, the Uranus Squad [US] has voted to pass a new project.

This project was meant to assist and fortify the most active, skilled and enjoyable commanders' front-line, when it's required. The project is called "The Commanders' Deal", because it consists of a deal between the Uranus Squad [US] and the specific commander(s) where both sides agree on different terms & conditions to be applied in the battlefield. And every commander had a set of conditions to agree on, depending on his connection with our leaders.

Whether our allied commanders need a support in a fight, or a numerous amount of supplies to build various siege weapons, we will be there to deliver a swapping action that might change the orientation of the enemy. Perhaps adding 10 to 15 well-guided guild members to a zerg would make the enemy zerg reconsider attacking? Well whatever outcome this has, we know that it will be effective when it comes to the other commander risking his zerg.

If you're interested in such tactical moves & way of thinking, make sure to check us by following any of these links:

#2273363 Introductions Thread

Posted icegrover on 21 December 2013 - 09:15 PM

Pleasure. I'm from TC and have been playing since a month after release. Looks a good community to take part in here.

#2359175 F2P

Posted Kattar on 10 September 2015 - 12:54 PM

There's a lovely chart Anet put together:

Posted Image

From: http://www.guildwars...8_163_43436.png

In the meantime, let's try to stay on topic.

#2359301 Play-for-Free Introduction Thread!

Posted Midnight Wolf on 14 September 2015 - 08:58 PM

I’ll start. Hello everyone, I have been playing MMOs since 2008, I have been playing games since I was 6 years old (thanks to my grandmother haha). I first learned about Guild Wars 2 about 2 years ago when some of my friends said they played it. I always ended up missing the free trial to give this game a try. I’m glad they are giving us a way to try it out for free. I started on crystal desert last week and have an elementalist there. Now I’m about to start on a second character either a ranger or a thief. If you want to play in-game send me a mail.

Have a nice day

#2359292 Welcome Play-for-Free players!

Posted Khalija on 14 September 2015 - 06:04 PM

Posted Image

We’re excited to announce that GuildWars2Guru.com has been asked by ArenaNet to become the preferred destination for all Guild Wars 2 play-for-free players!

To accompany this announcement, we’ve opened a new sub-forum dedicated to play-for-free players so be sure to check it out! Feel free to introduce yourself, ask advice or just use it as a place to chat with other players about the game. You can, of course, use any other part of the forum, too!

If you happen to have any tips or advice for other play-for-free players, we’re currently looking for guide writers to help out. All you have to do is start a new thread!

Screenshot & Story Contest

To celebrate the news, we’re hosting a small contest here on Guru. While the contest isn’t exactly restricted to new play-for-free players, the theme does revolve around experiencing the game for the first time.

Head over to the the new play-for-free forum to learn more about the contest!

#2338386 Extraordinary, Interesting, or down right silly finds on the internet

Posted Symbiont on 07 September 2014 - 05:38 PM

#2348913 Colin: we will never raise the level cap or tiers of gear

Posted Kamatsu on 29 January 2015 - 11:14 PM

It really all depends on how the other advancement systems work out - because if they are done well enough, then we won't need any advances in player level's or armor level's.

ANet are between a rock and a hard place in regard to this issue - if they raise the character level & gear level, then there will be a LOT of raging about gear grinding, vertical progression, etc... yet if they don't they still get ppl raging about no level cap rise, no better gear, etc.

Personally, I'm indifferent to the level & gear cap issue... as I don't have any ascended gear, haven't grinded for months to gear out multiple characters... but I can also understand that someone who had... would be very, very peeved off about a level & gear cap raise.

I'm just waiting to see more details on how the specialization & such systems work. Because I feel that if they do that right.... then we can keep on "progressing" without a need for a level cap rise or better gear. But as of now, we have no real info about the systems that they are putting in place to replace the standard MMO level & gear cap raise.

#2344533 Introducing the New Daily Achievement System

Posted Satenia on 16 December 2014 - 12:33 PM

View PostEl Duderino, on 11 December 2014 - 03:20 PM, said:

Not for nothing, but what you are describing, from a company perspective, is really a case of diminishing returns. If a company is only going to cater to the people that spend the most, without trying to innovate or attract other players, there is still going to be attrition in those numbers which will lead to less and less sales over time.

Actually, I said they do well to stick to the spenders as well as new players which can result in the former. Obviously, just sticking to what you have won't work long-term, that was never my point. However, not chasing after the ever-complaining one-time purchasers clearly was. To differentiate between profitable as well as unprofitable customers is entirely legitimate.

View PostEl Duderino, on 11 December 2014 - 03:20 PM, said:

If their sales per customer is as sad as you say they are, then it seems to me that they are doing a poor job of finding ways to bring in and keep new customers and that their overall business plan and execution is rather lousy. I don't think what you are saying makes a very good case for customers not being allowed to tell a company what they will pay for - but a much better case for a company refusing to innovate and create sales where there were none before.

Also, the idea that a game can't make money through expansions or new content is utterly ridiculous. There are plenty of game companies out there that don't have micro transactions and come out with expansions or new iterations of themselves every 12-24 months - and they are making money hand over fist.

I'm not even sure why you think they are doing a bad job based on these numbers. An average is to be considered with care in a f2p environment due to the previously mentioned gap between those who spend a lot and those who don't spend anything (or close to) at all. LoL for example is very far down the list, simply because it has so many players, so the average value gets butchered. I do however believe it would be a mistake to claim that the game is doing bad.

When looking at these averages, my point was to consider how many other players are getting a free-ride due to an actual paying customer.

Lastly, I'm not sure where you read anything related to a games inability to make money through expansions or new content. As you don't specifically mention any successful games in these areas, I can only guess that you refer to some of the bigger blockbusters in the genre. As far as I'm aware, even those with subs and regular expansions still offer a store with micro-transactions on top of it. Therefore, I believe a combination would likely be the most successful approach.

View PostEl Duderino, on 16 December 2014 - 04:14 AM, said:

Doesn't it just seem so desperate to have to give people rewards simply for deciding to turn on the game? I mean, do people have no other reason to turn on the game than to simply get a reward? And, then what? Is that all they care to actually do and then they log off? The whole thing seems derpy to me as if it is some last ditch effort to try and push people to play the game.

Seems to me if people like the game, they don't need to be incentivized just to log in.

Such theatricality :rolleyes:

A handful of scenarios spring to my mind:

Scenario 1:
You are playing the game almost daily anyway. Now you get a small gift upon login in, like when you go to your favourite shopping mall or something and upon entering you get a little present. This is neither in conflict with your activities nor does it cheapen your actual accomplishments (the "final" reward chest is what... ascended mats, clovers or skill tomes? Please, my bank is fully of this stuff already).

Getting upset over this is along the lines of shouting abuse at the employees offering you a cookie in front of the shopping mall instead of thanking them for the added value. This is not a B2C problem, but a lack of manners.

Scenario 2:
You are playing the game only infrequently and those free items actually help you fill some gaps. Some mats, a free level for an alt, and so on. The reasons that you are an infrequent player likely boil down to something like RL or preferring other games more. Again, where is the conflict? This is an additional update over the announced ones. It is however not a scapegoat for the lack of an expansion to miraculously solve all your problems with the game you so dearly hope for. In this kind of scenario, you are too much blinded by unrelated issues to realize that you are the kind of player that benefits most from this new system.

Scenario 3:
You don't really play the game and are just going to login for the daily rewards. You are annoyed by this greatly. Really? Like, seriously? Try googling a shrink or something.

Scenario 4.
You don't play the game and are not going to login till there comes the expansion to miraculously solve all your problems with the game... which will be... never. That's cool, do you also get upset over shopping malls you never visit handing out gifts? I'd try the googling advise from scenario 3.

Such is the nature of first-world problems.

#2335322 Story Journal - Unlocking Question.

Posted peteed1985 on 13 August 2014 - 05:44 AM

Its not really a replay until you complete it hence their wording :)

#2335319 Story Journal - Unlocking Question.

Posted FrogKnight87 on 13 August 2014 - 05:39 AM

Question 1. A problem on your part. You unlock the episode by just logging in, but you'll be able to REPLAY it AFTER you've complted the episode.... it's still unlocked permanently.

Question 2. any map works

#2327606 The Off Topic Thread Part 8

Posted Stargate on 11 June 2014 - 03:02 AM

View Postpumpkin pie, on 10 June 2014 - 01:15 PM, said:

who think Edge of Tomorrow is a si-fi version of Groundhog days , raise their hand.


What are foods/cuisine in Norway like?
Hands down. I don't like comedys in general but Groundhog Days is actually a fairly good movie.

No I am afraid Edge of Tomorrow is like the SCIFI Action movie Looper(2012). I don't give a crap about the general IMDB taste and Looper(2012) was a huge disppointment for me an average 5/10 movie.

Honestly repeating same day would better fit a comedy. Edge of Tomorrow might be more to my liking then Looper(2012) though difficult to tell without seeing it first, but I like the thought of cool Alien War.

Cube is the expert on Norway food she is born in Norway. I have lived in both Finland and Sweden those are near to Norway but if you want to know Norway food in detail I think Cube is one of the best Norway experts.

#2327612 The Off Topic Thread Part 8

Posted I pwnd U on 11 June 2014 - 03:14 AM

My first reaction to Edge of Tomorrow was the same thing pumpkin. I haven't seen Edge of Tomorrow, so as Stargate put it, it could be more like Looper, though with Looper the day doesn't continually start over. From what I gather the guy went back in time. But I haven't seen the movie, so it is possible that he kept going back to change what happens to him. Guess I'll have to watch it sometime to confirm.

#2327624 The Off Topic Thread Part 8

Posted Cube on 11 June 2014 - 10:28 AM

View Postpumpkin pie, on 10 June 2014 - 01:15 PM, said:

who think Edge of Tomorrow is a si-fi version of Groundhog days , raise their hand.


What are foods/cuisine in Norway like?

If you mean what the average person is having daily I'd say bread. We have a culture made of bread. Bread's everything. Bread and meats that you can put on your bread. We have for the most part a big selection of dried soups, stews, etc as well. Less comes in tins or glass here but there's some very small selections usually all done by the same company. Same with the soups and stews, the market is dominated by Norwegian companies and we have little to chose from. You can find some other kinds of foods if you go to Menu, which is a bit more expensive supermarket, they do more prepared foods, and cut the meat and fish for you. There's a tiny Japanese/Chinese/Indian section in most stores, selling the basics for more tasty stuff, but it's few options to be honest.

If by restaurants there's not too much to chose from but I wont say too much because I do not eat out in Norway as it's terrifyingly expensive! But there's only a few good restaurants, otherwise there's a lot of fast food kind of restaurants, like chinese, kebab(really big in some places) and the worst of them all: Old people's food. Potatoes, brown sauce, kjøttboller or other kinds of super dry meat.

#1869976 The Battle of Claw island - Trebuchet

Posted M1k3l on 03 September 2012 - 05:15 AM

View PostSpelignErrir, on 02 September 2012 - 06:53 PM, said:

Once I had it lined up, I only let the bar fill to about 3/4 when firing. Only takes one shot.
Also, the projectile it shoots arch very high in the air and take several seconds to hit ground, if you angle your camera so your looking upwards you can track the projectile and see it land, if it comes up short of the boat.
Hopefully you progressed past this by now but if not, I hope this helps.
Good Luck!

#2326754 Introducing the Story Journal

Posted davadude on 06 June 2014 - 05:13 PM

View Postpumpkin pie, on 06 June 2014 - 02:09 PM, said:

I don't understand the 200 gems, if i log in during the 2 weeks period of the living story, i don't have to purchased it in the future right?

Yep.  My previous quotes were wrong.  You don't even need to play it, just log-in and it's yours for free, forever.

View Postkonsta_hoptrop, on 06 June 2014 - 03:59 PM, said:

i think we didn't get it right. They mean that it's your choice to pay 200 gems or not. If you want to play exactly that missed chapter you could pay 200 gems but if you want to skip it you can skip it without paying a single gem. I think  it's optional . When i reread it i got it that way, they won't force us to pay 200 gems for every missed chapter to contunie to the next future chapters. I hope so ofc. We ll see after 3 weeks

Yep, you could simply buy the episodes (read: episodes, not individual instances) you wanted, and if you skip any, the NPCs assume you completed the previous ones with the top or default answer.