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Can't access my own ticket?

02 February 2015 - 06:00 PM

When I added information to a ticket through email I got this mail :
You are registered as a CC on this support reques (+ link )
I entered my mail and I get "You do not have access to request #1198898. It may have been solved or deleted."

Is there any chance that they missed it and it got deleted?
Or just an error that happens to everyone?

New to the guardian class, I need help with skills&traits and in general

24 February 2013 - 06:27 PM

Hey all,
I just made a Norn-Guardian, and I am aiming to be the best support for my team - dungeons , WvW or whatever it is.
so, I started with 0 experience with this class, so I want to learn, and I need to find a good build for the start :
-To be a support , if its able to be a tank and do a little damage also.

I hope I will find a good build, and if you can give me advices I will be happy also :D

Thanks for the helpers!

A place to buy Guild Wars 2

22 February 2013 - 03:58 PM


I have already purchased Guild Wars 2, but I have a friend that really like it and did not purchase it...

I am looking for a good price [I don't have a problem with money, but my paypal just making problems and I am short of money in it] that accepts paypal, not so expensive [in a comparison with the official GW2 site] and a known place.

I already found it for 47$[CJS CD-Keys] but my PayPal is not withdrawing the 7$ that I need.

So, If anyone knows a good place to purchase, around 40$ or less, please share with me ;)

I will really appreciate it,
Thanks anyone that will help or try to help ;D

Looking for Guild - Gunnar's Hold player [EU]

06 February 2013 - 07:37 PM

Hello, I am KillingFactory, or Idan, if you want to call me in my real name ;P

I am a guild wars 2 player, from the first week and then, after a month or two, I quited because I was lonely and I could not find a friendly guild, that are really making fun and don't just 24/7 PvP.

So, I'm level 40 currently, I know the game well and I want to learn even more, I want to play with a guild , a group of people, that we can make fun of the game and team-play and maybe even to learn something from each other.

So, Some things :
  • First of all, I want a medium-large guild with active and friendly members
  • A way to communicate with the members, Like TeamSpeak
  • I am from GMT +2 [Israel], I know English and Hebrew
  • I want a guild that is making fun, Like team-plays, dungeons together and not just WvW all day
So, Let's sum up that I would like a cool,friendly and active guild that we all can make fun, make friends for the game and guild events.
Maybe dungeons or WvW sometimes but not 24/7.

So, If you would like to discuss for future so just talk with me in both ways :
  • Skype [KillingFactory]

  • PM here.
Thanks and have a good day,
Idan / KillingFactory ;D