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#2283696 The Update for 1/21: Your thoughts?

Posted Satenia on 22 January 2014 - 03:45 PM

Haven't done the wurm yet, so I can only comment on the marionette:

Bad things first, even though the Tequatl rework is several months old by now, nothing has been learned out of the whole main-server/guesting/overflow debacle. The new LS event again requires a large amount of players, which results in popular servers having a permanently filled map, while less popular servers are simply empty and overflows too random to properly organize. Again, this feels like /afk Wars where you're better 1h+ early into the map and don't even bother trying during peek times...

Considering there has been no word from Anet on these matters and certainly no technical improvements, I simply cringe over each boss event done in such a way.

But these technical limitations aside, I actually had the pleasure to get the marionette event successfully done on my main server and it was simply grand. With the players spread across 5 different locations, there is less a problem with lag. Specifically compared to Tequatl, there are less deaths due to smaller enemies in large numbers and there is various siege equipment rather than just a few turrets. All in all, this created a far more friendlier atmosphere. It even went as far as individual "lanes" (as we called the 5 approaches to defend) cheering for each others and helping each others out when we "only" completed 4 out of 5 portal encounters in the first round. I felt totally excited when it was "my" lanes turn to go through the portal and get our share of the encounter done.

Long story short: Very nice encounter from a gameplay point of view, but seriously hindered by technical limitations. So much lost potential.

#2177839 Ranger Rumors vs. Reality?

Posted MisterB on 11 March 2013 - 08:13 PM

Delay on pet skill activation(F2) is not fun. Show me any other profession that has to put up with that nonsense.