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In Topic: New Patch, do you think was beneficial for Necros?

Yesterday, 07:47 AM

View PostKristya Vermillion, on 16 April 2014 - 06:18 AM, said:

True, but I mean, glass cannon necromancer can deal almost the same amount of damage as a warrior... I made 2 screen shoots one with my warrior and one my necro to make comparisons.

Well, now they can't really say "oh warriors hits harder", They both have Glass Cannon build, the comparison is not big.

They both have exotic gear (I had to switch my asc gear on my necro) and asc rings. The only differences you mighy see is that warrior can have a higher precision than necro but in general they are all really similar. Just imo, yes, they got affected and warrior got affected really bad, but still it gives a necromancer a chances.

I feel that taking screenshots of raw stats is a poor way of comparing the strengths of two characters. Just putting this out there: if you have the same gear set ups (eg. all ascended berserkers) and trait set ups (eg. 30/30/10/0/0), you can end up with the exact same stats on every single class because all stats just come from gear and traits, and you can fix them to all be identical. It's not like one class has higher stat totals than another offense-wise. Vitality and armor wise is a different story of course.

And I forgot to talk about the siphon builds. They seem like they could be okay in conjunction with the new condition siphon build in pvp, but I'm still a bit skeptical and haven't seen anyone go test it. Though I suppose as part of the pve forum, we shouldn't stray to far towards pvp discussion. I don't see siphons getting good in pve and high end fractals anytime soon.

In Topic: New Patch, do you think was beneficial for Necros?

Yesterday, 05:47 AM

I mean, mathematically speaking, necromancers weren't buffed at all by the changes to ferocity and there's simply no denying the mathematical fact that they do less damage now, even if anecdotal perceptions seem otherwise. Damage got nerfed across the board, and although it might be more serious for some classes than others, everyone was affected similarly.

In addition to the ferocity nerf that affected everyone, I'd say that necromancers are even worse off offensively, or at the very least, not any better. Condition builds just loss burn damage (which is HUGE considering how much burn does as a condition and how much other traits were nerfed in compensation for Dhuumfire the weeks following its initial implementation) so I can't see the win there. Granted, the new spite trait for condition builds does actually seem very strong, but I haven't had a chance to use it yet to see for myself. I'm just not sure that condition builds need more survivability instead of damage. Overall, condition builds in pve just got killed off in my eyes, and probably made worse off as well in pvp and wvw (not because of changes to the necro, but because of changes to other classes that have made them stronger against conditions, in particular the ele).

I'm not too sure about minion builds either. Right off the bat, we can see that Training of the Master was nerfed 5%, and the additional damage from Vampiric Master was nerfed 10% as well, making the already very low DPS minion master build do even less damage. In compensation, the healing aspect of Vampiric Master was buffed, but that basically only helps in pvp. All minion master changes were basically because of pvp and the nerfs to damage just make minions weaker in pve, though it's admittedly not by much (but like I said, it's just insult to injury when your already low DPS gets lowered even more). A lot of necros seem to be happy about the changes to the Death Magic minor skills because no longer will you summon little annoyances when you're not running minions anymore. But in the end, that's all the jagged horrors were, just annoyances. I'd still argue that they were useful and at least never hurt in the builds that traited for Death Magic at least. 90% of the time they were condition builds and no one seems to understand that the horrors applied bleeding on each attack, and that they inherited the master's condition damage and duration. And even if they didn't add much to the DPS, they could still be one extra body that the fire shaman in the lava fractal would decide to target instead of you. Now that this pretty much essential trait for the minion master in pve is up in grandmaster Death Magic, it means less flexibility and potentially a worse build overall now for minion masters, as death nova is simply unsynergistic with the playstyle unless you mean for your utilities to be on 30 second cooldown the majority of the time.

Death shroud builds got hurt a lot in this new patch. With the changes to ferocity, the crit damage from going 30 in Soul Reaping just got halved, and with it, diminished the value of Death Perception as a trait. No new toys to compensate this playstyle though unless you are willing to sacrifice a ton of damage to regenerate minute amounts of health (not even life force!) in death shroud.

At least glass cannon daggermancers weren't particularly affected at all besides for the ferocity changes that affected everyone. It simply dodged the bullet more than death shroud axe builds simply because it went into the curses line rather than soul reaping.

So that's my opinion anyways. The underpowered builds got hurt a ton, and the stronger the builds were pre-patch, the less they were negatively affected.

In Topic: Lerre's PvE Conditionmancer guide, version 30/30/10

04 April 2014 - 09:07 AM

View PostHELLSING, on 04 April 2014 - 05:48 AM, said:

1. On boss fight, do you switch from dhuumfire to close to death? if boss is uder 50% we deal 20% more dmg. Are u sure we deal mroe damage with dhuumfire?

The Close to Death trait doesn't affect condition damage. As this is a condition build, Close to Death would then be pretty much useless. Dhuumfire provides condition damage through burns and is definitely the better choice in all cases.

View PostHELLSING, on 04 April 2014 - 05:48 AM, said:

2. In your build, we can almost do perfect rotation 4x deathshroud(enfeeble)/ 2x doom (deathshroud)/ tainted shackles but i`m finding more usefull, while clearing trash, to switch "staff mastery" to "path of midnight" (15% reduce shroud skills), this way we have almost the same cd on doom and epidemic (imo the best combo ever)

Path of Midnight is certainly a viable alternative. Staff Mastery is the more defensive option (and the better one in my opinion) but feel free to take Path of Midnight for the added fear damage through doom. The cooldowns are still way too far off to have a perfect Doom/Epidemic combo, though I can't see that combo doing too much damage and possibly won't even tic for the fear damage.

View PostHELLSING, on 04 April 2014 - 05:48 AM, said:

3. while we have already 100% bleed duration, isn`t lingering curse overkill? Is withering precision good at all, since that way we can keep weakness 100% up?

Perhaps it would be overkill if Lingering Curse didn't go past the 100% duration cap or if there was a better alternative, but the former isn't true and the latter is generally true (though arguable). If you don't think Lingering Curse is needed, your best bet is to take Master of Corruption instead to decrease cooldowns on Epidemic and Blood is Power. In general PvE, defense isn't a very big problem so Withering Precision is never needed; you'll survive just fine without it. It may be a different story for high-level Fractals, but this is not a build you want to be bringing into high-level Fractals.

Overall, this build is just heavily outdated. Since it was created, Terror has been nerfed and new foods and sigils have come out that make the rune combinations listed suboptimal. The best approach is to just run six Runes of the Undead because you lose way too much condition damage for increases in duration that with max buffs doesn't even outdamage stacking condition damage, even if you let the duration-stacking build tic for full duration.

In Topic: Brazil's DPS Necromancer Guide

24 February 2014 - 05:02 AM

Yup, this is basically the best possible set-up for necromancer's in PvE. It's just sad how the major traits have almost no synergy with one another and the traitlines are delved into more for their stat gains rather than the traits. I mean Speed of Shadows and Weakening Shroud, really? The worst part is that there's actually nothing better to replace those two things with. Close to Death, Target the Weak, and the two cooldown reduction traits are the only things that define the best necromancer build in PvE, and the rest of the traits and utility skills are just stat stacking with no self-utility much less party utility.

Nothing against you Brazil, though. Like I said, this is basically the best build out there for necromancer. It just reflects so poorly of the necromancer when even the best distribution looks like a jumbled unsynergistic mess.

In Topic: Necro hate

04 February 2014 - 05:28 AM

View PostKristya Vermillion, on 04 February 2014 - 05:00 AM, said:

I strongly believe that Life Blast should stay as it is. Instead, they should put blood is power as party oriented skill. To be honest, I barely use DS, I only use it to survive since Life Blast is kind of slow compare to daggers imo (I wouldn't mind if we get one more stack of bleed for myself, or increase the cd for it). Other necromancer might disagree with me, as a full powermancer, the only skill I use when I enter DS are Life Transfer, Tainted Shackles and Doom (if you have Terror as a trait this works beautiful), I get out of DS immediately. I find really silly some necromancer running around throwing life blast just to add might for themselves that doesn't really last too long.

People use Life Blast because, in an axe oriented build, the math shows that it does the most damage. Of course, since you're using daggers, your autoattack should outdamage anything in DS (including Life Transfer if I remember correctly). I suppose it's a different story if you need AoE though.

I'm not sure if Blood is Power being party-wide helps too much. A single elementalist stacks might too well already, not to mention warriors and even guardians already offer it, and all three classes do more damage and have more support in addition to the might stacks. Necromancer has to bring something to the table that other classes can't in order to be useful to a party.