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Looking for feedback on my sylvari mesmer's outfit.

16 April 2014 - 04:11 AM

With the introduction of the wardrobe, today, I've taken the chance to re-evaluate my main character's looks.  Below is a picture of my current outfit (left) and the one that I'm thinking of switching to (right).

Posted Image

Both sets are aiming for the same basic kind of look, but are going about it in different ways.  My mesmer is a swordsman and duelist, so I try to avoid robe-like leggings as much as I can, and keep a sort of agile look if possible.

I know this sort of thing often comes down to personal taste, but I always find it helpful to bounce ideas off of others.  Maybe there's something off that I'm not noticing, or an idea that I hadn't thought of.  So, any feedback or comments on either outfit would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks. ^_^

What PvE items do the PvP Amulet and Jewel equate to?

29 September 2012 - 10:45 PM

I assume that the Amulet itself represents the stat boosts that are missing from the six main gear slots, so a full set of exotic level 80 gear would match those stats.  Does that also cover accessory stat boosts?  What about the Amulet's Jewel?  I'm hoping to find out exactly what pieces of gear parallel PvP gear, so that I can perfectly copy the stats that I come up with by playing around in the Mists.

Viability of sword/sword + rifle without condition damage.

26 September 2012 - 04:20 AM

After experimenting a bit, I've come to like the combination of sword/sword and rifle.  The two weapons work well together - both stacking bleeding, one crippling for the other, and so on.  From what I can tell against target dummies, s/s seems to do roughly as much damage over time as my greatsword (perhaps sans-100b), but works better with my rifle, which has gradually become my true weapon of choice.  The spike-parry-cripple-kite style of the two working together seems to compliment my healing-focused Shout Heal build as well, giving me lots of breathing room to let things cool down when I need to.  Great for survivability.

Now, the question is whether, being focused on healing power, I can still make effective use of these weapons without investing in condition damage.  Right now I'm aiming for 10/30/0/30/0, which makes Cleric's an attractive choice, as it covers my weaknesses and enhances the core of the build.  If I went with gear that had both healing power and condition damage, however, I'd be sacrificing raw power (and even a little healing), which may be trouble in tougher PvE content where others will be stacking up bleeding anyway.

In short, for a build focusing primarily on healing power, survivability, and staying viable for as many non-sPvP game modes as possible, can one get away with eschewing condition damage for other things, or is it absolutely vital to take condition damage if you want to do well with weapons that all stack bleeding?  The raw damage of sword/sword and rifle seems good enough from what I can tell; what do you all think?

Quick sanity check for my build?

18 September 2012 - 08:31 AM

I just hit 80, but saved my last trait book until now to do one last trait rework now that I've got some experience.  I mostly focused on pure damage for leveling, and would like to give myself a little more group utility and versatility for when I do dungeons and such, without sacrificing too much of the damage output that's gotten me so far.  I came up with this build, which I think has some good things going for it, but would like to bounce it off of you all before committing to it, just in case it's actually a horrible idea. :surprised:


In terms of damage, Strength and Arms provide the stats, while the traits on Strength supplement my greatsword and the traits on Arms supplement my rifle.  Typically I'll use the rifle more often, switching to greatsword when I have a good opportunity against multiple or distracted enemies, or when I'm in melee range anyway.  The Tactics line allows me to maintain regen and various buffs on my team more or less permanently (given proper banner positioning), and also helps to give me an edge in solo situations, where I can recover a good amount of health passively with my banners and healing signet.  Signet of rage is also boosted by the Tactics line's boon duration boost, keeping its benefits active 60% of the time.  Throw Bolas just seems to work well with these weapons and skills, whether keeping enemies in place for a quick 100-blades, or keeping them away while kiting with my rifle.

There are a few spots that can be switched out when needed - particularly which banners to bring and whether to replace one with a more situational utility skill.  Overall, though, those are the basics of the build.  It's decidedly not suited for PvP, but it's not really meant to be.

I haven't settled on armor or weapon stats yet, so you can feel free to suggest some if you like.  Any feedback would be appreciated, though I would prefer some constructive criticism on the build itself, rather than a suggestion that I use an entirely different one.  You know, unless it's absolutely worthless. ^_^

What is Kormir's role as a member of the Six?

17 August 2012 - 05:23 AM

So, in the interest of selecting a favorite deity for the human personal story bits, I've been trying to figure out what role Kormir has come to fit into over the last 250 years in Tyria.  Compared to the other five, her sphere of influence seems to be a bit fuzzy, though that's likely just because I haven't had the opportunity to meet many of her followers in-game.

She is described as being the goddess of order, spirit, and truth.  Order and spirit, on the surface, seem to have a slight bit of overlap with Dwayna, the "even-tempered leader," who deals with life, and promotes peace and order in contrast to Balthazar's love of war.  There's also a bit of stylistic overlap between the two, what with the wing motifs.  As far as truth goes, Kormir would have gained access to Abaddon's forbidden knowledge after absorbing his powers, but seems to have gone in the opposite direction with it by becoming a deity of "truth" rather than "secrets."  Judging by dialogue with a few of her followers around Divinity's Reach, she seems to promote the effective and wise use of the knowledge at one's disposal.

Her origin story as the Sunspear leader is brought up a lot, but it doesn't seem to have much effect on her powers or teachings.  She doesn't seem to promote banding together to defend peace, as the Sunspears did, nor does she particularly promote the camaraderie of their core principles; "you never fight alone."  If anything, she seems to pretty much just be filling in for what Abaddon used to handle, while promoting a general sense of peace and wisdom.

Her followers are also a little unclear.  Since she was an Elonian as a human, it makes sense that most of her priests and priestesses are also of Elonian descent, but are there exceptions?  Personally, I've yet to see a single Krytan or Ascalonian associated directly with Kormir, at least judging by the looks of her basically one stock priestess scattered around the city.

So... thoughts?  Does anyone have any insight into what the newest human god is all about?  ^_^