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Theif or Mesmer? Mind trickery

08 September 2012 - 01:41 PM

Which of the two classes(professions, jobs, roles, whatever) is better at screwing with peoples heads? Not DPS, not who would win in a fight, just who is better at making people get confused and frustrated.

I had been thinking a Mesmer but after playing one to (only) 15, those illusions are pretty obviously illusions and would only halfway work if theyre up before a fight(but they only last per target) and only until someone hits an AoE skill. Add to it that Mesmers seem to be missing the anti-caster flavor they had in GW1... its left with what looks to be a condition spreader. Which is fine, just not at all what I was looking for.

On the other hand to anyone whose been playing MMOs the last 10 years youre ALWAYS expecting something to pop out of stealth at some point. From my personal experience stealth doesnt even get much of the "jump" on experienced players - they know youre there before they can see you. Granted I havnt played a Thief much(not enough character slots!) or done a lot of PvP so I duno the effectiveness of it in GW2 yet.

Or am I just looking for something thats not here?

Mail, "Unable to find recipient"

05 September 2012 - 05:43 PM

Ive been unable to send mail to anyone since I got the game last week, but I thought it was just due to some server issues since none of my friends could send mail either. But now they can all mail me just fine, and I still get that error when trying to send mail to friends. Were all on the same server, and Ive tried while theyre both online or offline.

Just wanted to check if its a widespread issue before bothering the likely swamped CS.