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So who got a precurser from the final Karka event?

18 November 2012 - 11:20 PM

I think about 4 people from my guild got a precurser from the chest and another bought one cheap right after the event.  How did you all fair?

The 20 slot bag and account bound exotic ring are nice plus I got about 6 gold worth of rare and exotic loot. A legendary precurser would have been nice but I was just happy to see yellow and orange loot out of a chest.

I expect there to be even more raging about this event considering there was decent loot to be had and some people couldn't participate or got lagged out.

Sword Mesmers in PvP

01 October 2012 - 03:25 AM

So I faced a few dual sword mesmers in spvp last week and it kind of drove me crazy how brutal Phantasmal Swordsman was.  One mesmer in particular was sword/sword + great sword and between the swordsmen and the berserker they pretty much destroyed me. In pvp I run a very defensive build with staff + scepter/pistol.  It is the only build I feel comfortable with. I'm do fine against most other classes but of course hate facing mesmers as much as the next guy.

I'm just wondering for sword/sword folks don't you find some of the abilities annoying in pvp? I tried it out and found the whole "no moving during Blurred Frenzy" to be problematic and then Illusionary Leap and Swap were terribly buggy.  Works great in most PvE situations (for PvE I use staff + sword/focus) but in PvP it didn't work 9 out of 10 times because any time there was even the slightest grade difference between me and my target it failed.  The fairly short range of Leap is frustrating too since if your target moves out of range the spell just fails and goes on cool down.

Anyway it definitely seems like a good weapon set for pvp but I'm just not good enough at melee to hack it.  Just wondering if those two spells were problematic for anyone else?

Brand New Cyberpower Nightmare Computer

30 August 2012 - 10:55 PM

Since I use a Macbook for work and it can't run GW2 I decided to go ahead and buy myself a gaming PC.  Ordered a Cyberpower rig and spent about $1400 on it (including tax and shipping).

ASUS P8Z77-V LK Z77 Crossfire/SLI SATA 3.0 motherboard
I5-3570K 3.4 GHZ processor
MSI Twin Frozr II/NVidia GTX 570 1.2 GB graphics card
500 GB SATA II 3.0 GB 16 MB 7200 RPM hard drive

On someones advice here at Guru I had them upgrade the power supply before they shipped it to a Corsair CMPSU-750 TX V2.

Right from the start things when wrong.  The moment I plugged it in I realized their were white bands across the monitor. I am not a computer expert but I have experienced graphics card issues before and that is what it looked like to me.  Attempts to install drivers made the resolution get stuck at 800 x 600, attempts to load the card into the second PCI slot just made things worse.

So I removed the card and hooked up the monitor to the motherboard and inboard graphics card and the computer runs fine.  GW2 came out right after this and was perfectly playable and even reasonably nice looking considering it is just a Intel 4000 or whatever.  

Called Cyberpower and explained the problem and customer service was great.  They quickly shipped me a new card and a packing slip to return the old one (of course they charged me the full price of the new card and will refund me when they get back the old one which is kind of annoying but understandable I guess).

I install the new card with no problem.  Put in the NVidia beta drivers (306.02 I believe) and everything looks amazing. I can't believe how great the game looks with all the graphics on high settings.  Then last night after playing for a few hours I went to log in after the maintenance and shortly after getting back in the game freezes and I am forced to reboot.  

When I reboot I get a black screen with the following horrible message:

Reboot & Select Proper Boot Device or Insert Boot Device and Press a Key.

WTF? So I google this message to see what it means and it seems like all I have to do is go into BIOS or the motherboard options (please excuse my lack of knowledge about this stuff I  have only a basic knowledge of computers) and the hard drive is not an option.  The only boot choice seems to be the CD drive. Oh and by the way the whole time this is happening the hard drive is making an awful ticking sound like a clock.

Reading other people with this problems suggestions on the internet one recommends reinstalling Windows which I attempt to do.  Not a big deal to me since the only thing I am using this computer for is GW2. I don't have anything on the hard drive I am concerned about losing since the stupid PC is only a few days old.  Get to the point in reinstallation where it wants you to choose which version you want to remove to reinstall and I get an error message stating:

Windows cannot be installed to this disk  This computers hardware may not support booting to this disk Ensure that the disks controller is enabled in the BIOS menu.  ARRRGHH.

Since this happened shortly after I installed the new graphics card I remove it and start the computer in safe mode and do a system restore to before the point where the new hardware and Nvidia driver was installed.  I remove all traces of NVidia from the machine.

Low and behold the computer seems OK now.  I log into the game just to be sure and even that seems fine (though of course it is sad to be playing on the onboard card with everything less shiny).  But I manage to play for a few hours with no issues.

So today I am debating whether I should try to install the card again but this time use the older drivers.  I decide to log in to the game a bit and right away the hard drive starts clicking again and a few seconds later the game freezes and I am forced to reboot.

Do a startup repair. No problem found.

Memory problem check. I guess it was fine. the computer restarted and I am now looking at a perfectly fine desktop and no more clicking.

Not sure what to do next. Is the hard drive fried?  Is there a way in BIOS to make it show up again as a boot option?  And if it supposedly isn't a boot option why does it eventually end up booting just fine and the clicking stop?  I am not sure if the clicking is only related to me playing the game as I don't do anything else on the computer. Not even internet really. Posting this with my Mac.

Any experts here with some thoughts on what the problem is before I call Cyberpower? I want to be reasonably informed when I talk to them and try to figure out what my options are.  I have a lot going on in my private life right now so this is sort of the straw that broke the camels back. I knew getting back to gaming again and buying another PC (after using my trouble free Mac for the past couple of years for work) was going  to cause me headaches I just had no idea it would be so soon.

TLDR: Cyberpower PC and NVidia are kind of a disappointment to me at the moment.

How do I unstack items?

26 August 2012 - 01:57 AM

How do I unstack items in my inventory?  And why do I have to ask here instead of their being an obvious tool tip option?  Kind of annoying,

Nvidia GTX 570 vs AMD Radeon 7850

23 August 2012 - 06:55 AM

So I just received my CyberPower PC computer and the graphics card seems to be fried.  It is a Nvidia GTX 570 (or to be exact a MSI TwinFrozr II/OC Nvidia GTX 570 HD 1.2 GB). Right out of the box there were white lines across the monitor, using the driver disk that came with it just caused the resolution to get stuck at 800 x 600 and the white lines didn't go away.  Downloaded drivers from a few sources and things either stayed the same or got worse.

Switched to the graphics card on the motherboard and everything is working just peachy so I definitely think the NVidia card is faulty.

So I have to call CyberPower tomorrow and pray that they have good customer service.  Assuming they let me return the card should I have them send me an AMD Radeon 7850 2GB in place of the NVidia card?  It will be $20 more.  

I am actually kind of wondering why I went with the NVidia card in the first place since I have had bad luck with them in the past. Had a few cards from them burn out after a very short time.

Anyway very frustrating way to spend a few hours trying to get this brand new PC to work. Hopefully it isn't compounded by bad customer service.  At least it seems like the onboard graphics card will be able to play the game even if I do have to lower the settings.

Also if anyone can think of anything I might have missed in trying to figure out if the card is fried feel free to give me suggestions.  I am definitely noobish when it comes to PCs but usually figure things out with the help of Google and common sense.