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#2340788 GW2: a true successor to GW1

Posted Kymeric on 07 October 2014 - 04:03 PM

View PostMiragee, on 06 October 2014 - 08:04 PM, said:

Well the gaming industry is still fairly young. What are 15-20 years compared to other business compartments? Sure it works now. But will it still work if the industry grows up? For the sake of the gamers I hope it won't...

I don't know, seems to me that the more mature, the more you will have tried and true formulas.  But there will always be innovators trying something new, too, and occasionally one will hit with the public and revolutionize the industry.

I'm thinking of movies, which are going on 100 years old.  Look at the vast amount of formula-driven, play-it-safe drek we are offered from Hollywood.  So many slick, soul-less movies designed to cash in on opening weekend and then disappear.  But creators are still out there trying to follow their vision, and every once in a while someone manages the backing and marketing to take off and influences the success formula a bit.  Of course, it's just a matter of time before they get swallowed up by the businesses that grew huge off of innovation but no longer innovate.

Recent breakout indie game titles give hope.  And the industry seems to be trying to find a way for the bigger companies to foster those indie visions.

#2345742 What do you people think of the new Silverwastes map?

Posted Zhaitan on 08 January 2015 - 04:43 PM

The more I see content development direction of the game evolving over time, I come to realize that it was a big mistake for ANET to introduce levels in this game. Instead of raising levels from 20 (GW1) to 80 (GW2), they should have done away with levels altogether. That would have solved "where is my end game" issue and truly meant the game as a whole is open to everyone for everything they wanted to do. They could have done away with scaling toons attributes or wasting time with NPE. They could have spent more time in developing maps and content for each map. Silverwastes is a perfect example of such a map. Dry Top is another.

GW2 does not need level capping, all it needs dynamic content, less RNG and re-evaluation of loot driven gaming aspect of MMOs. Loots matter. Some people like to hear it or not, they do.

#2343356 What do you people think of the new Silverwastes map?

Posted raspberry jam on 25 November 2014 - 10:56 AM

It's ok, for what it is. Any problems with it are just problems of the game as such. I do expect events to retrigger slower once the novelty wears off so that not so many people are playing.

View PostMiragee, on 24 November 2014 - 10:08 PM, said:

I can't understand why they don't add those currency things to the wallet on release. It would make things so much easier.

Related: I never played a game that loaded ones inventory with so much crap. And I never played a game with a wallet before, either.
Bag slot expansion, only 400 gems. Might that be why they give players so much stuff?

#2343230 What do you people think of the new Silverwastes map?

Posted I post stuff on 23 November 2014 - 11:31 AM

View PostHaggus, on 22 November 2014 - 11:52 PM, said:

In other words, I work a job that is tough, but challenging and rewarding.  Yet, the game is like most people's jobs.  Go figure.
Yeah, I mean let's say I put 30+ hours a week into a typical MMO. Chances are my toon will be noticeably stronger than others.

GW2 is different. I can put this much hours into the game and still be hardly richer or stronger than everyone else. The skill ceiling is low, and learning curve very forgiving so it's hard to judge someone's skill based on experience. Top tier stuff (Ascended) hardly offers you anything that would justify the cost and time. Legendaries are just skins that look cool, but again not quite cool enough to justify the cost and time

Classes are quite stiff mechanically. There isn't much you can do to change your playstyle. This varies a bit from class to class, some can run really out of the box stuff (full healing power Guard) but as a whole this is not a sandbox game, not by a mile.

This leaves us with a kind of skin/collection progression. But there are two problems with this:

1. In my opinion the gear in this game doesn't look very good. Lots of stuff clip and bend horribly; arms go through skirts, tails clip through trenchcoats, heavy plate behaves like it is plastic and looks thin etc. This of course varies depending on race/gender, which means that to play GW2 like a dress up game you really need to choose the right race, class, gender and body type. So again, stiff mechanics.

2. Collection heavy progression was introduced far too late, together with many questionable changes. At this time I imagine it is too little, far too late to make some players regain faith in this game and the company that runs it. Plus, the whole thing feels a bit rushed and doesn't offer a lot in terms of rewards.

The biggest problem though, is that all of the above created an in game culture that actively disregards how much time someone put into the game; a player that has 10k gold, 20 legendaries, 25k ap and all toons in infused Ascended will be treated the same as everyone else.

There is no real way to stand out, as such a player is defined by how s/he treats others. This is actually really cool, and a positive outcome of all of the above. Though, if we treat GW2 as a community driven game, it's safe to say ANet doesn't treat it as such, and thus doesn't offer a lot of support for it to grow in that direction.

So this brings me to the last point. The biggest downfall of ANet is that they fail to recognize the strengths of their product, let alone noticing the fundamental weaknesses. They failed to recognize the potential of GW1 as a competetive game based around team PvP and PvE speedruns, foolishly trying to make it akin to the traditional MMOs instead. This led them to make GW2, and they are currently failing to recognize its strengths as a community driven game with strong focus on cosmetics-based progression. Instead, they are trying to compete with E-Sports giants (doto, sc etc.).

They have a fleet of flying ships that leak, instead of flying they spend all their time in the docks plugging in the holes.


Because they want to compete with submarines.

#2343173 What do you people think of the new Silverwastes map?

Posted ExplosivePinata on 22 November 2014 - 03:14 PM

I'm not re-installing the game for it I can tell you that. The last LS I even bothered with was the Scarlet finale* and since I missed some parts prior to that I had no idea who she even was, so to me she was just a cardboard villain of the month I didn't give a hoot about. After the lack of engagement with that I lost all drive to play further LS episodes and as such lost interest in playing the game altogether since this is all we're getting, apart from cash shop items and pointless removal of starter area funities (made up a word?). I mean the dredge quest from Wayfarer Foothills, why was that removed? Seriously, why? You still have to go in for the vista and will undoubtedly kill dredge along the way. I think some people at Anet are having to justify there jobs by doing pointless crap like this.

*Oh, I tell a lie, Scarlet wasn't the last LS I played, I tried the jumping thing in the desert place and I lasted about 30 minutes before I was back farming world bosses and another 3 hours till I uninstalled again.

#2262050 Why GW2 needs an Expansion

Posted Illein on 21 November 2013 - 12:05 PM

I honestly lost hope that they'd be able to release anything by now that would genuinely thrill me. Turned out the only thing that did recently (the last 7 months) was that Fractals video, which was really damn well put together, but produced when they released the Fractals to begin with and just held back because it wasn't completed in time back then - I bet the people who did it aren't on board any more, which would explain why pretty much all trailers up to that one were utter garbage.

Would be excusable of course if the content made up for it, but alas it doesn't. But it never ceases to amaze me how complacant some people are with what they get. I mean the fact that someone would say that Nightmare Tower is an utterly 'new concept' is just confirmation that they really can't do wrong for some people no matter what.

The main reason why I'd want an expansion is because it would force them to put some budget behind it, produce something worthy of anyone's 50 bucks and release it in a timely manner.

They'd have to deliver at least a mix of new dungeons, new maps, new armor styles, new enemy models and backstories, new challenges, new weapons and items as a whole, new jumping puzzles, new explorer's goodies, a new race - it'd simply put the expecations of everyone up on one eye-level again. They won't have people stand up for them, excusing complete garbage content with 'But it's free!' - they won't get away with putting the only desirables into the cash shop at the release of an expansion - it'd simply be a chance for players to see if ANet still got it and for their designers, programmers, producers and whathaveyou to show people they can deliver.

Because as it is, content has been steadily declining in quality with a few slivers of hope in between. The fractals update wasn't exactly awesome but you know what - compared to everything Scarlet was involved in, it was borderline genius.

It seems the most obvious thing in the world to put boxed Expansions out as a B2P game - but with the Cash Shop, that just shifted as people still invest their money into things regardless of how much they like the content. Hell, I've done it myself, but all the better that that's over. New Armor in the shop - I actually really like it - won't buy it simply because it encourages them to continue releasing new armor strictly through the cash shop as they did for 1 1/2 years now.

#2261966 Why GW2 needs an Expansion

Posted Mordakai on 21 November 2013 - 04:05 AM

So, I have delayed posting this topic to give the Living Story updates a chance.

And, truth be told, LS does accomplish its purpose: giving people a reason to log on every two weeks.

But many players are getting tired of this "treadmill":  the Living Story does not offer any new gameplay, any new races, any new weapons, any new classes, and just one new skill (and a lackluster one at that).

Expansions are not just about new zones and new mobs to fight. Expansions change the game, usually with new races, classes, skills, weapons, etc.

Games need this change to stay interesting.  To me, GW2 feels like the same game I started a year and a half ago.  Compare this to GW1, where Cantha introduced new PvP content, 2 new professions, new weapons, and a bunch of new skills for all professions.  It makes the game interesting as all these new changes fundamentally change the nature of the game.

GW2 needs new content that really changes up the gameplay, not just new trains to join to get the newest headgear/backpiece skin.

EDIT:  Yes, I realize that technically Factions is a "Chapter", but it mirrors Expansions in other games.  

For the sake of this discussion, an Expansion should be defined as Content that must be bought, but includes new areas (with multiple zones), new gameplay, new skills, and either a new race, profession, and/or a dramatic change to the existing game (such as new weapons for existing classes).

The advantage of getting all this content at once is that it all is in context:  you can introduce a new race unique to the new area. New weapons and skills can also be based around this new area.  It expands the game in a way the Living Story cannot, because of both the small team size and limited window of the Living Story releases.

#2245046 Why you Can't Ignore Ascended Gear

Posted Butcher on 16 October 2013 - 02:11 AM

"No grind MMO"
"A casual MMO"
"We want stats to plateau so player skill will matter"
"Exotics are too easy to obtain"
"Here's ascended gear"
"Exotics will not be improved to match ascended gear"

It's really just ANet doing what they do best...throwing in another system (*cough*laurels*cough*) instead of fixing ones they've already established (*cough*karma*cough*). God, how is it possible for me to enjoy this game? I'm actually worried that soon the fun will run out with more bad developer decisions.

#2244980 Why you Can't Ignore Ascended Gear

Posted MazingerZ on 15 October 2013 - 11:22 PM

View PostMisterJaguar25, on 15 October 2013 - 11:11 PM, said:

That makes sense, actually. Tho I don't recall them saying that. Having an extra tier of gear that's a little better than the one you can get for cheap with gold that requires much more grinding is possibly meant to give people one tier of gear that they actually have to work for instead of just lolbuying, than that being the end of it. If they add an entire set of ascended gear, the stat increases would be more than just slight, definitely, but it is a fact that it is completely unnecessary for anything but high level fractals (I get to that in the third paragraph of this post), and as long as they don't gate content behind it, and make it require a really long grind like the ascended weapons, than it can be ignored completely.

Wasn't that the entire point of the Legendary?

View PostMisterJaguar25, on 15 October 2013 - 11:11 PM, said:

As for the argument of WvW imbalance, it's a random group of players of any race and varying levels of gear, ascended gear won't make any serious difference to what's already an imbalanced system. And when you have 10+ people on your tail no amount of ascended gear will save you.

We're not talking about 10+ v 1, we're talking about skirmishes and roaming groups.  I won't throw a fixed arbitrary number, but in my experience those groups are more than 5, less than 10.

Your faulty logic here is that it doesn't matter because WvWvW already has so many factors unbalancing it.  The point is, everything else being equal, only two cases can arise:


a) Ascended gear stats did not increase the likelihood to win, at which point the statistical system is utter crap, why do stats exist in the first place and why did Ascended need higher stats?


the person with Ascended will win, and that's a clear imbalance in a competitive field where numbers matter more than skill.

#2244947 Why you Can't Ignore Ascended Gear

Posted Obscure One on 15 October 2013 - 10:30 PM

Vertical progression isn't a problem if it's properly tempered by horizontal progression. If ascended gear was awarded properly there would be no disagreement among the bulk of the community that it is a good thing. Implementation of this vertical progression is faulty, not the progression itself. Driving any player base into a progression that is gated by specific content alienates the player base that simply doesn't do that specific content for any number of personal reasons. Gating progression behind a shared element within the mechanics that all players engage in regardless of personal play style is good progression. This was the initial design intent behind Karma rewards which has at this point been almost an entirely abandoned game element. Why not offer ascended trinkets for 500k Karma and weapons for 2 million Karma? Because that would not serve to contribute to the game economy, simple. The lower the value of gold in relation to gems the higher the perceived value of physical real world currency becomes in relation to gems. Ascended gear simultaneously reduces exotic item value, and with the implementation of unprecedented gold rewards that conveniently coincided with the tier release the proliferation of gold has deflated it's own value.

Ascended gear implementation was not intended to please players seeking vertical progression, but rather to please a parent company and it's share holders by diminishing the incentive to convert currency obtained in game for a currency that is in their best interest to get you to pay real world money for. Good business, bad game design, but they'll get the ROI they're looking for and monetize the next game in like fashion (Wild Star is next) over and over title after title. Nexon is superb at designing games with their accountants.

#2244914 Why you Can't Ignore Ascended Gear

Posted Miragee on 15 October 2013 - 09:45 PM

Ah no, you are exaggerating. They said, they won't add another gear tier. Colin said it! So they obviously won't do that!

What they will do is, as Mr. O'Brain mentioned, increasing the level cap at some point. At this point all current gear becomes pointless and you begin from scratch. First Exotics, then Ascended, rinse and repeat. Well, of course at that point the gear tier farmer kind of players are not in the game anymore but does that matter? No, because they will obviously coming back for grinding one month and then leave again. And also leave all the other players in this huge pile of gear grind. But you can ignore it of course. You just can't complete the new level content then but who cares. GW2 has so many things it doesn't matter if you can't do a small portion of it. Everything is ok I guess.
But that actually helps to get players back into gw2. Just for a month, but who cares? They come back and that is all that matters. You need these people or your game will die for sure. I mean, look at WoW. They did that and are alive. GW1 didn't do that and died. Quiet a coherency if you ask me.

#2244911 Why you Can't Ignore Ascended Gear

Posted Daesu on 15 October 2013 - 09:45 PM

Wait till they introduce Legendary Armor next year.  You would need to get all 6 pieces of it and they would glow and make you look like a superstar so that you absolutely need to have it.

#2244902 Why you Can't Ignore Ascended Gear

Posted El Duderino on 15 October 2013 - 09:25 PM

This is pretty straight-forward. I know a lot of people think that you can ignore ascended gear because it is optional. So, let's run with that.

Why did ascended gear get introduced? Most people agree that it is to appease the people looking for more vertical progression. Besides the fact that I think a lot of those people aren't exactly appeased at all by ascended gear, here is the problem:

It just won't stop with ascended gear.

Think about it for a second - you simply cannot stop gear progression or you risk losing out on those customers you've pissed everyone else off to keep. So, that means you simply cannot stop adding more and more levels of gear.

Sure, ANet is releasing everything slowly, but at some point, if this game is to continue, there has to be a new level of gear. Let's not forget too that ANet already said that they never rules out increasing the level cap which means that EVERYONE's gear would be obsolete.

So, if you think Ascended Gear is no big deal because you don't need it, just wait. At some point the new levels of gear will be necessary or everyone will be one-shotting everything if the content doesn't increase with the stat increase.

You simply cannot have a gear grind without it actually becoming a gear grind - it is necessary by definition of the term.

That is all.

View PostEl Duderino, on 21 November 2013 - 08:05 PM, said:

Using a Sword/Warhorn Warrior Build with traits set at 30/30/0/0/10 on each, there is a 12.6% change in having all Ascended Gear to having all Exotic Gear.

Please feel free to use this post as a reference when people say that Ascended Gear only gives a modest increase in stats. 12.6% is a huge increase and not the commonly reported 3% to 5% that people tend to use.

Source: http://gw2buildcraft...ulator/warrior/

Posted Image

#2262317 I miss the GW1 armors

Posted Kurr on 21 November 2013 - 10:47 PM

I recently logged into guildwarsguru.com for the first time in a really long time and looked through my post history there. The only part I was really active was posting pictures of my armors, and wow some of those armor sets still look amazing today.

Here's my old photobucket account which is mostly just guild wars pictures
(it's not my real name, shock!)

What I really miss are :
-Good heavy armors! So many choices. In GW2, I hate pretty much all of them.
-Good medium/assassin armors. There are a couple of decent ones in GW2.
-Armors made PER PROFESSION and not PER SET OF PROFESSIONS. What a difference it makes to have an armor suited to your character! I know some people like going outside of the box and getting something different, but there was also that ability in GW1 (mesmer pirate armor for example). Looking back though, wow it makes a huge difference when an assassin looks like one, or at least an agile fighter / ninja!
-HOW EASY IT WAS TO GET NEW ARMOR SETS!! Can't stress this enough.

If you look, I literally went through dozens of armor and weapon sets for my warrior, mesmer, dervish and assassin and had a few armor sets even for my lesser characters and those are only the ones I posted. I had tons more. That's because so many of them were interesting! From simple to fascinating, colorful to gritty, it just had it right. In GW2, so many people have flashing armor that I can barely recognize past the glow of their fractal backpiece or ridiculous helms.

In GW1, I took thousands of screenshots of not just my armors, but people in towns when I thought they were wearing something cool. I barely do this in GW2, it's rare that I see someone and think "awesome mix!". Mixing and matching was a lot easier in GW1, in GW2 you need fine transmutation stones because of the stats on the equipment which might put people off of doing it I suppose.

THIS is what's missing for me in Guild Wars 2. Nevermind the Living Story -- I made a post about how I dislike it before --, nevermind the lore which I miss enormously, nevermind the teamwork based gameplay which I also miss... what I really miss is the ability to customize my character with tons of great looking armors and weapons, each of them uniquely made for that character class --- and the ability to do so EASILY.

That's not to say I hate GW2's armor system completely. I love a few of the armors. The dye system in GW2 is great. The variety in armors and weapons however, wow... I remember when I first started GW2 I was shocked by it but kind of forgot about it after playing non stop like a Zombie for a year, I kind of just accepted it. But looking back at old GW1 pictures... WHAT HAPPENED!? These GW1 armors overall still look vastly superior to GW2 armors, in my opinion, and they were easy to acquire.

Not being able to dye weapons means there's usually only a couple of choices to match your armor.

In GW2, you are stuck with limited choices (most of them look pretty generic pre-level 80 armors; the crafted armors are also all pretty bad) and the fact that equipment with good stats is way harder to acquire makes a huge difference (ascended, especially with armor coming soon).

I definitely feel more attached to my armor sets in GW2 (because getting 9k AP or full arah for some armor pieces is a lot of work) but I really do miss the variety. In GW1, I had 4-5 bank pages completely filled with different armors.

I'm not sure if I'm alone in this or not, but man I really miss it. I know it's probably a weird complaint for a lot of you because Guild Wars 2 looks good and there's a lot of variety and options, but it just doesn't compare to Guild Wars 1 in my opinon.

Guild Wars 1 as far as armor variety and such, 9/10. Guild Wars 2 is more a 7/10 or so. Still decent, but outclassed by it's predecessor. I know expansions make a difference, but think about it this way : every new item in Guild Wars 2 is either RNG, Gem Store, or Living Story. It's a pain or expensive to get a lot of these new things. You didn't have that problem in GW1... they just added items and you could have a blast getting what you wanted without playing for a month just to get 1 piece because it's so expensive.

Even dyes... yeah I love the system, but they are so freakishly expensive, even when in comparison to 10k for black or white dyes. Especially considering it's character and not account wide unlocks... hope you like paying 100g for a dye if you want that particular color (not surprisingly, a lot of the VIBRANT colors are all gem-store dyes! In comparison, a lot of the regular dyes are very dull). And then paying it again for your next character!


I realize this sounds a lot like a rant without a point (it is I suppose), so here are some small suggestions for improvements ANet could do :

-Add a few profession specific armor sets (2-3) gradually
-Add 1 profession + race specific armor set. I know this would be a lot of work but these could be really iconic in the long term.
-Ability to dye weapons, this would fix a lot of issues with matching weapons + armors and could really make certain weapons no one really uses shine with cool dye jobs.
-Dyes unlocked account wide
-Lower the gem cost of Fine Transmutation Crystals OR go back to how it used to be and have them be more easily acquired through regular PvE play.
-Don't add armors and weapons through RNG only or Living Story only... once in a while just add a set acquired through regular long term gameplay. That way it's not just this week's new item but something players can enjoy at any time!
-Add cloaks to the game as back items. Also guild ones of course, but a bunch of them!
-Add 15K Canthan warrior armor back in the game. Please?

#2231146 Negativity

Posted Mordakai on 04 September 2013 - 09:22 PM

Most of us are GW1 vets who fell in love with a grind-free game that was easy to learn, but hard to master.

If you are a fan of something, you tend to want it improved.  There is no louder Star Wars critic than a Star Wars fan.

If I did not see the potential of GW2 or lament it's failings, I would not be here.  I still play a hour a day, usually on alts.