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Halloween items after Halloween?

25 October 2012 - 06:25 PM

So.. I really Want the crossing but don't have the gold for it at the moment, So i'm wondering if i stock up on the candy corn and nougat centers i need for crafting the recipies for the gift and the runes of night will I be able to craft the recipies and items after halloween?

Thanks in Regard

Lakeside County Server migration!

16 August 2012 - 12:36 AM

The old thread got nuked so starting a new one.. hopefully it's in the right place this time around....
Hey :D
This is a thread dedicated to the migration of the most amazing server out there... which was taken from us so suddenly.... RIP lakeside county you will be missed.... Anyways what are your guys thoughts on a potential destination, for a the amazing lakeside county community? My guild is looking for a mid to low pop server with some wvw skill, and a casual down to earth community..
We've been looking at Far Shiverpeaks and Whiteside Ridge, but given the high pop on FS that might not be an option... So what do you people think ?

Malchor and Dwayna

06 May 2011 - 08:32 AM

Hey seems no one have noticed this yet, I first learned of it in todays interview from http://www.guild-hal...zailyho?start=3

So I did some googling and found the story on http://guildwars2.mo...or:article-183/

Anyways here is the translated story of Malchor and the Goddess Dwayna

"When the gods arrived in Tyria, it was impossible, because of their divine nature, to appear before human eyes without blinding them.
Thus they decided to fetch a sculptor, so that he could shape statues in their image.
When the eyes of the sculptor Malchor, fell upon the face of Dwayna, His heart was instantly filled with a pure and unconditional love,
and it became impossible for him to turn down any of Dwayna’s requests.
And thus the creation of the statues was commenced.
One after another, the gods presented themselves in his studio and for each one Malchor carved a statue in their image.
Once a statue was finished, the God returned to the city of Arah, where no human could enter.

So it was that Dwayna finally entered the studio of the sculptor.
Malchor sublimated his art so that all the grace and beauty of the Goddess radiated from his statue.
And as long as he worked, on the statue as long could he enjoy the infinite happiness which the presence of Dwayna gave him.

Alas then came the fateful moment when the statue was completed, and where the goddess would leave for Arah.
Unable to bear the despair that grasped him when the figure of the goddess had disappeared from the horizon; he threw himself from a cliff.

The place where Malchor lost his life now bears his name: the Strait Malchor."