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In Topic: Theory crafting the Reaper

Today, 04:53 AM

View PostCaptain Kerfuffle, on 07 July 2015 - 03:38 AM, said:


I'm not going to discount your advice of course, I am after all fairly new to the GW2 necro. However I think there is something going on here you aren't considering as evidenced by your focus on my DPS. I'm speculating on a build we can't test yet, for content nobody's played, driven by AI nobody's fought. There is a lot of assumptions being made on my part, and it is entirely possible that this build will turn out to be completely and utterly useless.

However there is one strength I think it has that every build on this forum -that I've seen- lacks; it is forward looking. While all the advice I've gotten from you, Brandon, Phenn, and so on has been decidedly trapped in the past. You are all judging this build based on its place in a meta that WILL change if for no other reason than the changes to defiance making control required for PvE content and probably WvW as well (I'd be very surprised if Keep Lords don't have break bars).

Yes this build could very well end up completely scrapped. However I still maintain that judging it based on its place in the current meta and not taking into account the known changes coming to Heart of Thorns, when the build will even be possible to make, is at best intellectually dishonest. Yes in the current meta this build is complete junk. But considering what we know about the impending meta I think control will have a much, much higher value than it currently does. Enough to justify a build that isn't based on damage. A mindset I know you lack because even though I have flat out side already I am NOT building for damage and that Deathly Chill is there as a convenience and NOT the core of the build you continue to assess it based on the assumed DPS scaling of that trait.

Let me be absolutely clear; this is NOT a damage build. DPS is of secondary concern at best. This build is intended to function within upcoming content wherein, by design, there is an inherent and undeniably greater incentive to focus on control, and wherein being able to rapidly apply multiple control effects to single and multiple targets is required to complete content. NOT the current "LOL zerker" and "stack on boss" brain-dead zerg meta.

Do not judge this build based on the current meta; it will not and is not intended to function within it. This build is a speculative response to a possible -and I'd argue likely- shift in the meta game brought about by significant known changes coming to core systems with the expansion.

In Topic: Theory crafting the Reaper

Yesterday, 07:07 PM

View PostPhenn, on 06 July 2015 - 06:56 PM, said:

^^^ If everything you said makes it into live, then GW2 will truly be a good game again.

I'm not getting my hopes up, though. Waaaaaaay too many disappointments over the last three years.

But yes, if ANet manages to put the "I" back into AI, then control builds will definitely have a role to play. Just so long as they get rid of that stupid Defiant mechanic.

Oh you don't know? Defiance is already out. Or at least it will be come Heart of Thorns. They are scrapping the entire system for a "break bar" system that seems way more interesting. If you'll forgive the simplification here is how it works...

Typically in the fight bosses or otherwise powerful foes remain as immune to CC as ever. However they all have a new powerful "screw you all, you're all gonna die!" attack that it is in your best interest to interrupt. When they windup this attack the break bar appears, and players can deplete it with CC skills. Weak CCs like a one second blind will take a small bit out of the bar, while strong CCs like a knockdown will take a big chunk out. IF you manage to break the bar (clock is ticking and time is against you) the attack is interrupted and the boss is stunned, becoming extra vulnerable for a brief moment. Fail to break the bar due to either a lack of CC or just being an uncoordinated blob of zerkers and you'll quickly come to regret not investing a little more into defensive stats.

The example seen in betas and demos thus far is a large flying Wyvern. During the fight its bad enough hacking up fireballs, biting, clawing, and using wind gusts to knock players off cliffs, but sooner or later it will decide its time to fly. Once it starts trying to take off the break bar appears and you have to stop it. Succeed and it crashes back down to the ground stunned and takes extra damage, fail and it starts strafing the battlefield like a jet fighter; moving too fast to attack and spraying lingering high-damage fire fields all over the place with no red rings to warn you to dodge. After it gets bored (and effectively cuts the size of the battlefield in half) it belly flops the zerg and the goes back to smacking them around.

In Topic: Theory crafting the Reaper

Yesterday, 06:31 PM

View PostNerfHerder, on 06 July 2015 - 07:24 AM, said:

The answer is always damage. But, I understand its not your first priority.

You want CC with Chill and survivability for you and your party, right? If you want Chill, Chilling Nova looks like a no brainer. As you cleave, it will keep everything around you sufficiently chilled almost by itself. But youll need to crit and keep aggro. Just eyeballing the build, you would get more damage out of crits than condition damage. Knights gear is good for that. Here is where the Blood line comes in. Now that you can crit and your crits do AoE damage and Chill. You need to hit often. GS and Staff are slow. Dagger/Focus should be considered, especially since your not going SR to maintain Reaper. This can be supplemented with damage wells. Take Vampiric traits and wells that will protect and heal you and your team, as well as a small party wide DPS boost. You'll gain health so fast it wont matter how much health you have. Toughness+Protection(-33%)+Cold Shoulder(-15%), will be plenty of damage mitigation. This is my theory craft on how it would look. Good luck and happy hunting.

I'll take all that into consideration of course. But ever since I watched that "Building a better centaur" lecture from GDC 2015 I've been very reluctant to build anything for the established meta. I get that the lecture clearly said everything they talked about or showed wouldn't necessarily make it into the game, but if Arena Net at least implements the overall architecture (a given) and a few of the "no brainer" things it can do then the established "everybody stack and DPS spam" meta is going to vanish pretty much overnight.

I mean AIs that are smart enough to evade melee or AoE range, know not to cluster up to avoid player AoEs, can pick and even coordinate against priority targets, know to stay the heck away from clusters of players and instead nuke them with AoEs from a distance (even able to smartly ground target for maximum effect), and can even assess the situation in real time and adjust their tactics based on the number of players relative to their own AI buddies....we're all just going to have to get used to the idea that what we "know" about how to play GW2 is going to turn wrong real fast, and based on the intelligent movement alone I think control builds like this are going to be pretty damn valuable come Heart of Thorns. After all "stack on boss" isn't exactly going to work if the boss itself is refusing to cooperate and instead keeps running off and blasting the zerg with AoEs. However add a few players who can force that boss and his trash mobs to stay put long enough for the zerg to do its thing...

In Topic: Theory crafting the Reaper

Yesterday, 04:10 AM

View PostPhenn, on 06 July 2015 - 03:46 AM, said:

Aha! I get where you're coming from now, totally.

Knowing the above I think I can help.

Yeah it'll be tanky as crap. Couple of things to consider, and take 'em or leave 'em as you see fit.

1. High Toughness usually pulls aggro better. You're right, there's no good hybrid prefix that also has Toughness. So...
2. Consider Soldiers gear, and try and hit the 600 ConD breakpoint (the point where scaling makes ConD stacking worthwhile after the patch) through food, runes, or trinkets. Or a combo of the above. That way the ConDs that you ARE throwing out will do respectable damage, AND you get Power and Toughness in the mix. Or...
3. Consider and combo of Knights and Cavs armor (my current choice for WvW), to amp your direct damage, and hit the 600 ConD breakpoint with food/runes/trinkets/sigils.
4. There is no point number four.
5. Consider investing in Strength Runes, and stack the crap outta Might. You seem to already be thinking in that direction, and a combination of Shroud #1 and Blood Is Power should get and keep you at a crazy high amount of Might. If you hit 25 Might, that alone will get you to the 600 ConD breakpoint.

Just some thoughts. I'll be interested to see how it plays out for you once the xpac drops. I'll throw it into my Intro-to-the-Necro thread when you get the kinks worked out.

Fair points. Although with the set up I've got I can use condi duration food to hit the +100% cap on my chill duration. I figure doubling my duration would be useful to the rest of party as it helps keep everything locked down. Heck with that going Chilled to the Bone becomes a 24 second chill AOE on a 78 second cooldown (due to traits). Shorter actually, as one of my guild mates is a mesmer planning on going Chronomancer. I guess the question becomes what is more valuable; my doing more damage, or keeping more mobs locked down longer? Either way I still need Grenth runes to make my healing skill chill. That right there, factoring in consumables, is a 6 second chill on a 13 second cooldown. With the right rotation, and the doubled duration, AOE perma-chill could actually be a thing.

Heck it occurs to me that during outpost siege events (or WvW for that matter) having a few of these "Frostbite Reapers" spread out in your zerg could really wreak havoc on the other side when it comes time to stake a claim. Hell with enough of them spread out at the right distribution it might even be possible to perma-chill EVERYTHING.

In Topic: Theory crafting the Reaper

Yesterday, 03:37 AM

View PostPhenn, on 06 July 2015 - 03:25 AM, said:

Yeaaaaaah I'ma go with Brandon on this one. The build certainly will be tanky, and if you wanna play a mid-to-low-tier ConD damage Necro in PvE, then by all means, go for it. I'm not going to tell you that you can't or shouldn't play this build. But it's just not going to deal the damage you're arguing it will. It'll be tanky, sure, but Brandon's right in the respect that Toughness is a far better trait for Necros than Vitality.

I've been around the Necro for a looooong time, and have build-crafted through every possible permutation the class has at this point. The GS won't offer enough to the ConD builds to make it jive at all. I'd just go straight up Scepter/Dagger and stack ConD like the Necro always has. Chill, though convenient with the added damage trait, isn't going to offer enough damage up front to compensate for the loss of the other damaging ConDs.

'Cause remember, Chill don't stack in intensity (with the damage trait). It runs into the same problem as pre-patch Burn. You can stack all the ConD in the world, but it won't measure up to the intensity-stacking ConDs like Burn, Poison, and Bleeds.

Also, most of your argumentation for the build seems more appropriate in WvW. In THAT context, most of your decisions (with the exception of Carrion gear) make good sense.

Well traditionally tanks don't really do a lot of damage. I'm fortunate to be running with a few guild mates most of the time, one being a zerker herself, so the build is less about doing damage and more about drawing a lot of agrro, bunching foes up in one spot (and keeping them from running out of AOE), and living long enough for my buddies to blow them all to hell. Its a tank; takes a beating so my glass-cannon friends don't have to. I'd also agree to your point about toughness, but unfortunately taking a toughness set means I'll have to sacrifice either condi damage or power, since there is currently no toughness/power/condi set that I am aware of, or that is listed on the wiki.

And I want both because, in terms of damage, this is a hybrid build. The chill isn't intended to be my primary source of damage; its primarily a control thing. The damage trait for it and fear are there, along with fairly high condi damage stat, in order to supplement the direct damage from the great-sword. The build falls short in both direct damage and condi damage, I know, but my thought was that by having consistent access to both, plus might and vulnerability stacking, should somewhat make up for it. The DPS isn't intended to come from stacking conditions on mobs anymore than it is from just hack 'n slash; its a combination of BOTH.