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In Topic: Halloween Event

Yesterday, 02:33 AM

Honestly I thought the last one was kind of a let down because it just replayed the last year's story arch. But, as that implies, the holiday events here are more than just a few mini-games and once-a-year rewards, although there is no shortage of that, but there is actual story and lore to it. It is a full on content update that -sometimes- even includes new instances and pushes an ongoing narrative revolving around the ghostly spirit of a long dead tyrant. Its actually a lot of fun and has a little something for everyone....when they don't just recycle the whole damn thing from one year to the next...although I'm willing to cut Arena Net some slack for last year considering the expansion announcement was only a few months later, and its reasonable to assume they were too deep in development of it to spare the time and resources for a yearly one-off.

In Topic: How viable is a thief+ranger duo?

11 October 2015 - 04:27 AM

Really in this game you can combo anyone with anyone. Its more about what exactly you're each doing more than what classes you are. I'd give more information, but since you said she was enjoying "the archer class" I'm going to assume she's using a bow.

Ranger with a short bow: This is an easy one. The short bow on a ranger is a powerful condition weapon, and its the same for thief. I'd also highly suggest you use venoms and she uses traps; with this combo the two of you will be able to pump out a lot of damage-over-time effects that stack for intensity and can really melt foes. Her traps, in addition to conditions, will provide some area control while you can trait (perks in other games) to cause your venom skills to provide support and healing on top of their conditions. Basically keep running around in mid-range with your short bows and spamming conditions. Both the thief and ranger short bow excel at poison, so the more ways you each have to stack poison with other skills the better.

Ranger with long bow: The ranger's long bow is a direct damage weapon that benefits the most from extreme range. The thief is an up close an personal class that doesn't have a single weapon option that can match that range. You can really do anything, but I'd suggest taking a sword or daggers as your primary weapons and using the thief's weapon based stuns and evades to "evade tank" enemies while she fills them full of holes from a safe distance. While you each can run whatever utility skills you want I'd ask her to look into getting a pet with either a heal or a buff on their command skill, that way she can help keep you alive and doing your thing, and thus keep the melee minded mobs off herself.

In Topic: Unlocking skins

11 October 2015 - 03:02 AM

First things first; welcome to Guild Wars 2.

Now to your question; every weapon, armor, and back piece in the game has an unlockable skin as you've seen. These are all collected on your account's wardrobe. You can view the entire wardrobe from your account bank, or at any time you may open the hero panel (default H) and navigate to the equipment tab. You've probably seen this; it is where you can equip new weapons and armor. Looks like a helmet on the left side of the window, in case you don't see it right away.

Also note the big box and arrow beside the word equipment. Click that and you'll back out into a different list of tab options. Equipment, wardrobe, dyes, outfits, and so on. Click wardrobe and you go to an alternate version of the equipment tab wherein you can click any equipped item, and it will bring up a filtered list in the side bar of all the skins you've unlocked for that slot. Swords, axes, heavy chest plates, light helmets...you get the idea. Just select the skin you want to preview, and then click apply on the right side to alter the item to have the new look, but keep the same stats.

Posted Image

The catch is that most (but not all) skins cost you a "Transmutation charge" to apply to a new item. These charges are given to you for free -one at a time- as you get 100% completion in each zone. You can also get some from daily rewards if you're on a purchased account, and you can also buy them in the real money store. They too are account bound, so you can play a few alts and mass literally hundreds of charges if you want to.

Another note; love the dye tab. You'll start with a small number, but there are actually HUNDREDS of dyes in the game you can use to alter the look of your armor, with most items having between two and four dye slots. Dyes can be found as rare loot, bought off the trading post, and of course bought from the real money store.

Also check this out for an overview.


In Topic: Boxes of armor

09 October 2015 - 07:40 PM

Thanks for the info. Sadly I'm probably going to be stuck doing this slowly anyway; as I realized I already used my stockpile of charged quartz for other projects. And due to that stupid one a day rule it will be weeks after the expansion hits before I have enough for a full set of armor.

In Topic: New specs and old traits - do they work together?

05 October 2015 - 09:33 PM

View Posttypographie, on 05 October 2015 - 09:19 PM, said:

If you didn't notice the very minor terminology change in the Specializations patch, where traits previously used the term "Death Shroud," they now use the lowercase "shroud" or "shroud skills." Traits like Dhuumfire now say "shroud skill 1" instead of Life Blast. All shroud-related traits now affect both Death Shroud and Reaper's Shroud. At least that's the stated design; of course there can always be oversights or bugs.

Seems to work in my limited play time. But here is the thing; some traits work better than others. For example pulling downed allies to your location and healing them with shroud 4 is nice...if you use the old ranged shroud. If you use the new melee one then pulling allies to your location is effectively a death sentience, as you'll pretty much always be surrounded by a maelstrom of damage and they WILL get the crap kicked out of them faster than the trait can heal them. I've accidentally wiped entire parties due to that trait.