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Statistically irrevenant

Today, 07:54 PM

Please forgive the punny title, I couldn’t resist.

Okay, simple question for everyone out there planning to roll a revenant at release; what’s your stats? Are you sticking with the zerker meta, going to try something new, wait and see, or just have an unshakable idea already?

As for me I’ve already decided; celestial. Yeah I know the meta says that celestial gear is often worthless, but I don’t really give a crap about the meta. To me celestial fits the theme, and from what we know of the profession’s mechanics (IE; channeling legends alters the back of your skill bar with some legends based more on direct damage and others more condition heavy) it seems that “little bit of everything” stat spread would offer the most versatility and synergize best with how the profession actually works. So yeah; for me its celestial armor and trinkets, with weapons and weapon stats chosen later to provide a bit more of an edge where need.

Also going with Traveler runes because my rev is going to be a norn, and norn mobility is only tolerable with a permanent +25% movement speed.

Emphasizing non-DPS roles in GW2

28 January 2015 - 09:37 PM

So I decided to set myself a challenge here, and put my money where my mouth is and “fix” the GW2 roles/combat problem in a way that doesn’t bring back the trinity or deemphasize Arena Net’s goals for the game AND that works within the apparent technology limitation of the “25 stack cap.” Then I realized I already did; but the official suggestion forums have been shut down so I need to retype the idea instead of copy/past a link. Oh well, here goes…I’ve “fixed it”, and all it requires is changes to two stats (and related skills), one boss only boon, and add one new boon, and one new condition. That’s it. GW2 combat fixed. I’ll explain.


Healing power/regeneration

Condition Damage/conditions

The new stuff; Immunity and Corruption.

It seems Guru is broken

26 January 2015 - 06:37 PM

So the buttons to edit, quote, or reply to threads don’t work unless I right click and open in a new tab. And when I try to edit a post and insert a link it gets jumbled up horribly. What’s going on here?

I’ve been playing GW2 wrong, and loving it.

26 January 2015 - 06:36 AM

And is so often the case when this game gets a big announcement we have the typical arguments against the game being thrown around. And with such a big addition being announced, with a new profession no less, its time for the same old “we need healers/trinity” and “everything is a zerg” arguments as well as my personal favorite; “its all DPS; there is no challenge!” Well….I’ve got to call BS on pretty much every one of those. And I’ll happily tell you why.

Here is the thing; the GW2 content/gameplay problem isn’t an issue of design or mechanics. One of these days I’m going to have to get my act together and start that youtube show “Blame the Fans” I’ve been dreaming up….anyway, the deal is we’re the problem. Or I should say you’re the problem, since I’m not doing these things. You see I am the head of a very small semi-casual guild. Not one of us has a single piece of Ascended gear, only one of us bothers with zerker stats, we rarely read the wiki or boss guides, and often don’t know what we’re doing in dungeons. Yeah; we’re bad. But you know what else? It’s a freaking blast.

You see the reason content is so zergy and everything can be DPSed down in seconds isn’t because of a lack of challenging content or defined player roles; its because MMO players have an almost religious aversion to thinking outside of highly optimized min/max builds adhering to dedicated roles. It doesn’t matter what Arena Net does someone is going to find the right place to stack to EXPLOIT AI pathing or targeting bugs, everyone is going to repair their zerker gear, and the whole server is going to break the game and then complain that its broken. But you don’t have to do that. Yeah me and mine aren’t going to be breaking any speed run records, but we really couldn’t care less.

When you DON’T use an optimized zerker build, and when you DON’T stack in exploitive areas, and DON’T mindlessly zerg the game is great. Even story mode dungeons are challenging, dynamic, exciting, highly tactical, FUN, and require a huge amount of team work and coordination. Basically everything the community wants out of the game. And don’t any of the vets out there remember how face meltingly hard even AC story was back before people knew how break it? That’s the issue; when you play the game wrong (IE; as intended by the developers) its one of the best on the market these days. But the meta killed GW2. If you play how it is meant to be played; play the characters and build you WANT to play rather than what the meta tells you is “optimal” it’s a totally different experience. And a much better one.

So, in the spirit of what Guild Wars 2 was meant to be, I invent you all to just try something. For a month or even a week; just try this. Call it an experiment. Set aside your zerker gear and forget the meta. Play how you want to play; come up with a crazy build and take it for a spin with a group of like-minded players. Build your group around a theme, not roles. Attack that boss for the sake of an epic battle, not DPSing it down as fast as possible for the rewards. Play the game wrong. You just might find that you like it.

Official suggestions forum?

25 January 2015 - 05:52 PM

I figure it was probably closed for their collaborative development thing, but does anyone know of a way to view the old threads? An archive or something? I ask because, believe it or not, a lot of the new features in Heart of Thorns are actually things I came up with well over a year ago. And implemented almost exactly as I suggested. Unfortunately with the official suggestions thread closed I can’t prove that, and I would really like to just for the bragging rights.