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First Beta Weekend event begins August 7th

01 August 2015 - 07:43 PM


I guess the guru community missed this one. The first proper beta weekend event for Heart of Thorns will be running between August 7th and 10th, with access to the first story chapter, the full core revenant profession, and all currently announced elite specializations.
And in related new Colin has confirmed on the forums that for this weekend we'll all be getting four beta character slots. So that's a nice little bonus.


Revenant beta reactions and feedback

11 July 2015 - 12:48 AM

NOTE: Long ago I was banned from the official forums and am unable to post there to this day. While I have long since given up protesting this, I do wish I could continue to provide feedback. In the spirit of that I humbly request that if anyone reading this agrees with my assessment they do me the favor of posting this to the official forums in my stead. I will not mind if you take credit for the idea so long as you provide a link here so that I may follow the post.

Having gotten my first hands-on time with the revenant today I found myself slightly underwhelmed. I think the class has great potential, but needs a few alterations. The most glaring problems that I saw will be detailed categorically below along with a purposed solution.

Hammer: I really liked the theme of the hammer and its playstyle, but I felt that it lacked sufficient means to maintain distance, making it non-viable. I purpose the addition of a knockback feature to one of the skills. I think a great option would be to add a knockback effect to skill 2. This skill already does damage based on distance, so I suggest a knockback with strength inverted by damage. That is to say that when in close quarters the skill does little damage but has a high knockback, while at a distance there is little to no knockback but higher damage.

Demon Stance: The standout issue here is the Unyielding Anguish skill. This skill seems very powerful on paper, but unfortunately is too unpredictable to use properly. The "displacement" teleport effect sends foes off randomly, causing the skill to constantly break line-of-sight and disrupt the flow of play. With so many revenant weapon skills having such high importance on positioning this means that no weapon can be used effectively in conjecture with Unyielding Anguish. I suggest swapping to a standard knockback effect like a guardian bubble after the initial teleport, or developing tech to remove the randomness of the teleport and instead hard-code it to keep the foe in line-of-sight.

Centaur Stance: The problem here is context. It appears that healing and control are being pushed hard for the expansion, and there this legend might preform admirably, however in the core game a pure healing stance like this is of little use. I suspect it will see little play in leveling and less during organized world events and dungeon runs until HoT specific content is reached. The solution would be add a greater focus on blocks and barriers to add an active defense element to tablet skills, this would make the legend more useful in areas of the game where direct healing is inconsequential.

The Big One: I feel the biggest issues with the revenant right now, from a pure design issue, is the lack of player personalization among its builds. There is simply a lack of options, and a lack of meaningful choices to be made. While every other class offers numerous ways to build for and play each possible role the revenant does not; with skills, legends, traits, and weapons so closely tied to their themes it means there is little room for player input. A rev wanting to play a healer has little choice but to take Ventari, the staff, and the Salvation trait line to do so, and since the other legends have no use in that role they will be given only secondary consideration at best. This is a problem as it means players will only have one meaningful choice; their role, instead of the numerous choices beyond mere role offered by other classes.

After giving it some thought I've come up with a solution that I feel works within the current system and theme of the class while also circumventing the legend limitation. This solution is to add one new skill to every legend, a signet. Right now the expressed goal is to have six skills within every skill type. Some types fall short of this, but it  has  been said that elite specializations will offer exactly six new skills; something not possible within the five-lock of the current legend system. So I purpose adding a single signet skill to every legend, including the elite legend offering the elite signet.

These signets are tagged as legend specific skills, are unlock within their "parent" legend's skill line, and benefit from that legend's trait line, as well as work within that legend's theme. This adds a small additional option to each legend package. However beyond that I envision these signets being unbound and able to be slotting into ANY legend's skill bar. This allows a minor form of legend blending, and can offer additional options as well as adding greater importance to the third specialization option; you might only be able to slot two legends at a time but at least that one signet can benefit from those traits.

The sixth signet, or I should say first, is a non-legend heal skill that each rev starts with. Beginning at level one with no hero points invested into any legend's skill line each revenant instead begins with a universally slotted healing signet. This means that players will ultimately unlock six signets, keeping in line with the six skills per type ideal. In addition to that this opens the ability to comprise a skill bar entirely of signets creating what is functionally a sixth legend I call Legion.

Optionally, if this idea is used, a few things can be done to make the Legion legend stand out; firstly  the game can detect a full signet skill bar and replace that legend's icon with a new one denoting that change. And since we know that legends will "talk" to the player when active this build can disable the filter and allow the player to "hear" dialog from all legends at the same time, adding to the concept of simultaneously channeling multiple legends at once.

Patcher won't run

08 July 2015 - 11:30 PM

Okay due to some issues I had to reinstall my operating system and now need to redownload everything. I have a backup .dat for GW2, but I can't use it until the patcher does its thing for a bit. And that's the problem; the patcher won't do its thing. Oh it opens and starts "downloading" data, but its that pre-download download thing where there is no sign in or progress bar. Heck it hasn't even asked me to pick an instal directory yet. And of course that means there is no Guild Wars 2 folder under my program files, so just where in the heck is this thing putting all that data its alegedly downloaded? What gives?

Theory crafting the Reaper

05 July 2015 - 03:54 AM

Note: This build is intended for general PvE and possibly light WvW.

Note 2: Do not judge this build based on the current meta; it will not and is not intended to function within it. This build is a speculative response to a possible -and I'd argue likely- shift in the meta game brought about by significant known changes coming to core systems with the expansion.

While raising some alts before Heart of Thorns I got it into my head to prepare the latest one, my necromancer, for the build I'd like to run when the expac hits. Likewise I thought it would be a good idea to post the build here to get the opinions of more seasoned necro players. Sadly there are no current build calculators that are all-in-one, so I'm going to need to just type all this out.





The core idea of this build is to maintain the chill effect on as many foes as possible for as long as possible. And depending on these durations this build could reach near perma chill upkeep on several foes at once. In addition due to having so many different ways to cause chill either directly with skills or auto-procs means that few targets should have the condition removal needed to keep it off them for good.

The primary focus is to use the staff to set up a minefield with marks, then pull targets into it with Spectral Grasp before unleashing hell with the great-sword. Additionally the staff can be used to clear PvE trash mobs easily to amass Corruption stacks. Once peak corruption is reached the playstyle shifts gears to maintaining perma chill and hacking foes apart with the great-sword.

Ultimately I envision this build as being kind of a control-tank build; keeping foes locked down and impaired with constant chill backed up with occasional blinds and fears (due to traits fear not only does its own damage, but also acts as yet another source of chill), and slowly wearing them down with great-sword attacks and conditions. The high health pool and reduced damage from chilled foes provide survivability, while the Parasitic Contagion trait provides secondary healing. Running some tests in Orr at level 80 I have seen that the healing Parasitic Contagion grants to a primary condi damage necro is actually consistently higher (sometimes double) the healing gained from a life-steal necro in primary healing power gear.

Bug or bad design?

28 June 2015 - 01:23 AM

So while waiting for Heart of Thorns I decided to raise some alts, and right now I'm working on my necromancer. In the middle of the level 60 personal story steps for the Priory, and I'm given some mission to transform into an avatar of Balthazar and stomp around Lion's Arch for a bit fighting an army of Risen. Locked out of my actual weapons, but I get a great-sword set that would be OP if I had invested in condition damage, but I didn't so it kind of sucks.

At least the rest of my build is intact. I was running a minion/life-steal build with high power and healing, buffed up minions and healing from every attack I make. Even went with runes of the lich and sigil of summoning to get some more minions going, and given this mission you thing I'd be leading an undead army of my own....

Except the sigil of summoning isn't generating charges no matter how much I kill...
The runes won't pop jagged horrors either...
My minions are all much weaker than normal, like the buff traits aren't working...
They don't explode into poison when they die and I don't get more horrors when I kill, so that trait is dead too....
I'm not stealing life with attacks either....
Neither are my minions....

So either the instance is bugged and disabled half my build, or it's designed as a partial transform I can't opt out of that turns off my traits. Either way it is making progressing the story pretty much impossible.

Mod Edit: Removed insulting commentary.

Story step in question: http://wiki.guildwar.../The_Ghost_Rite