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Skill/trait calculator

Yesterday, 11:43 PM

Probably a bit early to be asking this one, but does anyone know of a skill and trait calculator that is up-to-date with the new patch? Free re-specs not withstanding I don’t really feel like mucking with my build until I can freely fiddle around with the new changes outside of the game. Just easier to try out all my options that way.

Where the hell are all my hats?

Yesterday, 08:35 PM

To say nothing of my actual town clothes. I log in with my character and find them missing. They aren’t in my inventory, my bank, or the new wardrobe system. I’ve heard that some things were converted into tonics, but I’ve got no tonics either. What the hell man?

Forum game; super power rumble

13 April 2014 - 10:02 PM

So some of my recent threads and posts have been firmly on the serious side, so I figured I would lighten things up in my little corner of the internet with completely frivolous thread about comic book super powers. I’m sure we’ve all seen a version of this game somewhere before, and statistically speaking mine probably isn’t what you would call “original” but really who cares? Just something dumb to pass the time and have a little nerd-fun.

So here is what we’re doing; drop by the superpower wiki, linked below, and click the random page button. Congratulations; that’s your super power. Provide a link and or a short description of what you can do, and then explain how you would beat up the poster above you. Simple.


The rules
Rule 1; no god powers. These are things like complete arsenal or any of the reality warping things. You can be OP, but you can’t be a god. If you get that, reroll. Please.
Rule 2; if you crack a power dependent power like Power Mimic or Absorption then just assume that you have the same power as whomever you are fighting. That is to say you got what the guy above you got, and the guy that fights you overrides that power with his own, making you a clone battle.
Rule 3; If you get a power that isn’t actually a power, like Power Switching or Object based powers then just reroll; simpler that way.

Time to start this off. I get…. /drum roll

Black Lion Tickets

12 April 2014 - 05:54 PM

In a recent, now locked, thread I tried to discuss the objective definition of pay-to-win, and quickly found that for various reasons doing so is….difficult, to say the least. So rather than rehash that argument I thought I would move on to some more specific issues. In today’s flame war….err….discussion I’d like to get the community’s thoughts on Black Lion Tickets and the weapon skins tied to them. Before I give my thoughts and open this up I’d like to propose one “postulate” for this discussion just to get us all on the same page. Specifically that Black Lion Chest and Claim Tickets aren’t going anywhere.

Like many of you I hate Black Lion Chests and once even suggested we boycott by way of instant deletion when they drop (didn’t catch on, obviously), but I’m a realist. Yes in an ideal world those chest and their ticket scraps would be a thing of the past and the weapon skins that go with would be in some way integrated into existing or new game-play content. But come on; what are the odds of that happening? NC Soft is making way too much money off those chests, so they aren’t going to just let them go. Instead we should be focusing on a way to make this system work for us, rather than simply demanding it be removed.

So here is my thought; Black Lion Ticket Scraps should be added to daily achievement rewards. And full, complete, Black Lion Tickets should be added to monthly achievement rewards. Of course I’d like to see their drop rates across the board increased generously, but either way this would make amassing tickets reasonable with little to no monetary investment, while still maintaining the Black Lion Chest’s place as the more “convenient” means of obtaining them. Under this system, with a little luck, a semi-dedicated player could manage to get a shiny new weapon skin with a month’s effort. Kind of slow and grindy of course, but still somewhat reasonable. And certainly better than the current “spend hundreds of dollars and you might get a skin” chest only system.


02 April 2014 - 10:25 PM

A lot of the pay-to-win arguments I’ve seen lately stink of what I call “subjective advantage.” It was summed up best in a recent thread I shall link at the end of this post. In a nut shell the purposed “essence” of pay-to-win was “the personal victory conditions” of each individual player; those personal goals we all set for ourselves within the game such as collecting all the skills, gaining map completion, or crafting a legendary weapon. It was said that any form of “pay-to-complete my personal goals” is a form of pay-to-win. This is a logical error to an extreme degree. You see as an MMO the game has to cater to one degree or another to a majority audience, and as such major changes and monetization should appropriately be based on majority preference. The problem is that these subjective advantages, or “personal victory conditions” are not uniform, and apply only to each individual. As such it is literally impossible to come to a uniform or even majority consensus on what constitutes “pay-to-win” when dealing solely in these subjective opinions and personal goals.

As such these types of definitions are rightly based on objective advantages. That is to say paying real money for an undeniable statistical advantage in an officially competitive play mode. Because of this, to put it simply, paying to have stronger weapons in PvP would be pay-to-win, but paying to acquire a legendary skin slightly faster in PvE is not. This is regardless of the value any individual player places on the speed of acquiring these skins and their place within said player’s “personal victory conditions.” Once again, it is factually impossible to reach even a majority consensus on what is a “fair” or “unfair” rate of PvE cosmetic accusation to dollars spent ratio.

Some players just won’t care about buying skins. Others, like myself, draw the line at paying for specific reward skins but care little about gems-to-gold conversion allowing faster material gathering. Some would reject the concept of any form of impact real world currency might have on the system, and others still would feel that some degree of monetary support of the game should be required for the most prestigious rewards or in-game perks. It is simply not possible to reconcile these differing, yet each equally viable, subjective opinions. And as such high impact monetization decisions that affect the entire game and all players needs to disregard all of these opinions equally; instead basing such decisions entirely upon objective statistical advantages in officially competitive content types only. The only way to be fair is to have every subjective opinion matter equally; not at all.

In the specific case of Guild Wars 2 nothing in the gem store is pay-to-win because nothing therein provides any degree of statistical advantage in a competitive game mode. You could argue this statement based on the gradual cross contamination of PvE and WvW, but WvW is confirmed and designed to be “unbalanced” and by that nature “unfair” to begin with. The only strictly and officially competitive game mode is sPvP, and the gem store has zero impact on it from a statistical perspective. As such Guild Wars 2 is objectively not pay-to-win regardless of the opinions of individual players based on their “personal victory conditions.”

In the end it falls to each player to make the decision if any given game’s monetization system is right for them. And if their subjective desires are not being met, or being contradicted, by that game’s system then it is best for them simply to leave the game rather than unfairly and selfishly requesting these systems be changed to suit their subjective view. And in doing so, it is also only fair, that they acknowledge the difference between a game that is actually pay-to-win, and a game that simply involves monetary systems they don’t like for purely subjective reasons. Put simply saying Guild Wars 2 is “pay-to-win” when what you actually mean is “I don’t like the gem system because people with more money can craft statistically irrelevant skins faster” is not only inaccurate, it is a boldfaced lie.  

The thread that inspired this tangent can be found here;

My post starts at the top. If you don't want to read you shouldn't be on an internet forum. Stop being lazy.

MOD EDIT I haven't changed anything in this post, but I just wanted to say this is the best TL;DR I have ever read. Well played good sir and thank you for voicing the mindset needed on a discussion forum.