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#2251577 Are You or Your Friend new to WvW?

Posted Killchain on 29 October 2013 - 04:22 AM

Hey everyone! Killchain here and I'm back with another series of guides designed to help newer GW2 players touch base with world vs world. With Season 1 well underway we are seeing many players that once ignored WvW keen to get in to do their achievements and there has certainly been frustrations surrounding that.

With that I'm hopeful this new series of videos will educate a lot of the new WvW'ers and encourage them to participate more than just for achievement and help contribute to their respective servers WvW matchups. As such I encourage anyone to try spread this thread to anyone interested in trying WvW. So lets dive right into it!

Youtube Link


WvW and How to enter

Quite simple, I'd imagine most people know how to do this but none the less we'll cover it briefly, all major cities have 4 asura gates.
Posted Image
These gates are colored coded to represent each borderlands map as well as a "teal" color for the Eternal Battlegrounds.
Alternatively and far more easily, you can bring up the WvW Scoreboard ( Default 'b' ) and enter via the dropdown box.


Every 15 minutes your current PPT or " Points per Tick " is added to your servers overall score, this PPT is made up of all objectives you hold across the 4 maps. There are 4 different types of objectives granting varying PPT.
Camps run 5 points a pop
Towers are 10
Keeps grant 25 while,
Stonemist Castle is 35!

Additionally for every bloodlust buff you own, each stomp you perform on an enemy player ( important to note STOMP not defeat via damage ) attributes 1 point to your servers overall score. Although it doesn't seem a lot this is HUGE. Allow me to explain...
Each map I believe has a capacity of 300 players meaning 100 per server. Across all 4 maps thats 400 total players for your server. If we get those 400 players to stomp 20 enemies in a day thats 8000 points!

Now imagine this...to maintain that rate of 20 stomps a day you just need each player within world vs world to stomp at least 1 player per hour, thats next to nothing! Over the course of the week that can end up being anywhere up to 56,000 points for that weeks matchup!!1!One!!


Its also important to familiarize yourself with siege even if you only solo roam or do small scale groups its handy to know what siege performs best for what tasks and the costs of supply for said siege.

Siege  -  Description -   Supply Cost

Flame Ram Bread and butter siege for getting through gates.   40
Arrow Cart    The anti-infantry siege dealing aoe, handful of these can turn any battle   30
Ballista High single target damage to infantry and enemy siege, good for chokes 30
Catapult   Can damage gates but wrecks walls, good positioning can hit 2 walls 50
Trebuchet Similar to catapults but its strength is its massive 10,000 range 100
Golem Can blitz gates faster than anything, the only mobile siege    100

Now these siege weapons do have "superior" upgraded versions at a slightly more cost of supply but as a basic guide we won't cover them just yet but they will be overviewed in future guides / videos. Share this with all those newbies to WvW =)

#2248991 Kessex Hills, Missing Forest, Large Invisible Wall Around Krait Queen Area

Posted Hybarf Tics on 22 October 2013 - 09:44 PM

View PostZhaitan, on 22 October 2013 - 03:00 PM, said:

Wait is the tower underwater with many levels? I will be a sad panda if I have to swim thru those levels. I hate those structures.
Think of it like a beaver's home the entrance is underwater and the house is only filled with air.

#2232785 Gathering Issues

Posted Captain Bulldozer on 12 September 2013 - 05:47 PM

View Postilr, on 12 September 2013 - 04:59 AM, said:

Anet needs to give up on it in general and just give us "Gardening" in our home instances like we have for those Quartz.

I was just saying to a friend last night how one of the few things I shed Anet had taken from LotRO was the "farming" idea for food stuffs.  For those who've never played LotRO, the way it works is that in certain places in the game (i.e. the Shire for example) there are "farmlands" of various levels of purity that can be used to plant and farm vegetables.  It's a really nice system that lets you buy the seeds you want to grow what you want/need.  Gathering stuff for food, especially, seems awfully silly in a game where there are helicopters with fricken lasers on them.  Let's hope you're right about this being added later in some fashion (home instance, guild hall, personal farming polts you can buy outside DR, LA or wherever.

#2232578 Gathering Issues

Posted christiansoldier on 11 September 2013 - 07:15 PM

I am kind of old school on this and do not use any online tools or similar resources.  I just do what I normally do and gather whatever I come across.  I didn't sign up to play Gathering Wars 2 although I guess that argument fails since I did sign up to play Guild Wars 2 and there are no wars with other guilds.  :D

#2232169 Which Class is the Most OP?

Posted PlayerKX on 09 September 2013 - 06:18 PM

Most OP class:

GW2 devs


#2231755 If you could, what would you deliver as Living Stories

Posted Featherman on 07 September 2013 - 12:38 AM

If this was in my power as content designer, I'd hire more talented writers and get rid of the DnD fanfic writers ANet currently has under their employment. The reason for this is simple. In order for the game to be a veritable living world the world builders need to establish a strong and coherent internal logic. Just like how real world drama occurs due to the little nuances in our reality, events in an artificial "living world" need to be derived from and adhere to the nuances of its own reality. This won't just benefit the lore in terms of quality; I surmise that if the internal logic is strong enough the material should be able to write itself.

To be perfectly frank there's loads of potential material in the GW2 universe that's being brushed aside for Saturday morning cartoon villains and DnD fantasy heroes. The industrialization occurs between GW1 and GW2 is rife with potential material. What are the dangers of the Charr's race towards technological advancements. Not all of those machines they build can be safe to the environment or even the user. Don't machines scare away the animals the Norn like to hunt? Who benefits from industrialization for the matter? Not everyone can benefit from industrialization, or at least not immediately. There is bound to be conflicts just because of the industrialization and the authors probably wouldn't even need to contrive incoherent cartoon villains and DnD heroes to deliver content based one those conflicts.

If the design comes down to personal taste, I'd push for more store content derived in the way that I described and also limit updates to once a month in order to ensure quality. The content needs to be big enough satisfy, so while bits of content every two week might compel players to log in I'd prefer to give them one good well-portioned story arc every month. My eventual goal would be to populate maps with events that include memorable characters, each with something to teach the player about the world.

As for the structure of the content, I'd push for instances that can either be solo'd or done in groups. I'd also develop areas that need to change along with the story, but keep old versions "memory instances" for those not caught up. Rewards would be generic account bound weapon skins or, occasionally, something cool like emotes or alternate skill effects.

#2232090 If you could, what would you deliver as Living Stories

Posted Faowri on 09 September 2013 - 02:14 PM

The trouble with 'Living World' is that it's effectively a misnomer. It's a chronological sequence of very narrowly-focused events happening in a world that is, on the whole, quite static. Take the recent invasions, for example - they happen, but the NPCs and mobs and events in the maps they happen in do not react at all to the invasion.

When ArenaNet said they'd be implementing a living world, what came to my mind (and was actually mentioned several times during production when devs were referencing the way they'd developed the dynamic event system) was the static maps changing in ways that were relevant to those maps. The everyday dynamic event chains that happen in Queensdale, for example, would develop over time. New, simple events would be added to these maps from time to time. The endless, repetitive cycles of old event chains that have long grown stale progress to the next logical step in the cycle.

Maybe some new travelling merchants try to settle in a relatively unpopulated area and irritate the local wildlife. Maybe the farmers get fed up of their cows being killed/stolen and sell the land to a shady asura who starts developing some kind of machine that pollutes the water and mutates all the fish. Maybe the apple pie lady's apple pies become so famous that she gathers a crowd that fall victim to the spider infestation, and with their new influx of flesh foodsource the spiders take up residence in a new cave nearby and the apple pie tourists frequently need to be rescued from there. Then next month, experimental asuran pest control gets called in and that mini cave becomes a mini dungeon with a big spider queen at the end of it. And none of this gets gigantic fanfare and is just there for people to discover as they explore maps.

In order for the world to feel alive, the non-fanfare, everyday goings on of Tyria need to be given attention. The big fanfare stuff covered in the Living World so far are just episodes in a bigger, thus far poorly-told story - they don't actually bring the ~world~ to life. And apparently your everyday inhabitant of Tyria doesn't particularly know or care about them. If the static maps changed on even a monthly basis, repeating them on your fifth alt would not be such a chore. I recently finished a map I hadn't done before, and the sheer, unadultered joy of exploration in doing so reminded me of how crappy the achievement-grinding shallow Living World saga truly is in comparison to the game's core gameplay.

TL;DR: If I were in charge of the Living World, I would be apportioning resources to develop the everyday event chains and meta-events going on in the standard maps to enhance the core GW2 gameplay, and ensure that players get to see and discover new things more frequently when they are just playing the normal PvE game.

#2220133 New AP reward system working great (in my opinion)

Posted Pariah on 17 July 2013 - 05:22 PM

View PostZhaitan, on 17 July 2013 - 05:07 PM, said:

Are they giving gems too? I did not see gems count on my account going up so far. Is there anything that I am missing? I  am at 6.8k AP. I think I got the radiant skin gloves the other night. Maybe I am missing something.
I think the first gem reward was from the 5k point chest, so no one's gotten that far in the retroactive rewards yet, but you can see it in the queue.

#2220159 New AP reward system working great (in my opinion)

Posted Kratimas on 17 July 2013 - 06:58 PM

View PostPariah, on 17 July 2013 - 05:22 PM, said:

I think the first gem reward was from the 5k point chest, so no one's gotten that far in the retroactive rewards yet, but you can see it in the queue.

Correct, at 5k you get 400 Gems.

#2218404 So now that's it's out, what are people's opinions of Bazaar of t...

Posted Desild on 10 July 2013 - 12:05 PM

Checklist Wars 2

And also, I hate jumping puzzles. I have the dexterity of a penguin in roller-skaters.

My friends on the other hand are suckers for jumping puzzles and are loving it... Lucky bums. >.>

#2094235 Current State of the Game. Fun? Population? Will you continue to play?

Posted Baron von Scrufflebutt on 24 November 2012 - 08:11 AM

View PostJason Seven, on 23 November 2012 - 04:05 AM, said:

I play it every now and then to see if anything has changed but since none of my guild mates or friends are online because they've decided it's best to go back to much better games instead of this abomination of what's supposed to be an MMORPG I mostly spend my time playing Aion again. GW2 is still what it's always been: boring. I had high hopes for ArenaNet after they've announced Ascended gear. I really thought they understood what the majority of their playerbase wants and needs but instead we got another snoozefest content update. After having cleared the Failure of the Month dungeon several times, which is unsurprisingly one of the worst dungeons in-game, I've acquired two rings and a backpiece of Ascended gear so there's absolutely nothing more for me to do. PVP and WvW are both extremely sluggish and unrefined compared to the same game modes in other games, especially PVP. I just wish they'd finally take our advice and add gear progression to PVP and add more full tiers every one or two months. It all boils down to the fact that every single bit of content is extremely dull and static right now. The game really fails to deliver and nothing lives up to all the hype it received throughout the years.
This is my favourite post in the history of favourite posts.
It's pure magic.

A.Net decides to cater to the grinders and manages to piss off every person that hates grind in the process. And then the grinders complete the grind and realize that the game really doesn't cater that well to them either. And they get pissed off also.
So, not only is the game now worse off than it was at the start because it completely lost its direction, everyone is pissed off about it.

#2044592 Need to remember a word that simply escapes my mind..

Posted MrIllusion on 26 October 2012 - 03:08 PM

My guess is "mudflation".

#1963735 "There is no content"

Posted XPhiler on 24 September 2012 - 02:21 PM

View PostZhaitan, on 24 September 2012 - 02:11 PM, said:

@Xphiler's comments about Holy Trinity -

Why are you angry brah? :)

The "traditional" concept of holy trinity is what ANET removed from the game and not the use of them. They provided the possibility where you can pick any class that you want to play and play in a way so that you can fit into any role to a certain degree.

I feel relieved that I won't have to wait on a player who can play the cleric class to complete a dungeon or for a player who can tank the mobs with incredible damage output. Even though, it was quite an event, but, I don't want to experience a repeat of Monk strike at Thunderhead's keep because Monks were feeling under-appreciated after healing runaway Whammos and Leeroys.

GW has always been about position play. In GW2, they are trying to put more emphasis on that. I think ANET will continue to tweak the game mechanics to evolve this kind of playstyle.

Try to understand the game before criticizing it. The people who made this game are actually quite smart and know their business quite well. :)

Lol that wasnt my comment at all, that was what ShadeMoon said to me :)

I tried to explain to him what you just said to me more or less, but he just twisted my words thinking it would make me angry which it didnt. Some people just want to see Fans worked up I guess!

#1946980 The Ultimate 40+ Elementalist leveling/farming build. CANTRIP/Hammer build....

Posted lolotrickedu on 19 September 2012 - 09:18 AM

This build only becomes available at level 40 and remains effective until level 80.  There are a few tenets but the core abilities remain the same.  This build is effective at 40-80 PvE including level 80 event farming due to massive *instant* AOE damage with no delay allowing you to effectively tag large groups of mobs.

This build revolves around our lightning hammer, water stance, and cantrips with traits that augment all of the above.  It becomes available and level 40 and you'll see a massive increase in character strength and will boost your elementalist from one of the weakest classes to a farming powerhouse.  You must try this build.

My guardian was a much better farmer than my elementalist.  I found myself taking frequent dirt naps and putting out very poor damage especially considering my survivability was almost non-existant.  This build will double to triple your damage output and give you a much higher survivability.

The build at level 40 will require these core tents.  There is an overwhelming amount of synergy giving your character access to four different ways to heal: passive water regeneration (soothing mist), cantrip regeneration (which stacks w/ soothing mist), your primary healing ability which also grants regeneration, and your water spells which will be effective due to points being placed in your water trait tree.

20 points in FIRE:

CONJURER (Conjured weapons have +10 charges)
SPELL SINGER (Cantrips grant +3 might when used)

10 points in WATER:

SOOTHING MIST (Gives you passive regeneration for water form, which will be your default form)
SOOTHING DISRUPTION (Cantrips grant you regeneration and vigor)


Glyph of Elemental Harmony (gives you regeneration and health, our best heal)

Conjure Lightning Hammer

Armor of Earth (this with the above traits will make you a survivability powerhouse and ensure you can sit there and tank 2+ elites.  Grants 3 stacks of might, protection, regeneration, stability, and stun resistance)
<<< cantrip - our second heal -

Lightning Flash (grants regeneration, might, and is an escape) <<<cantrip - our third heal -

Summon Elemental (summon an ice golem when things are tough, will chill enemies for you allowing you to escape or kite)

When out of charges or if you need extra healing, drop into water form and drop a few heals.  I rarely leave water form, I go into air for the runspeed buff, and fire for damage when my hammer is completely exhausted.

These are the level 40 traits.  

I do not recommend any points in either the earth or arcane trait lines.  Earth gives you condition damage which you don't need so you're wasting half of every trait point allocated there, and in the arcane tree you gain no benefit as we aren't switching attunements so the +10 per trait bonuses are completely lost.  Spend points elsewhere!  

I recommend going 25 into water and getting bountiful power and cantrip mastery, both great talents, and then placing the remaining points in air to get "bolt to the heart" and the movement speed in air. T

here aren't a whole lot of traits that help our build past this so you want to put the points that give you the best stats, i.e. in air for movement speed in air for moving around the map more quickly.

You will stay in water form the majority of the time to receive the passive water regeneration, that boosted by the regeneration from your cantrips and glyph of harmony will ensure you can literally tank an elite group with adds while outputting massive damage with your lightning hammer.  You should prioritize your gear towards a mix of vitality/toughness/and power.  Do not skip out on survivability stats, you will be doing plenty of damage you don't need to stack tons of power.  You will be in melee range, remember that.  DO NOT USE CONDITION DAMAGE - YOU WILL NOT BE USING ANY DoTs, burns, or bleeds!

This build will allow you to solo almost any veteran mob or group with ease, literally you won't need to dodge any ability.  Your passive healing, regeraneration, and innate survivability will be better than an equal level guardian (I have an 80 guardian), a class which I consider the best PvE farming class.  

It's kind of sad that a melee build is our most effective PvE build but before knocking this, go out and try it.  You'll be amazed at how much more damage you do.   The survivability and the fact that Soothing Mist stacks with regeneration means that you'll be able to tank more damage than you ever thought you could.

Also I recommend gearing primarily towards toughness and power since you'll have plenty of vitality and healing from your water traits.  You'll need toughness and a lot of it.  I also recommend  Major Sigil of Bloodlust (or luck if @ 80 and farming events) in your primary weapon.   Rack up 25 kills with your weapon and then switch to the hammer, this will give you over 150 permanent power (or 15% MF) as long as you aren't downed.  If you have sufficient vitality/toughness, you should hardly be downed.  You will also have 20 points in fire from the get-go so you'll have +200 power from that.  Your damage will not be lacking, do not skip out on the survivability stats!

As far as runes, I like divinity although there are some really good ones that will fit into the build such as Dwayna (2/6) etc.  Use your imagination.  Obviously if you're farming at 80 you'll want magic find.