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Logged on after 6+ months.. ran level 50 Fractals

03 November 2014 - 04:54 PM

Got rewarded with 3 rares.

Logged off.

Related Trivia: The team consisted of people with more than 16k AP with one guy having all the legendaries and 9 world completions.

Also, I noticed that instead of introducing new challanges, ANET opted for introducing new annoyances instead. How clever!

I will try WvW this weekend. Maybe it will be fun.

Blizzard improving on ANET's Concepts

27 August 2014 - 05:53 PM

Over Last one year, I am noticing Blizzard is taking ANET's concepts (at least I heard about these from ANET first) and implementing a much better solution.

ANET's multiguild approach vs., Blizzard's community
In GW2 you can be part of multiple guild whereas in D3, you can be part of 1 guild but, can join multiple communities to participate in community activities where your clanmates can also participate. Hence, in D3, the issue of representing a clan/guild does not arise. Multi guild function in GW2 is broken as most of the big guilds will require 100% reprsentation.

Fractals vs. Rifts
Fractals were supposed to provide short, challenging content with increasing level of difficulty. Eventually, fractals ended up being a bigger effort than dungeons with lesser rewards.

Fractured vs. Greater Rifts/Patch 2.1
ANET promised leaderboards for fractals. Eventually, they realized that they simply could not implement it with the current form of fractals. I believe, Blizz took that concept and introduced greater rifts with leaderboards. They have solo, 2 ppl, 3 ppl and 4 ppl leaderboards for greater rifts.

Not that any of these things create any issues, but, I simply could not help noticing these.

Your gameplay objective in a sentence

29 April 2014 - 06:35 PM

If you were to sum up your in game actions in GW2 in one sentence, what would you say?

For me, "Farming Gold to look Good"

Is this Build viable in sPvP?

23 April 2014 - 05:53 PM

What do you think?

Build: http://gw2skills.net...OBAd2fwZZgEPAAA

Exotic Items MUST be modified to include Infusion Slots or..

21 December 2013 - 10:30 PM

The whole concept of Ascended Gear is working counter-productive to the concept of using various stats combinations to counter different situations to the advantage of playerbase. With the advent of ascended gear, a player with full set of ascended gear (cost 500+ gold currently) is pretty much stuck with one set of gear. Hence, it's unrealistic to expect a player will carry more than 1 set of ascended armor to the battle.

I have 5 sets of exotic armors with different stats (Knights, zerk, magi, Soldier, cleric) on my guardian. I switch one set of these armors in favor of another depending on the dungeon, fractal or open world event/group. With ascended armor, I am pretty much stuck with 1 stat with 1 specific set of runes. Why should I be forced to use only one set of armor when there are many options? Or is it ANET's long term vision - One set of Armor, One set of Weapon and one set of skills to rule them all? Is it zerker or GTFO? If so, that's horribad.

My suggestion, introduce infusion slots in exotic armors so that people who don't want to grind can actually remain fairly competitive in higher level fractals. It is very important because with fractured update, number of players forming pugs for fractals have become lower than before. Just look at LFG and anyone can see how many groups are forming 30 or 40+. I highly doubt that people will invest in multiple ascended sets to grind up fractal levels. So, to keep a playerpool viable for fractals it will be essential that ANET rethinks their whole grind philosophy and does the right thing by introducing infusion slots in exotic items.

If that approach is impossible, make all Ascended items similar to legendaries with all the runes and sigils once purchased by a character unlocked for the character. This means one player can choose stats on ascended gear, specifically armor, and switch runes or sigils out of combat if those runes and sigils have already been purchased by the character.

I do not see how people can possibly grind thru 1000s of gold just to acquire an armorset for a dungeon that actually nets less than 2g on average for 60+ minutes of time investment - it beats common sense.