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Dye Preview

20 December 2012 - 10:11 PM

As it is now, dye preview requires for you to insert a vial of the dye you want to see on your armor in a special dye window when you're previewing an armor.

Am I the only one who thinks that's silly? First of all it requires for you to have the actual dye in question, not unlocked, but still in its flask. This means that you either have to not have it unlocked, or have it unlocked, yet have a second flask to see it, which will be useless afterwards. Secondly, the panels you insert the dye aren't very precise. They change the color of all the armor pieces in that particular place, so you can't for instance see how you'd look like with fully brown shoulders and fully red boots.

I really think they ought to change this. Armor is pricy, and a lot of us like to see how it'd look on before we decide to get it. It seems silly that the dyes we can see on it are so limited, as coloring is an important part of the styling.

What I suggest is that they simply give the preview the same option for dying as if you were already wearing the armor pieces. You'd get to see exactly how you'd look, which armor pieces shade the color differently, and so on, practically making it much easier to find a style that suits you.

On another, semi-related note: Make particle effects on weapons visible in the previews! Geez, why can't you see the light circles of Glyphic Hammer or the blade on Warden Greatsword? I mean, that's just silly!

Weapon preview

03 November 2012 - 01:51 PM

One of the things I really like in this game is the weapon previews, but they don't really give you the full idea of these weapons. Particle effects and the like doesn't show at all in the previews, making it all the more difficult to choose, and you might get something you didn't want because of this.

I suggest a holster/combat toggle in the preview so you can see what your character would look like holding that Steam Mace with its spinny spinnyness or the like. Would really work for the visually enthusiastic players in the game.

Home Instance

27 September 2012 - 04:34 PM

I like lore and story, and I love how Guild Wars 2 has personalized our stories and created this home instance where different new NPCs would go as you progressed differently in the story.

But when they get there, nothing happens. I tried checking out my Charr home instance after having completed the game to meet with all the different characters I've met and see what they had to say: Nothing. They have absolutely nothing to say.

Now, I'm not asking for new Karma merchants with completely unique armor skins or anything like that. But is it too much to ask for some personality? Euryale, the female Charr that has been by my side since the start and is one of my closest friends said something quick about Skritt when I talked to her. Member of my warband Fyon the Wraith asked if I needed something just like any citizen would.

I just want some dialogue. I just want for one of those characters to ask "Hey, remember when..." and let me answer in one of those personality ways (charisma, dignity and ferocity). Right now, I have just about zero reason to even consider my home instance an option for my character, even as a roleplayer, and I find that sad.

Whisper's, Vigil, and Priory weapons

21 September 2012 - 09:20 AM

I apologize if this question has already been asked, but I really do suck at forums.

Question: Is there any way at all for a person who chose Vigil to get a Priory or Whispers skinned weapon, or is that just tough luck now that we've decided order?

I really hope there is a way, because I really like my Vigil Charr and I want Vigil armor for him, but I think the Vigil weapons are ugly, while for example the Whispers Axe is fantastic as well as the Priory Rifle.

Selecting a location during installation

09 August 2012 - 07:48 PM

I am terribly sorry if this has already been asked before, but I tried searching and... well, I'm really no good at it.

Question: I don't seem to be able to select any installation location besides C:\ when installing GW2. That is a bit of a problem, seeing as my C:\ is too full and I really need to install it on D:\

Anyone know how to fix this problem? (It seems odd that I can select a location with any other game, but not GW2).

EDIT: WOAH, actually, nevermind... I just found it out myself... think I'm an idiot for having used more than an hour on something this simple -.-

Anyways, thanks to anyone willing to help... Now I just need to find out how to either delete this from the forum or lock it, so it won't be a bother to others XD