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In Topic: Rangers and the "Berserker Stigma"

10 March 2013 - 09:49 PM

Alrighty, this http://gw2skills.net...yljLJXrRGishYOC is the build that i am running at the moment, capable of dishing out ridiculously insane amounts of DPS and has really good survival rate.

First of all, i didn't catch.. Are you using Signet of the beastmaster with your Signet build? it is absolutely key here and would'nt even touch a single signet skill if i didn't have this on my trait line. With Signet of the beastmaster on your trait line mixed with the utility skill Signet of the wild which not only provides a nice regen but once used, adds a huge damage boost PLUS ignored control effects to both you and your pet. Notice also signet is also reduced to 96 seconds instead of 120 because of  added trait spec, makes a big difference since you're using them more often.

Quickening Zephyr used with rapid fire/or Barrage on the long bow will send out massive amounts of damage in a short period of time, very much similar to the Warrior skill - Thousand blades. Once again if you mix this skill in with the effect of Signet of the wild, Dont even get me started, with these together you litterally pummel what ever it is you are attacking. @Kam8T88 you mention rangers not providing damage as other classes do, I have dropped plenty players below half health and causing them to use Heal almost instantly because of this, Remeber your pet is also under the these 2 effects also, Forget the damage from yourself with Quickening Zephyr with rapid fire, your pet ALONE dishes out huge amounts of damage with this. Pet and player combined, pfft please im going to forget you even mentioned that about Rangers

Also Sword mixed with Quickening Zephyr (whilst spamming the 1 skill and ONLY the 1 skill or else you'll go zooming around the map) provides great damage. Since you have Sigil of rage on it also, which will proc here and there gaining quickness AGAIN makes it super good for close quarter combat. Skills 2 & 3 are merlely Evasive skills, which can, if you know how to use them properly, will get you back in the safe zone instantly.

If In trouble, getting your ass kicked & about to die? use Signet of stone, its literally amazing, 6-Seconds-of-immunity, how insane is that? you & your pet take absolutely no damage during that time. Someone mentioned before not worth it, *erm* meanwhile they're on the floor dead, again, 6 seconds, this is plently of time for you to get out of a bad situation, heal, apply a Knockback, fall back ect.  Like people have mentioned, use your dodge roll at the right times though and you can avoid all sorts of mayhem without even having to use this skill.

(Hide in plain sight) Insane trait, why wouldn't you spec this? if you are targeted and dropped by a hard hitting mob you will go into stealth LOSING aggro, If you can keep out of trouble for another 30 seconds (which isn't hard at all giving that you are Range) this will pop every time - to accompany this i cant stress this enough, RANGE, you have the best/longest range out of all classes use it to your advantage

Rampage as one, i havn't even mentioned this, i dont need to eleborate, you know the drill its awesome, Provides really good dmg, speed, ignores control effects.

Warhorn with call of the wild, great group buff, also useful for speed for evasive.

Runes of the Scholar, *Plus 10% added damage when health above 90%* + Berserker jewels/gear. ... Umm.. holy shit? who cares if your buff Signet & Rampage as one is on cool down, if your above 90% your providing massive dps anyway!

Bear- Huge health pool, Clears conditions to you and your allies

Jaguar (personal preference for me, but up to you) IMO does really nice Dps, especially once your pet decides to use Maul. Use Stealth on your pet if it is getting targeted/about to die.

There you go, a hard hitting, Glass cannon build with amazing survival capabilitys.

In Topic: Show Us Your Ranger!

19 February 2013 - 11:19 PM

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In Topic: Burst ranger hotjoin build (outdmg theif)

05 February 2013 - 05:29 AM

Nice, this is exactly the same build ive been using! only difference is i like to use Longbow's Rapid fire for Single targets or Barrage with a group with Quickening zephyr, works well.

The 6 seconds invincibility has gotten me out of trouble tons of times.

I also use Runes of the Scholar instead, you get insane damage bonus when health is above 90%

In Topic: What all to do with Karma?

08 January 2013 - 07:43 AM

Can someone remind me where i can get that Blue leaf tree that gives regeneration, i remebered buying it when i was @ a lower level.. Gendarran fields was it?

In Topic: Who all hasn't hit 80 yet?

26 November 2012 - 08:27 AM

Level 65 on my only Character - Sylvari Ranger.

Feels like ive literally played the game for a lifetime, had the game since launch, its hard to believe there is so much more to go. I Literally havn't even scratched the surface considering theres still post Lv 80 with Gearing/Dungeons ect

Been taking my sweet time thats for sure (absolutely loving in doing so) Exploring every map zone i visit peice by peice making sure im not missing anything, ensuring i complete ever heart and skill point even in the zone (given they are not glitched). Only recently started to play PVP, never realised how fun and time you can spend playing countless matches. Done every Personal story event (up to my level) and done every Story mode dungeon that is availible.

Id definatly say im a Casual player, only because of work and other things that stop me from playing too much though :P