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#2158633 [Build] Knight of the Nine Boons.

Posted dukefx on 05 February 2013 - 05:44 PM

Stick and Move + lots of vigor are a bad combination and very situational anyways, if you keep dodging you aren't doing damage
+50% boon duration? A maxed tactics tree would give you 30% and the runes you are using do not provide any boon duration (only a mix of monk+water could get you to 50%)
Runes: I agree with all the other repliers: 5sec+boon duration no matter where
I still don't see the build but I assume something like:
25 in Strength (stick and move)
20 in Arms (gs traits)
20 in Tactics (wh trait)
^ 65 so far which leaves you with 5 more points which you probably spent in the Strength line, so in the end you have 20% (25% at most) boon duration
Extreme damage: care to show some numbers? In a good party (a few extra might stacks from party member) I auto-attack for ~4k
Another thing about the warhorn trait, although I haven't tried it in ages: it turns 1 single condition into a boon, then removes the slowing conditions. If you are poisoned and immobilized it may turn the immobilization into a boon and not remove anything else.

Edit: found the boon duration increase: the consumable that could be something far better, but with all those traits you won't have 30 points in tactics. A working build link would also be welcome.

#2158377 [Build] Knight of the Nine Boons.

Posted Stigma on 05 February 2013 - 09:25 AM

A build that desires to low endurance levels sounds dangerous for Fractals.

So you're using the same exact traits as your Invincible Berserker build? You sure know how to make good names for your builds I give you that. According to the wiki, lyssa is 5 seconds so I don't know if you're right.

Is this build better than a Five Signet Warrior ?