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S/D Power build?

15 February 2013 - 01:37 PM

So I've started work on my 7th lvl 80 and chose Ele. Staff is kinda dull for me and a bit generic, so I was doing a bit of theorycraft into S/D. Primarily with fracs and dungeons in mindof course.

I came up with something a long the lines of http://gw2skills.net...GbNuak1M 48x0CA (min maxing is a bit off)

Rotation idea is to stick to Water as much as possible, swapping to Fire for might stacks/burn then to Air and Earth for defense with blinds and such.The utilities are obviously very interchangeable.


Fine tuning: raw power or crits for damage?

17 December 2012 - 11:25 PM

So I've been fine tuning my general PvP guardian build centred around meditations (http://en.gw2skills....IbRuikFtIYExmAA) and was wondering if I should draw away from reliance on crits and burning for damage or to spec more into power. The thing about pvp gear is that it's either one or the other, so you either have a decent, reliable crit rate or nothing.

A few notes, I do occasional spvp but mainly casual tourney stuff. Build itself is not the issue as I'm generally pleased with it's flexibility and capability to swap things out as needed.

Anyway here's some of my brainstorming:

  • A lot of synergy with the Radiance tree and application in general. Decent GM trait for a great crit rate with 1handers.
  • Triggering sigils, useful but not sure just how this fit in with the bigger picture as they can always be changed to something that doesn't rely on crits.
  • Spike damage, even if unreliable it's decent and it does catch people off guard
  • Reliable and this is the main thing. I find myself doing a lot of roaming and half bunkering, so I feel like I should be more solid in my dps approach
  • More defense, no need for precision or cirt measures means that I could spec into being more durable whilst at the same time increasing raw power.

Need thoughts/feedback.

All skills available to similar weapon types.

03 December 2012 - 02:28 PM

So basically the idea is this; every one hand, off hand or two handed weapon skill is available so long as as you use a 1h/OH/2h weapon. Whilst the core skill remains the same the weapon type changes the range, base damage and secondary effects. Cooldown remains unchanged. Notes:

.This is pretty raw at the moment and for some 2 handed weapons things could get odd (100B with a Hammer for example).

. Also some ranged weapon skills just won't fit with melee counterparts eg. dagger and pistol

. Whilst for Scholar weapon attacks their magical basis means 1 handed attacks can logically be swapped for 2 handed ones.

Regardless, here are some examples for some profession:

Necro:  Scepter's main chain skill can be used with Dagger but has 150 range and causes bleed instead of life force generation. Offhand Dagger's 4th skill (Enfeebling Blood) can be used with a focus but uses the bounce between foes mechanic rather than target an area but with longer bleed duration.

Warrior:  Mainhand Axe's 2nd skill ( Cyclone Axe) can be used on Sword but has lower damage and causes bleed instead of vulnerability. Greatsword's Whirlwind can be used on a Hammer and causes knockback instead of having evasion.

Guardian:  Scepter's 3rd skill (Chains of Light) can be used with Sword but becomes a teleport (much like Flashing Blade). Binding Blade on Greatsword essentially is reversed with Hammer, with it drawing foes in initially and pushing out on second use.

Thief: Pretty straightforward swaps for something like Sword and Dagger with the range/damage/attack speed variation, Pistol (less so for offhand) however is a problem.

Ranger:  Auto attack for Shortbow can work in reverse of the Longbow's and deal more damage with increased proximity. S.Bow's 5th skill (Concussion Shot) causes daze based on being a certain distance from target rather than position.

Engi and Ele are a bit odd as they have kits/attunements which provide huge variety and specifically for Engi shield skills are hard to translate over to an offhand weapon. I'm also not familiar enough with Mesmer to do it justice with variations.

5 lvl11 Fractal dailies done, not a single ascended ring. Normal?

26 November 2012 - 01:08 PM

Meanwhile all my guild mates I've run with have at least 2, most with 3 and a couple have 4. I've always had awful luck with RNG but this is a joke and highlights a big problem with Fracs. No guaranteed drop at any point personally  just kills any desire to go on. Doing the same stuff but doesn't appeal, especially when the so called sense of progression isn't there as was the point of ascended items.

Am I just this unlucky or have others had the same happen to them?

Thinking of making a Necro.

28 October 2012 - 06:44 PM

Already have a lvl 80 Warrior and Engi, with a Ranger alt in the works but I'm craving a different play style. Not sure how viable Necros are really, but with Rangers awaiting attention I'm considering other options.

Here's a bit of theorycraft I was considering http://www.guildhead...FoMGGaG0ckMkMVk